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A personal thought piece about how I personally, strive to discover myself and immortality
I am but a man on this earth, a man among the millions of others striving to be heard. Reaching for the stars, searching for truth. I am just a mortal man with the dreams of immortality. Knowing well that such desire cannot be obtained in the physical understanding of the word. Yet, like many I long for a purpose. No, I long for the feeling of happiness and satisfaction of my life knowing that my struggles, my pains, my darkness, are but the building blocks to the foundation of a beautiful perspective of life and the world around me. A man who desires immortality in its basic definition is a mere fool. Understand this - immortality exists, always has and always will. Though the immortality some may seek is flawed. Humans are living, and one cannot be so without eventually dying. One cannot live on forever, without the threat of death. Death is the result of the completion of the cycle of life. To achieve immortality, that is, life after death, you must record your inspirations, life lessons, pains, all the emotions that make you human, and preserve them in writings. For the only way to reach immortality is to have your written words, your thoughts which define your persona survive your physical life. Those who are thinkers, artists, writers who express their lives through art live on long after they no longer are alive. Long after those who knew you as a person, there will always be another who may appreciate and understand the perspective and way of thought you once had by appreciating your art, be it painting, writing, music or any form of mass inspiration. This is the goal which I ultimately strive for. I write to express my train of thought and to share my perspective to heal myself and hope that my words may reach another person and resonate their souls. I seek no fortune nor fame, I only long to achieve happiness in my own life and create a light where my darkness resides. If I overcome and express what lies behind my soft eyes and hold back no truth no matter how personal, then maybe it can serve as a reference of inspiration to another hurting soul. We are human, alive and breathing. Perfection is impossible, and there is more beauty in our flaws. We feel, we hurt, but we also can love and revel in the pleasantries in life. I hope to achieve immortality myself, but even in practice there is no guarantee. In the end, I will strive to reach this feat while alive. What is important to me, is to help inspire others, whether it be one soul, a few or millions. I am a man, but furthermore, I am a human, and so are you. We feel. There is no positive without there having been a negative involved at some point. Take what is pain and evolve from it and bask in the light and euphoria that is happiness and love. Inspire positive thoughts and spread hope.
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