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A great amount of information has already been released.
Declaration 12: A great amount of UFO/Alien information is now in the public domain. Countless books, videos and internet websites are devoted to these subjects. Thousands of pages of U.S. government documents on unusual sighting and encounters have been made available.


1. Sanctioned Defense Intelligence Agency Leaks by ANONYMOUS on Project Crystal Knight to www.serpo.org.

2. Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, A True Story of Interplanetary Travel, Bear & Company, copyright 2013 by Len Kasten. It compiles the leaks into an inclusive narrative format.

3. Appendix 12 to ref 2, A Framework of Public Acclimation, pages 279-280... presented to Victor Martinez by a source other than ANONYMOUS and awarded the same credibility. "This document simply entitled "A Framework" contains what every UFO investigator and researcher since 1947 has believed , but which could never before be revealed. In effect, this brief summary constitute the full disclosure for which Ufologists have been beleaguering and harassing the government for sixty-five years. It is really the "Holy Grail" of UFO and ET related research." (ref 2, pages 10-11)

While not included in the Declaration 12 the narrative continues in the final paragraph of Appendix 12.

"At this point credentialed researchers and academicians have investigated the UFO/alien phenomenon and published their findings. This is a further step to help validade the phenomenon in the mind of the public. With these twelve points as a reliable framework, it is intended that key members of the public and gvernment will be better able to accept, evaluate, and place into perspective the large body of evidence soon to be before them." (page 280)

What this says:

1. There is a large amount of information already in the public domain.

2. The most significant is contained in ref. 2 and 3.

3. Reference 3 provides a reliable framework to... key members of the public and government to better accept, evaluate and place into perspective....

4. ...the Large body of evidence SOON to be before them.


Is it about Antartica, where already leaks and speculation is running rampant?

Is it about the Secret Space Program and revelations that the United States is further advanced in technological development than anyone begins to imagined?

Is it referring to colonization of the Moon, Mars and other bodies in the solar system?

Could it be referring to teleportation?

Is it referring to the "Black Night" a mystery satellite said to be orbiting for over 1000 years?

Is humanity about to be invited to join a club of galactic civilizations?

Are we on the brink of extinction threatened by a hostile Alien presence?

Is there an impending natural cataclysmic event in store for humanity?

Who knows? What the public should know by now is that lifting the veil any further is going to take something on a scale higher than.... "Look everybody, we found a solar system with five planets in the goldilocks zone."
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