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by Bruce.
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2114229
Brian notices Judy at his nephew's christening. Retro fiction.
Locksford Cheshire 1965.

The birth of Linda’s Baby was a huge event in the Conway family's lives. Her parents had become grandparents and Brian had become an uncle. A month later the christening was held at a church in Barfield. Brian had a chance to wear his suit again, the terylene Italian style suit that his parents had bought him for Linda's wedding.

         There were a lot of guests from Locksford as well as from Barfield and in the church, Brian took an interest in Judy, one of Linda's new local friends. It was a nice sunny day and when they went outside the guests were eager for more photographs. He could see Linda's friend more clearly now as the group was not all crowded together as in the church. He thought how wonderful she looked in a bright red mini-skirt suit and cream blouse. She was with a man and Brian thought he was so smart that he might be a rich man.

         Brian felt excited by the way she kept looking over at him. He smiled back at her every time but when she saw that he had noticed her looking at him she smiled teasingly, fluttered her eyelashes, and looked away again.

         Brian was looking forward to seeing her at the reception in the church hall but was disappointed to learn that she had left with her companion.

         Although Judy's companion, Jeff, looked smart, he was far from being a rich man. He had been seeing Judy for almost a month and she was getting fed up with him wanting to stop over all the time. They went for a meal and a drink at a hotel type public-house after the christening and then picked up her son, Craig, from her mother's house. Her brother Steve was at home and about to go out.

         "Fancy catching the last hour at the Swan, Jeff," Steve said.

         "No you're all right, I've got to see Judy home." Jeff used the excuse because he didn't really like to be in Steve's company. Steve scared him.

         "I can walk home from here on my own, it's not that far," Judy said. "You go and have a beer but you need to hurry it's gone two o'clock now."

         "But, Judy..."

         "That's settled then, come on, Jeff, let's go."

         Jeff looked at Judy hoping she would do something to change the situation but she just grinned back at him.

         Judy got home at the same time as Linda and Bob. Linda called across the street to her.

         "Where did you get to? I thought you would be coming to the hall."

         "No, it's a family thing and we didn't want to intrude."

         Linda crossed the road. "You're like family, Judy. I was so disappointed that you weren't there after the christening."

         "There were lots of people there, Linda. When my Craig was christened there was only six of us."

         "Anyway, where's Jeff gone?"

         "He's gone for a drink with my brother. I'm glad for the break I can tell you."

         "Is he still a bit of a nuisance?" Linda said.

         "I like him sometimes but he has ideas of permanence. That's not gonna happen. I don't mind him stopping the night now and then but sometimes I can't get rid of him and he won't take a hint. He has been here three days now."

         "Yeah, I have noticed he always seems to be at your house."

         "I'll have to put a stop to that, just in case Craig's dad calls in." Judy laughed. "Who am I trying to kid. Anyway, at least I've got the house to myself tonight."

         "Good. Bob's not working tonight so, if you like, I'll pop over later with a bottle of that sparkly stuff that's left over."

         "You are my kind of friend, Linda. I'll look forward to that."

         Judy had only been at home for twenty minutes when there was a knock on the front door. When she opened it, Jeff was standing there, smirking. "What the hell are you doing here?"

         "I made an excuse and managed to get away." He looked down the passage but Judy was blocking the way. "Can I come in then?"

         "You can come in, get your stuff and go home."

         "What are you finishing with me?"

         "No, but I don't want you here all the time. You think you have your feet under the table but you haven't. Get off home and I'll see you on Monday."

         "What about tomorrow?"

         "I said Monday. Now hurry up I have a girl's night in tonight."

         "Can I stay here next week then?"

         "Listen, Jeff, if you keep pestering me to move in I'll get my Steve to have a little chat with you." Judy gave a grin of victory knowing that was the end of the argument.

* * * * *

         Tommy and Badger met Vivien at the bus terminus in Locksford and they stood waiting for Wendy to arrive from Middlefield.

         "It's good of you to make up the foursome, Tommy," Vivien said. "It is Tommy isn't it?"

         "Yeah. So you moved here from Middlefield. How long have you been here?"

         "About a month now."

         "Yeah," Badger said. "I've been showing her around."

         "I am glad you made the foursome up with my mate Wendy. I think you will like her."

