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by Suzi17
Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2114152
A boy who wants to become invisible is saved through the process.
Would it work? Should it work? I didn't dare answer the questions that flooded my mind. What would I do if it did work? Would it be right to use it? I'd have to take my chances. What if it does something to me? Will I be able to live without it after? I put my hands to my forehead the clear the webs from my brain. “Come on, Dill! You won't get anywhere by doubting. Is that all you can do?”

I took my hands from my head and started adding the ingredients AGAIN. Will it work this time? Picking up a bottle with my blood in it, I poured it into the glass apparatus and watched it slide down into the flask. That was the first ingredient. Now I'm committed; I have to make it. I poured in the other ingredients and stared at them as they mixed with my blood. They were much thinner and flowed down into the flask, one green Rostomasinarom, and one yellowPosrosxinide. Will anyone else know if I die? they will. Although nobody else worked in the school lab at that time of day, Professor Hamald would check on me today like he did every Friday.

I stood there for minutes watching the flask as the elements mixed with my blood. The sight was stomach turning. Am I ready to die if it doesn't turn out right? How will I know if works? The only way was to try it! I finally grabbed the lever and turned on the heat. I had to heat it to my temperature before injecting it into myself. I took a stick-on thermometer, fastened it to the flask, and smoothed it with my thumb. I watched as the temperature slowly rose; degree by degree I became more and more nervous. Will it work? Will it?
When it reached the right temperature, I took up the sterilized syringe and sucked up some of the mixture. It was the right temperature. But will it work? I slowly attached the needle to the end. Will I really do it? Everything in me said NO! But somehow I knew I had to do it. If I die, what will happen? Will that be the end? Will I go to heaven or hell, if there are such places? I had to chance it. Besides, I'm a scientist, and scientists do things, made things work. I can't let my teachers down. I can't let my family down. I can't let everybody down! Could I do it? Will I do it? Yes.

I held the syringe like a professional and took off the protective plastic tip from the needle. I held the syringe to my forearm and squeezed the end. I could feel the mixture drain into my arm. I did it! Did it work? Will it kill me? The thoughts ran through my mind. I'd promised myself that if it worked I would believe in Jesus, but I knew it didn't work that way. I felt myself fading away and grabbed the edge of my work table to steady myself. I couldn’t steady myself! I crumpled into a pile, helpless, still holding my syringe. As I looked at it, my vision blurred and I lost consciousness.

I woke. In the lab! I hadn't died! There must be a heaven, and a hell! Yes, heaven and hell did exist but I wasn’t there. God had given me a second chance! I was invisible! I'd done it! I'd always wondered what it would be like not being able to see myself. I stood and went to the mirror. Sure enough, I couldn’t see myself. A thought struck me. I ran back to where I had fainted. No, I was still in my body. I fell to my knees. How could I have been such a doubter?

“Oh God, Jesus. Forgive me for not believing and cleanse me. I was a fool not to trust you. Lord, I repent of my sins and want to live for you! You are my savior and my master. Lord, help me to serve you better.” I stood to my feet and grabbing my phone, I dialed Mom. Until then I could care less what Mom thought, but somehow it was different now that I was a Christian. I picked my books up and headed out the lab door. I walked as I talked to Mom. Out the building door, I went. As the door closed behind me, I caught the eye of my girlfriend, Rose. She was staring at me! No, she couldn't see me. She was staring at the door I had just gone out. I remembered no one could see me. I was invisible! She would be wondering how the door had opened, where my voice was coming from, why my phone was floating in mid-air, and who had just unlocked my car.

