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by DylanB
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A poem I wrote when I was angry with someone leaving me.

You left me while I was at my darkest moment

You left me for dead like a shot to a rodent

I cried everynight for you for 3 years

You made me desert my peers

I was alone, no one cared

You made me this person

I wanted to commit arson

3 years and im still angry

You left without warning

All of the care and love I was yearning

I hate what you did to me!

All of your flirting was a lie

You made me want to curl up and die!

I wanted that rope around my neck

I wanted that gun to my head

Just to stop my feelings for you

Just to make them GO AWAY!

The voices told me to kill you

to torture you, make you pay!

I refused, now I regret that decision!

I wish you were dead!

I wish you would burn in HELL!

I would love to watch you YELL!

As you fall in a pit of fire

It's my only desire

I'd love to make a video of you dying

Replay it over and over again in my head

Just like the thoughts of killing you come to life

As I lie in my bed

wishing you would just drop DEAD!

By: Amii Bedingfield

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