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Mabel Pines wants more time for fun, and her New Friend has just the solution.
         It was the summer of 2012, the water was glistening with the rays of the sun, and kids of Gravity Falls were playing to their hearts content, not having to worry about School for another month or so.
         However, for Mabel Pines, her Summer was filled with strange monsters, and was always roped along on crazy adventures by her Twin Brother, Dipper. While they were fun and all, it hardly left her any time to be a normal kid and have fun on her own.
         Sure, it was fun to fight the occasional Dragon-Cat, or save an entire town of little Ball People from a Civil War, but it just became monotonous after a while. Mabel wished all the spooky and supernatural things would just disappear from Gravity Falls, just so she could have a normal, relaxing Summer for the rest of the remaining
         But, of course, she might never get that pleasure. The best she can do is make do with what little time in between strange happenings to do things like playing, swimming, or what have you.
         But little did Mabel know, her opportunity would be coming up soon, where all her dreams may come true.

         One day, Dipper and Grunkle Stan had to go off on a ‘Business Trip’. While Mabel had no idea what this meant, she knew it either meant something illegal or something equally shady. Despite this, Mabel knew this would be a good opportunity to take a break from being a Twin Sister, and have some time to herself. She waved goodbye to them both, and when they both left in the car, she made a beeline for town, to have some fun on her own.
         Mabel made it to town, and went to search for her friends, Candy and Grenda.
         But, to make matters worse, both of them were busy for the whole day. Candy had to Visit her Grandmother in the next town over, and Grenda had to go shopping with her mother, which they both know would take forever to get done. So, Mabel was friendless for the day.

         Mabel shoved her hands into her pockets out of frustration and puffed her cheeks out, “Raah!” She groaned, “What am I supposed to do NOW?”
         That’s when Mabel walked past an Ice Cream Shop, where a sign read, “Eat your weight in Ice Cream, win a free Ice Cream Coupon!”
         “Well, that might work!” Mabel stated, rather glad about this turn of events. She walked inside, and stood behind a chubbier looking girl, with Yellow Hair and a Blue Tee-shirt and Shorts. Her Shirt was riding up her chubby belly, but it didn’t seem as if the girl minded.
         The Girl turned and saw Mabel, “Hey, are you doing that ‘Eat Your Weight In Ice Cream’ challenge, too?”
         “Yeah, how’d you know?” Mabel asked.
         “I am, too! You seem like the kind of girl who likes her Ice Cream.” The girl responded, “I’m Adriana.”
         “My name is Mabel, nice to meet you, Adriana!” Mabel said, giving a bow of appreciation.

         Adriana and Mabel ordered their Ice Creams, and they were gigantic, nearly the size of them! The Ice Cream featured a ton of different flavors, as well as plenty of toppings.
         The two girls sat down and placed their Ice Creams right in front of each other, and began to dig in.
         “Mmm, this is good!” Mabel exclaimed in between bites, taking more bites after.
         “Yeah, this is the best Ice Cream in all of Gravity Falls!” Adriana mentioned.
         “Not just Gravity Falls, in the whole WORLD!” Mabel added, shoveling the Ice Cream bite by bite. It didn’t even seem as if she was affected by Brain Freeze, or at least if she was, she was doing a good job at hiding it.
         The two ate their Ice Creams with glee, filling their chairs up with fat every bite of the way. Mabel’s short skirt began to reveal her panties and butt, and started forming a double chin.
         Adriana’s belly surged outward, riding her shirt up more. Her shorts were becoming tighter as well, the outline on her underwear now plainly visible.

         The two finished their Ice Creams, and patted their bellies confidently.
         Each one’s were the size of an oversized Bowling Ball, their chairs completely filled with their blubber.
         “Whoof, that was delicious!” Mabel said.
         “Yeah, you really got an appetite, there.” Adriana mentioned, “You must be practicing for the Gravity Falls Eating Contest, right?”
         “There’s an Eating Contest?” Mabel asked, astonished.
         “Yeah! There’s one that’s taking place this afternoon, I think you have a natural talent for eating in excess.” Adriana explained.
         Mabel nodded, “Sure, I love the sound of that! Let’s go right now!”
         Adriana smiled, and lead the way, “Come on, I know the way.”

