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Public Acclimation to the reality of Aliens is proceeding to least shock society.
Declaration 11: Although most alien contacts and sightings occurring on modern day Earth have been shrouded in secrecy and mystery, the veil is slowly being lifted by the activities of civilians and specifically assigned government personnel. The Public Acclimation to the reality of aliens is proceeding in a way designed not to shock or disrupt society any more than necessary.


In this declaration the claim is made that the "Veil of Secrecy" maintained by the Government is about to be lifted. I find that difficult to believe. "Why was the veil imposed in the first place?" one might ask.

If a reader can believe a "Good Part" of what is contained in the Public Acclimation document the reason given is to "uncondition" the conditioning and prepare the public with the "...the least shock possible" to the revelation that Aliens are real and not some figment of some nut case's imagination.

That doesn't answer the question. Again, why was the veil imposed in the first place? Often the Brookings Institute gets the rose pinned on it. What the Brooking's Institute published is that the discovery of Alien life is likely to cause a panic and disrupt the normal function of society. As evidence they point to the famous War of the Worlds radio hoax that got everybody excited way back when.

No, that doesn't wash either. The world has become a bit more sophisticated to the use of propaganda and manipulations of mass media.

Again, why was the veil imposed if it wasn't ever really intended to dupe the public? If a reader is beginning to believe a large part of what is contained in these Declarations, a realization begins to dawn that the intent never was to fool the Russians or the Public or anything even remotely resembling that.

"So what was the intent ," you must be wondering. Actually I think a close reader is beginning to see the glimmer flashing on the video screen of awareness. In the distance the pokey man figure is wildly waving the red flag... An ooga horn is blaring in the background from some old submarine movie. If even half of what is in these declarations say is true the purpose of the Veil is to keep the Aliens in the dark about the where Humanity is in the effort to break the gravitational containment bonds of the planet Earth.

"OMG!" I hear you exhale... "Percy has really lost it now, come unhinged from thinking too much about all this alien conspiracy nonsense." In response I point only to the documents released as a part of the Public Acclimation program and the information that is being shown across the internet. The claim by the "Leaker" in the twelve Declarations might not be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth but it is said to be factual and in large measure a representation of the truth. If the test were only a "moderate measure" my conclusion would be the same. The coverup is for the benefit of the Aliens and not we ourselves.

So how does one get from these declarations to that conclusion? The declarations are all about the Extraterrestrials and not about us. If you can grasp that there is hope for leading you into the sunshine of understanding.

Ready? Here Goes!

It is nearing seventy-five years since those saucers first crashed into the Arizona/New Mexican desert. Imagine how Department of Defense felt when confronted with undeniable evidence in the form of both physical evidence, biological evidence, a survivor and even human body parts? Imagine how the news traveled, with the speed of light, up the chain of command to the office of the President.

Imagine President Truman, scratching his head and saying words to the effect... "You've got to be shitting me!" "No Mr. President," the was.... if you want to see the evidence we can show you the alien remains, the space craft, a survivor.... and get this HUMAN BODY PARTS.

We know President Truman put together a committee, referred to as MJ 12, to get him some answers and draft an Estimate of the Situation and a Plan of Action.

An Estimate of the Situation is a military planning document which is a variant of the problem solving process. The first step is to define the problem.

A possible problem statement might have been "To determine the best way to deal with this Alien presence from Space."

Next, would have followed a listing of the facts and assumptions bearing on the problem.


Two saucer like object have crashed and been transported to a hanger on an Airforce Base in New Mexico.

A number of dead Aliens were found in the vicinity as well as one who's still alive.

The saucers have a construction, and propulsion system unlike anything aeronautical on the planet.

Human body parts were also found on one of the space craft.

We did not shoot it down.

The craft did not originate from anywhere we know of on earth.


The cause of the crash was equipment malfunction or pilot error.

The origins craft are from outer space.

One can see from this initial assessment that there were not a whole lot of facts or assumptions to start with. Since this was the case a list of Essential Elements of Information would have been compiled.

