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Fastest growing popular professional sport among young Americans.
Lacrosse's history extends back to pre-colonial America, when Iroquois and other natives played enormous matches with hundreds of players on an open field. By the late 1800s, colleges along the northeastern seaboard and Canada had picked it up and were already competing in international tournaments, establishing the modern rules to the game. This lacrosse culture remained there and was never given the potential to become a popular professional sport.
The Iroquois team is considered the only First Nation's team to compete in an international sporting competition and they perform very well while drawing only from a small player base
Until the 1970s, almost all lacrosse sticks were still made by a few Mohawk Indian craftsmen on secluded reservations. Now, lacrosse equipment is common at major sporting stores and is accessible to those at all income levels regardless of their region.
With a new generation of passionate lacrosse players starting at middle school age , we are starting to see more developed programs which hopefully will lead to funding in the near future. Lacrosse is a sport that almost any young athlete can play, placing larger and heavier players on defense and quicker and more agile athletes in front.
Although every once in a while you get an exceptional larger and agile player .. which is to a team's advantage...
Many young athletes appreciate that everyone spends time with the ball and no one is restricted to sit on one side, as in football. The full-contact nature of the game lacrosse gives players the fun physical contact of tackle football with much less time sitting around on the bench. The seamless intensity and grace of soccer combined with the adrenaline rush of football has given lacrosse players a unique passion that reaches those at all income levels regardless of their region.
In Canada, it is already considered the national summer sport and their version of indoor "box" lacrosse already draws huge crowds including plenty of converted hockey fans. In Europe, it has also been ranked the fasted growing sport at the college level and has been running a successful professional league since 1995. California and Ohio are currently the two fastest growing regions for what the Iroquois call "The Creator's Game" ,Florida has joined the high ranks of the game in outside public groups, high school sports and college, with scholarship programs. The momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down and might only be hindered by competition on school budgets with football, basketball and baseball, whose programs might shrink as young athletes choose the new and exciting option of lacrosse. Sports tend to grow as players develop a love for the game with both boys and girls teams....

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