         The two trekked for what seemed like miles through the town, down into the dense forest, and deep into the trees before they reached where the Eating Contest was supposed to be. It was nothing but a dirt patch, and a big white, square-shaped building with no other features other than walls and edges. No windows, no signs, not even a Mailbox. But what it did have was a beige wooden door in front. The duo decided that would be a good place to start checking for people.
         Adriana opened the door slowly, allowing natural light to fill the dark hallway.
         “Hello....?” Adriana called out, Mabel standing behind her, a bit wary of this strange place.
         “Maybe nobody’s here yet, we could be early.” Mabel offered as an explanation.
         “No, this is the time it should be starting. Or at least close to it…” Adriana explained, “I’m certain…”
         The hallway seemed to last a very long time, much longer than it seemed out front. It wasn’t long, however, before they saw a light at the end of this hallway. Adriana sped walked towards it, her flabby body bouncing with each step.
         Mabel had a bit more difficulty keeping up, her weight burdening her much more than Adriana, but eventually they ended up in a Lobby Area, where fluorescent lights brightened up the circular room. In the middle was a raised platform, where a wide, white Table sat with two plates in front of two chairs.
         “Huh. Well it looks like as if the bare necessities are set up…” Adriana said, “Let’s go check it out.”
         “I don’t know, Adriana. With how much weird stuff goes on in this town, my instinct is saying that this is some kind of trap.” Mabel mentioned, “Besides, there isn’t even anything there.”
         But just as Mabel said that, the plate flipped over and there was a pile of delicious food, just waiting to be eaten.
         “Woah, fancy. Got some crazy technology stuff in here.” Adriana noted.
         “Yeah, but a bit weird. I’m gonna keep looking around, see if there’s anyone else in this place.” Mabel said.
         “Suit yourself,” Adriana replied, currently stuffing her face, “I’m gonna stay right here and enjoy some quality food. I’m starved from that walk over!”
         Mabel nodded, and headed down one of the several pathways that lead from the main Lobby area.

         The hallway she walked down seemed to be oddly similar to the one she walked down from the entrance. It seemed to have an Office Building aesthetic to it, doors on either side of her, with a few paintings hung up every now and then. The ground was hard and cold, not even a rug to protect from the jagged cement.
         Mabel eventually reached another light source, and became hopeful, and a bit scared. She walked through…
         And she was right back where she started, the entrance to the Lobby.
         “Huh?” Mabel wondered, gaining the attention of a now much larger Adriana. She seemed to have gained an extra hundred pounds, her fat body spilling off the chair, and out of her clothes.
         “Oh, Mabel? Back already?” Adriana asked.
         “I… Guess? I left through that hallway…” Mabel pointed towards the Leftmost Hallway, “...And ended up back here… But it was a straight line! How does that make any sense?” Mabel wondered, but then shook her head, “No, no. There has to be some path that leads somewhere, I’ll be right back.” Mabel then made a dash for the middle Hallway, causing her flab to jiggle with energy.
         Adriana shrugged and just went back to eating, not realizing how much she was gaining, and only wanting more.

         After a few more minutes, Mabel ended right back to the entrance again. Adriana had packed on another hundred pounds, her chair creaking in desperation to stay up under Adriana’s weight.
         However, it didn’t seem as if Mabel was paying too much attention to that, as right now she was more concerned about the illogical paths this strange place had. “Rah!” Mabel groaned, “What kind of building is this?”
         Adriana turned around, and saw Mabel was tired and out of breath. “Hey, Mabel, quit running so much. You’ll tire yourself out, come have a seat! Enjoy some of this great food.”
         Mabel shook her head, panting from the running, “No… No… I can’t, this place is too weird. We need to leave.”
         Adriana raised her eyebrows, “Huh? Leave? No, but… But, try this food! It’s so good!”
         “Adriana, look at yourself, you’re as huge as a pig! Besides, we can enjoy food outside of this weird Looping… Dungeon place.” Mabel mentioned, turning to open the door.
         “Mabel, don’t…!” Adriana pleaded, but then was surprised to see Mabel having trouble opening the door that lead outside.
         “Rf… Hnng! Gah… It’s locked from the outside…?” Mabel stated, after being unable to open the door.
         “I guess we’re trapped. Oh, well.” Adriana said rather sarcastically, “Well, I guess the only thing we can do is sit here and enjoy our food.
         “No, we’re trapped! We can’t get out of here, who could have done this?” Mabel panicked, “What do we do, what do we doooo?”