Essential Elements of Information (EEI)

Where did the craft come from?
What was the mission of the Aliens?
How do the saucers work?
Can we fly one?
Were the craft armed?

This list serves to show what form the EEI might have taken.

So where does this MJ 12 committee go from here?

Since these were no doubt hectic times, what was the primary concern from the beginning?

The answer to that is fairly clear and it hasn't changed much with the passage of time. What kind of threat do these Aliens pose to National Security. This was the concern then and remains the concern now. Regardless of what is shown or implied in the Declarations the nature of the threat goes far beyond the statement, "...some Aliens are friendlier than others."

Now all this begs several question which must have emerged in the intervening years.

Given the preponderance of evidence in the Declarations it must have soon become obvious that the primary attraction offered by the Planet Earth was providing a biologically verile root stock that was suitable to the product improvement of genomes suffering from prolonged space travel or radiation. The Planet Earth was a relatively pristine source for the genetic materials used in serums to revitalize life forms suffering from inbreeding, or other space related maladies. The evidence of this would become clearly evident once it was realized that the Earth is being visited by a number of different Alien races. This is admitted in the declarations.

This admission begs the question that if the Earth is some biospherical laboratory home to a host of exotic biology, then where did this biology initially come from. Stated another way, who planted the first seeds and was the "Farmer" who first staked out the planet?

This raises the next question of "Pecking Order." Say we know of five (5) Alien races. "Who gets first dibs and carries the biggest stick?" It would make sense that whoever owned the garden would want to make sure that thieves didn't make off with the harvest or worse, put down in the middle and set up shop.

Today we have some advanced technology in the field of agriculture. We have learned how to rid ourselves of "Pests" that threaten the quality and quantity of the yield. So who is the farmer with the stick. If we aren't sure then the baddest Alien in those identified as visitors can be given the badge.
However, there is no assurance that those who raid the garden are those who planted it to begin with.

So Department of Defense is definitely interested in the motives of our visitors and scenarios that might threaten the survival and well being of humanity.

Getting on with it:

Since we know something about farmers we can make some assumptions.

Farmers hate predators.
Farmers take a proprietary interest in their lands.
Farmers expect to collect the fruits of their labor.
Farmers act in their self interests.

I won't elaborate on these assumptions. History is replete with examples of how the survival of a species depended on an adequate food supply... How a key to getting ahead as a civilization was finding ways to feed their populations. It is a history fraught with pestilence, war, and genocide. Seeing technologically advanced races of well armed aliens lurking on the fringes, is enough to make a prudent government sit up and take note. If these visitors start squabbling among themselves the results could definitely have an adverse impact.

So what did the powers to be decide to do about it? Early on they must have concluded, "Not Much!" Earth was so far behind the power curve that the prospect of catching up with these "Visitors" must have been something measure in decades or centuries. Still we know that an effort was made. Forces were set in motion to learn more about the technologies and try and back engineer what we could get our hands on into products we understood.

From the beginning we were aided in this endeavor by the Ebans. EBE 1 explained what the components in the space craft were intended to do and as best he could how they operated. The learning curve was daunting but progress was made. After EBE1 other Ebans joined in the effort along with representatives from other races. One can well imagine the progress has been painful and rocky. Early attempts at flying an Alien saucer led an explosion. Working with Alien engineers led to some serious conflicts and our initial exchange program led to casualties and unexpected disappointments. Still remarkable progress has been made to the extent that the veil will lifted any time soon. Most of this development is done under a veil of the utmost secrecy to insure that humanity is not left in a situation where all our eggs remain in a single basket, and if confronted with a worst case scenario, there is some means of dealing with it.

This leaves the man on the street thinking that NASA is the extent of our space effort. Any outsider looking down from above sees solid fuel rocket and robotic vehicles crabbing along the surface of Mars. There is much more to this story still kept hidden, and likely to stay that way for a long time to come.

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