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Personal release. Probably a little depressing.
You say you are coming,
You wouldn't miss it for the world.
I am so excited to see you.

He says he will help,
He loves helping.
I can't wait to work with him.

She says she is going to do this,
She's got this I don't have to worry.
I can finally relax, she is taking care of it.

Then you wake up and cancel plans.
Eventually, He realizes he is too busy to help.
And she forgot to get it done.

The old saying, "people will always let you down",
It has never seemed to be truer than in that moment.

Then again, it was the same three months ago,
A few years back, it happened again.
And when I was a kid, it happened so often,
I stopped keeping track.

You would think that with the frequency of disappointments,
The reality of people letting people down,
And the busyness of life,
I would just expect this to be true and stop being upset when it happens.

With every canceled meeting,
All of the times we were supposed to hang out but didn't,
And all of the lame excuses.

It shouldn't affect me anymore.
I should be strong and resistant to the pain,
it causes me when I receive you cancellation message again.

People are always going to let you down.
Just like you will always let them down.
We are only humans, imperfect in every way.

We love.
We hurt.
We disappoint.

We make promise we don't keep.
We cancel plans often.
We try to be there for each other but it doesn't always happen.

We are human.

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