         "If she is half as pretty as you I will be over the moon."

         "Tommy, save the compliments for Wendy," Badger said. "Her bus is just pulling in."

         Tommy looked over as Wendy got off of the bus. "He smiled, she looked like a rude girl to him. Her skirt was much higher than a mini and her top was almost non-existent showing most of her cleavage. Carrying her coat over her arm and swinging her bag she looked like a model walking over."

         "Wow!" he said.

         "I said you would like her, didn't I?"

         "And you were right, Badger, but I like your one better," he said it loud enough for Vivien to hear.

         "Maybe we can do swapsies later then," Vivien said.

         Badger looked at her. "And maybe we can't"

         The two couples mutually parted company during the evening. Tommy knew that Wendy had to get the bus back to Middlefield later. "Shall we call for some drinks at the busman's club or shall we have a walk in the park before you catch the bus home."

         "Park sounds good to me," Wendy said. "Have you got any Durex though?"

         "Never go anywhere without them," he said, with a huge grin on his face.

         "Badger had some more dates with Vivien but Tommy didn't see Wendy again. He was supposed to meet her the day after the foursome date but on the way to meet her at the terminus he ran into Kenny and decided to go with him to the Ring O'Bells instead.

         A month later, Tommy's friend, George got married. Kenny didn't go to the reception because he didn't like George that much. Tommy and Badger went though.

         "How come you didn't bring that Vivien with you?" Tommy said.

         "What so you can try to chat her up all night?"

         "She could have brought Wendy along for you." Tommy laughed.

         "Not funny, Tommy. Anyway, she don't see Wendy anymore. She's started to hang about with that Amanda from up your way. I can ask Vivien to fix you up with her if you like."

         Tommy shook his head. "Don't bother, Badger. Anyway, don't Amanda spend most of her time in the Labour Club chatting up the old boys?"

         "How do I know?" Badger said. "I never go in there."

* * * * *

         Tommy finished his shift at the locomotive depot and walked into the cabin knowing that Brian Conway was having his last break in there. He walked over and sat with him. "So, Brian, how are you getting on with being out firing on the loco's now?"

         "Great, Tommy, it's a lot better than that bloody cleaning. Not that I do much now, if I'm not firing they put me labouring most of the time."

         "What about the extra money?"

         "It's nearly double if I do a full week firing."

         "Anyway, what are you up to tonight?"

         "Probably go down the youth club."

         "Boring! Look," Tommy said, "I am going to the labour club tonight. Do you fancy coming with me?"

         "I don't know, Tommy. It's not really my scene."

         "You would do me a right favour. There's two right attractive girls I am meeting tonight but I need another lad with me to make the numbers up."

         "What about your mate Bodger?"

         Tommy laughed. "His name is Badger. Though maybe your one is better. Anyway, he's not about at the moment. You don't have to spend any more dates with her, just be there so that I can get off with the other one."

         "No, really, Tommy, I can't. I promised to meet someone at the youth club tonight."

         "What are you meeting a girl?"

         "No, it's my table tennis partner and he needs some practice for the contest next week."

         "Are you serious?" Tommy shook his head. "See that new engine cleaner that started last week. You know, the one who said my tea tasted like piss. Well, apparently the other cleaners tied him to the side of an engine and greased his balls."

         "Yeah, they were boasting to everyone about it."

         "Nothing like that happened to you when you were the new boy, did it? Why was that?"

         "I told them I was your mate."

         "Done you a right favour then didn't I? A big favour and now when I ask a little favour of you, you want to go and play poxy table tennis instead."

         Brian gave a laugh. "All right. What time does it shut? I don't want to be late getting home."

         "You can leave early once I've been fixed up. And anyway, it closes at eleven."

         "Okay, where shall I meet you?"

         "Meet me here in the cabin at seven o'clock and we can walk up from here. You really are doing me a massive favour and I won't forget it, Brian."

* * * * *

         Brian Conway looked around the main hall of The Labour Club. This was not like the youth club dances which he was used to. “Come on,” Tommy said. “They’re on their own now.”

Love In Cheshire 1966. Chapter 1 (1965).  (18+)
Brian gets a bit out of his comfort zone.
#2056154 by Bruce.

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