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Crossbreeding With Humans
Declaration 10: Crossbreeding with humans with more than one alien species has occurred. Hybrid children and hybrid adults do exist. They have characteristics of both the alien and human races.

Consider the Great French Wine Blight. In the middle 1800s it decimated the French wine industry. The cause has since been attributed to an amphid that found its way back across the Atlantic ocean from the Americas. It was proposed that the dying European vines be grafted to the more resistant American rootstock. This proved to be a remedy.

Many of those brought in to study the UFO phenomenom are microbiologists by trade. This makes sense when living and dead extraterrestrials are introduced into the facts of what was recovered at the crash sites. The government would naturally want to know as much as about the biological evidence as they would about the hardware being recovered.

It's ironic that while we live inside these bio-organisms we call a "body" we actually know little about how our body works. In a sense we are as clueless about the processes of life as we are about the processes of interstellar space travel.

There were two females among the 12 cosmonauts who set out for Eban. One would think they had hysterectomies before they were allowed to go but little is said about the women. It is said that two of the dozen elected to stay. The reason given is that they "fell in love with the planet." A more plausible explanation is that they were bred and became bonded with their hybrid offspring. Too bad, so sad. Page 157: "I asked the doctor if 308's body had been used to create a being. The doctor said "Yes" and showed me the being. This being, with our teammate's blood and cells looked like a large Eban. But the hands and legs were similar to a humans." CONJECTURE: With this kind of bio-technology, replacing a living human female's reproductive organs would be simplistic.

Archeological discoveries show Megalithic civilizations that left behind evidence of an alien presence over ten thousand years ago. What this means is the Earth was a sort of gigantic petri dish for the seeding of organic life. We often confuse evolution with creation. To some creation happened spontaneously when when just the right combination of amino acids and conditions of heat and moisture resulted in spontaneous generation that started swimming around in some primordial pool of enzymes. In other words we evolved ourselves into existence and into all the exotic forms of diversity that have existed ever since. This hypothesis fails to pass the common sense test. I'll not debate it here.

A more plausible explanation, once one accepts an extraterrestrial intervention is that the earth was seeded and became a huge bio-labratory used to study and test plant and animal life. Who was the first farmer is a question the Aliens should be wondering about and not one that is within the present scope of human understanding.

When ancient texts use the word "God" aren't they referring to aliens and "Heaven" to mean space? When the texts make references like...."And angels descended from on high, mingled with men and seeing the women were fair, mated and bore offspring." This certainly requires much less a suspension of disbelief than spontaneous generation.
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