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More than what meets the eye, riddles can be dark and twisted
You! Come closer
Won't you come and see?
Can you solve these riddles for me?

Walk through a school
any one will do
take a look around at who is red, black and blue

Look for the one who stands apart
but not enough to spot from the start
makeup and style are deliberately chosen
their words are carefully spoken

Moving along,
we're moving fast
you won't see into this kid's past

this one is clear to see
follow the signs of their defeat
companions and love severely lacking
this poor kid's clearly cracking

Have you found them?
Can you see the pain they're so desperate to hide?
Listen closely and you'll hear their cries

They cry for help
and beg to be seen
but most will fall in between

The final riddle
I leave with you
Is about what exactly it is you do.
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