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EB's rabbit friends pull some embarrassing pranks on EB.
In his earlier years on Easter Island, EB had a number of bunny friends whom he'd hang out with very often. Their names were Rodney, Ed and Dale. They all looked very similar to EB, except one was fatter, one was taller, and one was shorter. One day the four friends were playing tag outside of the easter factory, when all of the sudden, EB got that familiar feeling in his haunches. He knew he needed to find some privacy, and fast.

"Hey guys, I'll be right back." said EB, "Nature's calling." With that, EB hopped off to look for a secluded area for him to do his duty. The rest of his friends got some ideas from EB's situation.

"Hey, you guys wanna pull a prank on EB?", said Rodney.

"What kind of prank?", said Dale.

"I say we sneak up on him right when he's found a good spot to poo and spook him." proposed Rodney.

"But, won't that make him...?" asked Ed. The other two knew exactly where Rodney was going with his prank now. The three friends immediately burst out into laughter.

"HAHAHA, he'll drop his pellets right in front of us!!" said Dale.

"That'll sure be a sight to see!", said Ed.

"Yeah, let's get going!" said Rodney.

The three boys quickly followed on EB's trail, making sure that he didn't see them. EB eventually came upon a tall rock.

"This looks like a good place," he said to himself.

As EB made his way behind the rock, his three friends were making their way to the top of it. They were planning to jump down and scare EB right before he 'went'. EB checked around him to see if anyone was looking, and then he lowered himself into a squat with relaxed eyes. Out of nowhere, however, Rod, Ed and Dale jumped out of nowhere and spooked him. Eb was so frightened that he turned around and crouched looking into the rock, his back to the boys. In his fear, EB popped seven or so jelly beans from his "candy factory". The boys were amazed and amused by what they saw. Their friend had just pooped JELLY BEANS. They didn't know what to think of the situation, as they did not know this about EB before. EB turned around and blushed in embarrassment of his accident to see that it was only his friends.

"DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!", said EB, still blushing beet red.

"Woah, EB, did you just poop jelly beans?!" asked Rod.

"Well, I guess now you guys know. Since I'm the Easter Bunny, I poop jelly beans." said EB.

"Man, I wish I pooped jelly beans," said Dale. "All that comes out when I poop are stinky rabbit pellets," he said with an upset look on his face, "see?" With that, Dale squatted down with a relaxed look on his face as he wiggled his fluffy tail and dropped enough pellets to form a medium sized pile. His friends watched as the pellets fell from between his hind legs.

"Woah! I did NOT need to see that today," said Ed. EB and Rodney also has disgusted looks on their faces.

"Sorry, fellas. I've been holding it in since yesterday and I really needed to go potty. It just felt soooooo good to let loose," Dale said, adding a loud fart for good measure. He started to giggle uncontrollably like the little kid he was, and his friends eventually joined in.

"If you can poop jelly beans, EB, have you ever...tried one?" asked Rod.

"NO WAY! That's super gross!" said EB.

"But they're still real jelly beans, right?", asked Ed.

"Well... I guess", replied EB. "Look, can you guys not spread the word about this. I don't need everyone in the factory asking about my special 'talent', much less asking me to demonstrate," EB said nervously.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with us," said Rod. With that the boys all went back to the factory and went to bed, as it was getting rather late.

Everyone woke up the next morning, not looking forward to their activities for the day. Easter was approaching, and EB's dad need help from EB and his friends to package jelly beans into eggs. The four friends were directed over to a conveyor belt rolling along with half plastic eggs waiting to be filled with jelly beans and capped. Each boy was also given a bowl of jelly beans to fill the eggs with. They were about two hours into the process when EB felt the urge to use the little bunny's room. Over the next half hour, EB progressed from crossing his legs all the way to shoving one paw between his legs and hopping up and down.

"EB, don't ya know that we were supposed to go before we started doing this?", asked Dale.

"I didn't have to go then, Dale." answered EB. "Oh man....what am I gonna do now?!"

Rodney suddenly came to a realization. "Yo, EB."

"What is it, Rodney?" EB said with an uncomfortable look on his face.

"I think I know how you can get rid of your problem" Rodney said.

"Unless if it's where I can find a toilet, I don't wanna hear it, Rod." EB said with an annoyed glare.

"Well...it's sort of a toilet." said Rod. He leaned over and whispered into EB's ear.

"ROD! I can't do that! What if someone sees?" objected EB.

"Well, you're just gonna have to be quick about it, then" said Rod. "What other choice do you have? We can't leave."

"Oh...... I guess you're right. Don't you guys dare tell anyone about this, okay?" With that, EB grabbed one of the empty egg-halves, placed it on the floor, and took a seat on it. He grunted and clenched his fists until he farted loudly into the egg and dropped a dozen jelly beans in it, wiggling his tail and sighing as he did so.

"Well, when a bunny's gotta go, a bunny's gotta go, I guess," said Ed.