“ Gotta go Mom.” I said.
“ OK Son.” Mom said. I pressed the red button on my phone.
“Hey Rose.”
“Dillian?” Rose called as she gazed around the parking lot, trying to find me.
“ Rosemary.” I whispered in her ear.
“Dill!”She said startled. I grabbed her by the hand.
“You did it!” Rose cried.
“Yup, I did it. Surprise!”
“Oh, Dill.” She said grabbing me by my shoulders and kissing me. I kissed her back and we went our separate ways.
How will I get home? I have my keys but they…as I rummaged through my pockets other thoughts tugged at my brain. I just wanted to get home and hug my Mom, strange for me. I found my keys. Although all I could see of my keys was the plastic handle I managed to get them into the ignition. I started my car and put it into drive. As I drove down the highway some people glanced at me with scared faces and a couple of them swerved and pulled over to the side of the road. I went home and told Mom all about it. She was amazed, but very glad I had become a Christian even if it took becoming invisible.

At about five in the evening I finally decided I needed to learn more about my invisibility. I got up off the couch in the rec room, stuffed my phone in my (invisible) pocket and skipped up the stairs to the living room. “Mom,” I called around the corner to the kitchen. “I’m going to see if I can find Professor Gene Hamald. I gave him a call an hour ago and he said he'd be back and forth between the lab and the office. Some guys are down there with him in the lab. They said invisibility is impossible and, they can't find my flask anyway. I don’t remember putting it away but I must have. I’ll be back in a while.”

“OK,” She replied. “Be careful. I’m not sure what that did to you but you don’t want to be dangerous on the road.”

“Sure, Mom. ” Going to my small car I opened the door and ducked to get in. I knew that even though I was invisible I could still hurt myself.

At the school I went to Professor Gene’s office, and not finding him there, I went up to the lab. When I opened the door, the whole room was alive with people going back and forth between textbooks and their projects. In the midst stood Professor Gene holding the syringe I had used to administer my compound. I went over to Professor Gene, wondering what he was thinking.

“Hi, Professor Hamald.” Gene jumped, I realized he couldn't see me. “What do you think?” I asked.

“Interesting.” He said, almost out of breath.

“Fabric and metal disappear with me but not plastic,” I said pulling out my keys. All I could see was the plastic handle. I handed it to Gene and he gazed at it like a stunned cow. “It must be the properties in the ingredients and the metals reacting.”

“How…Yes. Were you wearing this at the time?” He said, fingering my keys.

“I was, the same thing happened to my watch. I wasn’t wearing my phone at the time but I put it in my pocket, and when I took it out the same thing had happened to it too.” I showed him my phone, all I could see was the outer plastic case and some plastic inside the phone.

“It is all beyond me. I thought I would teach you something but I can’t understand it myself.” Professor Gene laughed.

“Do you know where the rest of my concoction is?”

“I thought you knew where it was.”

“No! I left it here on this table,” I said pointing to the table I had used.“I've got to find it. It could be dangerous if the wrong person got it.”

“I know. Perhaps one of the boys took it. Just ask around. Maybe one of them had to move it to use the space.” I finally found my 'potion' after asking everyone in the lab. My friend Dan had taken it, that was no surprise because Dan was a joker. I keep it safe and out of sight in the freezer in my room.

The next day going to school, I saw through the trees a man beating a woman. Pulling to the side of the road, I turned the car off and grabbed something hard out of the trunk. Quietly closing the trunk, I walked toward the scene. The man was beating the woman with a stick. I was a martial arts pro but I could see now that all I wanted to learn martial arts for was to show off. I didn't want to hurt the man so as I passed the last tree, I put down my wrench. I would use martial arts to help people now. I did a kickback and missed him. That was just warm-up. I thought. The next time I got his face and sent him reeling to the ground. With a couple of slicing moves, I knocked him unconscious. I called 911 to report the incident and brought the man and the woman (also unconscious) to the side of the road. Putting my wrench back into the trunk, I slammed it with a thud. The police would pick up the couple before they revived so I went on my way to school grateful God had allowed me to use my invisibility for good.

I wasn't sure why God had allowed me to discover the invisibility potion but I would use it for His good if the time came dangerous as it was. God had used it to show me himself and I would use it to His glory if I had to use it at all. God cared about me and I could see it through all that had happened.
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