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Many Kaiju armies have risen to either burn everything or protect the world from evil.
Chapter 1: The Earth Defenders

As the sun was high in the sky, Godzilla, the king of the monsters, had finally awoken from his long sleep. He had stayed up all night, watching the stars on his own, wondering what it was he saw fall from the sky days ago. Many of them had fallen and they shined bright as if wanting to be seen. Especially the massive one. Sadly, he was the only monster on Monster Island to see this strange occurance.

He yawned loudly, his roar echoed through the cave he slept in. He looked around and saw his son was no longer in the cave. He stepped out of the cave, his tail dragging behind him. He looked to his left and saw his son, Godzilla Jr., hiding behind a large rock giggling. He looked more and saw Angurius covering his eyes and counting down, "1...2...3..." all the way to ten until he turned around and said, "Ready or not! Here I come!" Godzilla watched them quietly.

Angurius was Godzilla's best friend, his second in command, and most trusted ally. Angurius, now matter how old, was always playful and joyful. He was brave too, doing things no other monster would even dare to do. Angurius seemed to have had a lot of bad luck though, many times he had nearly gotten himself killed or always ended up getting himself in trouble. Angurius always had Godzilla's back and Godzilla always had his.

Godzilla Jr. had a similar personality to Angurius, except he wasn't brave. Jr. didn't know how to fight and didn't want to learn. Instead, he wanted to play and have fun. Godzilla tells him constantly to learn how to defend himself and he must learn to become the King of the monsters. Many of the other monsters, especially Mothra and Angurius, said that he is just a child and shouldn't be forced to have such a responsibility yet but Godzilla knows that it is very important for him to learn these responsibilities and must learn how to defend himself.

Godzilla was feeling in a good mood today, which is not normal, but he decided to let his son play his games with Angurius as he continued on his way, checking the island as he always does everyday. He Mothra watching over the island, she smiled and flew from where she was too Godzilla, "Greetings Godzilla. How was your sleep?"

Mothra was a beautiful giant moth, looking like a butterfly because of her pretty colors. She was very graceful in her flight as she came down from her post. She used to have her own island, Infant Island, but it was destroyed by a mysterious monster. One of great power and destruction, she couldn't describe the monster as it was too horrible and terrifying. She now lives with the monsters on Monster Island, all her worshipers were now gone. She felt guilty that she couldn't defend her people from such a monstrosity. Godzilla had offered to go find this monster but she said it was her battle.

"Unnecessary, I shouldn't have slept so long. Did anything happen while I slept?" asked Godzilla. His face Stern and serious and so was his voice.

Mothra sighed, "Oh Godzilla, always with the serious tone? Yes, Titanosaurus and Ebirah tried to attack Jr. this morning while he was getting a drink from the ocean. However, Angurius and I scared them off."

"Good. You may return to your post." he said, walking away from her, heading to the other side of the island to check on other monsters. Mothra watched him leave, her face full of concern, he was always this serious.

Godzilla saw three of his monsters talking casually. King Ceasar, Baragon, and Varan,. King Ceasar was strong and agile alone but Baragon and Varan worked better as a team. He walked closer to them, "Any strange activity lately?" he asked King Ceasar.

King Ceasar was very similar to a lion and a reptile combined. King Ceasar had been on this Island all his life, but he use to sleep constantly, waiting for the right time to awoken, and ever since the world was threatened by aliens, he had helped the Earth Defenders against them.

Baragon was a small and weak monster, not able to combat most monsters in his own but his friend Varan made him able to do so. They showed up not too long ago but they seemed strong and trustworthy enough.

"So far none." said King Ceasar, who was almost as serious as Godzilla was about this war.

Godzilla nodded and continued on his way. He had a few more monsters to check on before he could finally grab his breakfast. As he walked slowly, observing the island, he saw Rodan, another very good friend, hiding as well. Guess he was playing hide and seek with Angurius and Jr. He looked over and saw Angurius and Jr. both looking for Rodan. Godzilla made sure to say away so he wouldn't interrupt their game. He watched quietly. Angurius was sniffing the ground, looking for Rodan's scent as Jr. was wandering around aimlessly, "Rodan! Where are youuuu?" he said, looking under a rock. Godzilla laughed to himself as he saw his son looking in place that Rodan could never fit in.

Jr. heard this laugh, his tail swooshing behind him, "Dad!? Dad!" Godzilla Jr. completely forgot about what he was doing and instantly ran towards his father hugging him, even though Godzilla was serious, he couldn't turn down his own son. He hugged his son as Jr. had jumped into his arms, snuggling into his father's chest, making himself comfortable. "You're awake! Hey Dad, wanna play hide and seek with us? We're looking for Rodan right now. Wanna help?"

Godzilla looked down at his son, "Sorry son, but I don't have time for games. I have to go speak with Manda."

His son looked disappointed and sad, "Aww come one, just one game? You never play anything with us."

"Yeah Godzilla, it'll be fun." said Angurius, smiling.

Godzilla put his son down, "You guys have fun without me, I have things I need to do. Perhaps we can play later?" he said, walking away from them, heading to Manda's cave. Jr. watched his father walk away, sad that he didn't play a game with him. He and Angurius then went back to looking for Rodan.

Godzilla approached a cave on the far left side, far away from the rest of the monster homes and caves, of the island. Godzilla walked in and saw the ancient green dragon curled up. He looked up at Godzilla, his body showing age but Godzilla knew he was still a stronger monster. Godzilla bowed his head as he walked closer, "Manda, have you had any new visions lately?" Godzilla asked, his voice full of concern.

Manda was quiet for what seemed like forever. The wind was all they heard. Manda closed his eyes, sighed, and reopened his eyes to look at Godzilla, "A great evil, a foul darkness, wants to destroy our lands. It isn't Ghidorah and his army, nor is it any kind of man made machine. It is much larger creature. One filled with pure hate, one that wants our world to burn. It is arriving soon, but no one knows how soon. When the world starts to end, then the creature may already have us under it's control."

Godzilla took in every word as if it had meaning, which to him, it did. Godzilla listened and waited for the old green dragon to finish. When he had, Godzilla looked at Manda, "What does it look like?"

"I do not know." Manda told Godzilla.

"When will it arrive?" Godzilla asked.

"When our world starts to end. My vision showed me the world being torn apart. Strange monsters that have never been seen start to appear and wage war against us. That is all I know." Manda said.

"Manda, thank you. You and your visions and never let me down." Godzilla told Manda, starting to leave. Manda watched him leave, staying put.

"Perhaps it is already too late." Manda said to himself.

As Godzilla left, Jr. pumped into his leg, falling over. Jr. stood back up and smiled up at his father, "How about a game now?" Godzilla looked up to see Angurius and Rodan nodded, wanting him to join.

"Alright, but just one. Daddy isn't as young as he used to be." said Godzilla.

Jr. jumped happily, "Yay! Tag your it!" said Jr. poking his father then running off. Godzilla smiled and chased after his son. Angurius and Rodan running off in different directions to not be tagged by Godzilla.

Chapter 2: Aliens
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