         Mabel got into situations like this all the time. But without her Twin Brother, she was as lost as as a Whale out of Saltwater. She paced back and forth, trying to come up with a way of getting out, scratching her head causing her hair to fuzz up, until finally, Adriana stepped in.
         “Mabel, we may be trapped, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of a bad situation!” Adriana said, taking a Slice of Cake and shoving it into Mabel’s Mouth before she could say a single word.
         Mabel’s stifled words fell on deaf ears, and Adriana made her chew the cake and swallow it. When she did, Mabel’s mind went completely blank. All of her worries, all of her fears, all of her paranoia… It all vanished, and was replaced with one simple goal… Eat!
         “I… I’m so hungry, I need to eat!” Mabel announced, grinning widely, “Feed me, feed me please! I need to eat so much!”
         Adriana giggled, and grabbed both her plate and the other plate, where food began to magically appear as Mabel ate.
         Mabel ate the food by the handful, nothing edible that appeared on those plates weren’t eaten immediately by Mabel.
         She bloated, and expanded wider and larger, her skirt ripping off and revealing her Blue Underwear with a Yellow Star Pattern. Mabel was in a state of euphoria, and so was Adriana, who was getting just as much pleasure out of feeding Mabel as Mabel did her feeding.
         Mabel just kept eating and growing, her sweater next to suffer as a casualty in this glorious display of gluttony. Mabel closed her eyes, just letting food pour into her mouth from the plates, as Adriana held said plates over Mabel’s mouth. Adriana, after realizing Mabel was large enough, place the food place right in front of Mabel’s face, tilted in such a way that it would always be filling her with food, and grabbed her own place, and poured the food into her hungry gullet, needing now to catch up with the near 3 ton blob she had just created.
         Adriana and Mabel kept on growing larger and fatter all throughout the rest of that day, and all through the night, and through the next day, and the next night...

         Until two weeks had passed. It had been a while since a Search for the two kids Mabel Pines and Adriana had been released, but only now did they finally get a clue as to the whereabouts of the kids.
         They followed a set of footprints all the way to the Building that Mabel and Adriana entered, and the Cops slowly walked up to the Door. They noticed a chair was blocking the entrance, so they removed it, and opened the door.
         What they were met with, was the complete destruction of that building, being only replaced with the 30 ton 12-year-olds that had entered the building two weeks ago. Both Cops managed to escape the flab, but were both knocked down to the ground. They looked up, and got a good look at the sheer size of the girls. The two had fat that towered over the cops, they were like small Mountains.

         But as the two cops tried to call for backup, they noticed the flab was growing, and it turned out that both Mabel and Adriana were still growing fatter!
         The Cops knew they couldn’t shoot, the two were just little kids, but they did make a valiant attempt to hop in the car and drive as fast as possible away from the location.

         Mabel and Adriana continued growing, past the Forest until their flab just barely reached the town of Gravity Falls.
         Their weight gain slowed to a halt, and their minds returned to them.
         “Woah… What happened? Where am I?” Adriana wondered.
         “I think that food changed us somehow… Wait, how big are we?!?” Mabel asked.
         “I dunno. But… I kinda like it. It’s fun being this size.” Adriana stated.
         “You LIKE being an immobile, thousands-of-pounds fat Blob?” Mabel asked, just to reassure she heard what she heard correctly.
         “Yeah, it’s fun being all jiggly and huge!” Adriana mentioned, “How about you?”
         “...Yeah, it feels pretty good. You care that we’re close to crushing the whole town under our fat?”
         “Any plans on slowing down anytime soon?”
         “Not a chance.”
         “Wanna keep eating until we cover this whole world in our fat?”
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