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Lear's thoughts on why dealing with the Ebans was a bad idea.
In reading Lear's essay I have to believe that most of what he says is true. It dovetails with the Anonymous Leaks and expands upon the basic question, are Aliens hostile?

He seems to think that those who did the negotiating on behalf of the American people were pretty naive. In exchange for a technology exchange our government accepted incursions into the United State's population at large for conducting biological experimentation. The deal was that no permanent harm would be done to anyone and they would be returned alive and well when the "Testing" was completed. A list would be provided of those who were abducted so the agreement could be verified.

It turns out, according to Lear, that many thousands more were abducted than reported and many of those taken did not survive the medical procedures. Their body parts were used in the experimentations that the Grey's are becoming notorious for carrying out.

Apparently some of this experimentation was carried our at a base staffed by joint US/Eban scientists and once the full extent to what was happening became known, hostilities broke out between the two groups. The story was that Delta forces were sent in to restore order and sixty-six commandoes were killed in the clash. For two years there was a standoff before a settlement was negotiated.

There was a lot of gnashing of teeth and hair pulling that resulted, one fraction of MJ12 wanting to come clean with the public and the other favoring to patch up our differences with the Ebans and getting on with the technology transfers. The latter group prevailed, however, not without leaving a bad taste in the mouth of everyone involved. As president Trump stated in his assessment of the Obama Administration, with particular regard to the Iranian Deal "We have had some really stupid people doing our negotiating." Apparently a similar criticism could be applied to the policy of "Human Trafficing" in exchange for "Technology Transfers."

One insider made an interesting comment. "If the public knew what we've been up to the past sixty-years, they'd string the lot of us up."

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