Out of nowhere, the boys heard someone yelling at EB, who still had his rump planted on the egg. "EB, WHAT IN THE BLAZES DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING???!!!" scolded EB's father, walking up to the scene of the crime. EB stood up and blushed profusely, not able to handle the embarrassment he was feeling at the moment. EB quickly rushed to blame his friends.

"It was their idea! I just really had to go, and Rod thought it would be funny." lied EB.

"Rodney, I am very upset with you! You and your friends get to work the rest of the day while EB gets the day off!" decided EB's dad.

EB and his father walked off, EB feeling slightly guilty, but only enough to muster a whispered "I'm sorry" to his friends as he walked away. EB's friends were furious with EB.

"Rodney, we've gotta get him back for this," said Ed.

"Yeah," said Dale.

"Don't worry, guys. I know just how to teach him a lesson," said Rodney slyly, with an evil grin on his face.

The next day, the three friends got together to form a plan to get back at EB. They conversed for about half an hour and eventually came up with a plan they were all satisfied with and that was sure to work. Dale was supposed to find EB at a time where he had to go to the bathroom, and then lead him to a world of embarrassment. Later in the day, Dale saw EB hopping around and looking uncomfortable. Now was his chance!

"Hey, EB!" said Dale.

"Oh, hey Dale! Sorry about yesterday; I just really don't wanna get into trouble with my dad. He can be pretty crazy sometimes," EB said. "Anyway, do you know where I can find a potty, I've been holding this one in for a while, haha."

"Oh, sure. Just head through the door right there," Dale said as he pointed to a door in a nearby wall. "It'll be dark in there, but you wont have to worry. People hardly ever go in that room, so you can probably just do your business on the floor, haha!"

"Well, I've really gotta go, so I'll just head in there I guess," replied EB. "Thanks!"

EB frantically hopped over to the door and entered without hesitation. He thought that it was odd that the door was near the stage that the factory used for speeches and special events, but he quickly forgot about his concerns and moved on to more pressing matters. Rodney and Ed, meanwhile, were rounding up all the chicks and bunnies in the factory to see a "show".

"Trust me, people, you will NOT want to miss this," said Ed.

"Yeah, be sure to get your cameras ready. you won't want to forget it," said Rodney.

EB, having entered the dimly lit room, made his way over to what he presumed to be the center of it. He lowered himself into a squatting position and prepared to drop his "presents" onto the floor. Unbeknownst to him, however, he was about to plop his jelly beans onto a stage in front of hundreds of bunnies and chicks. Rodney and Dave pulled up the curtain and displayed EB in all his glory. The unaware bunny was squatting with his tail lifted up high, exposing his hind end and his "jelly bean machine" to everyone. He began by letting a couple farts rip, loud and proud. After that he got down to 'business'. He squatted lower, lifted his tail higher, and plopped twenty or so jelly beans onto the ground under his rear, sighing with relief as he did so. Each jelly bean hit the ground with a rattling sound and EB's tail was wiggling as he went. When he was finished however, he heard a whole crowd break out into laughter. He turned around quickly to see his greatest fear, an entire crowd of bunnies and chicks laughing at his naked posterior and the mess it was making. He then realized that people were taking pictures the whole time; almost everyone was pointing and laughing. He looked to see the Pink Berets in the front row, whispering to each other and giggling while taking pictures. He pulled his shirt down to cover up his bottom and hopped away from the scene as fast as he could, blushing madly and filled with embarrassment. He ran to his room, slammed the door, and didn't emerge until the next day.

When he did come out of his room, his father was there to greet him. "Rodney told me about what happened, young bunny. I hope you learned a valuable lesson about selling your friends out for your own benefits. I also felt that you needed something to remember this by, so why don't you go out into the factory and see what I mean," his dad said.

An ashamed and embarrassed EB made his way out to the factory and was greeted by many giggles from the workers. His friends were waiting there for him. EB had already cheered up a little bit, and was ready to take a humorous approach to the situation.

"Hey, guys," said EB. "Sorry about what I did to you. That was mean. But, I guess you guys got me back. Big time, hehe."

"That's okay, buddy," said Rodney.

"Yeah, we're still pals," said Ed and Dale.

"Besides, it's in the past. It's not like people are gonna see it every day, right?" asked EB.

"Well...." the three said. Rodney pointed over to the stage. "They're gonna reveal something you might want to or not want to see, buddy. Your dad's orders."

EB and his friends looked over to the stage, where a crowd of bunnies and chicks was gathered. A couple of the workers helped pull back the curtains and exposed an enormous print of a picture someone took yesterday during EB's "performance". Measuring 30 feet tall and 40 feet wide, it displayed EB in all his embarrassed glory. His rear was turned to the camera, tail lifted up and "Candy Chute" exposed for all to see. In the picture, he was in the process of dropping a jelly bean, already having a pile below him. He was looking toward the camera with a shocked expression on his face. The whole crowd burst into laughter at the unveiling of the picture.

"Well, I have a feeling people will be talking about this for a while," an embarrassed EB said.
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