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It is just a little bit i'm still working on it.
A mother's wails and a soldiers will to not give up was the last i heard before passing out on the blood-stained ground.I woke up again only to the sound of a big tower falling i moved my leg just enough before the building crashed.I covered my head.A piece of glass was going to land on me i rolled over as my hand hit a glass piece which was jutting out of the ground i screamed as i slowly took it out .I was screeching anything would be better than this.My throat was sore,my hand paining,my legs seemed to have become numb and my eyesight was blurry and burning.I gathered up enough strength for me to stand up.I needed water and fast.I staggered to someones flask which was lying on the ground.Whatever it was i didn't care i just drank it.I t wasn't poison but i didn't know what it was.The cold hit me, although it was refreshing it made my head spin.But i felt satisfied my sore throat was healing.i gulped it down until there was no more but it was better than nothing.I suddenly stopped to look around me.There was smoke everywhere,the once beautiful and blue sky which would hold the radiant colors of my kite was gone replaced with ashes.The smoke had engulfed everyone,flames were everywhere nothing could oppose that.A leftover gun was there i tested it.There were 3 bullets and they were enough to keep me alive.The fallen buildings and smoke lingered around us as a memory of the war.They had injected us with something to find out a clue.But what was that something??.I closed me eyes but the injection ,my sisters red eyes.It was all too much.Stop it i said to myself.Logic above all,logic above all.I tried to think straight.I looked ahead,to my right,to my left and behind me not one sight of a person alive.The amount of smoke and blood had shattered the hopes of the people who could at least open their eyes.Whatever they had injected us with it ,it had us all dead.They wanted us to die.But i didn't die.Unless....unless this was a trap.They knew who i was and just wanted to see if they were right.I stumbled on to find if there were more like me.

P.S- I am still working on this it is just a little bit.Please comment and rate

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