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Rated: E · Short Story · Experience · #2115039
Watch as a man, hired to eliminate his target, will perform in his mission. Will he win?
Killer on Hire

With the knife held in his hand, he cautiosly observed his target moving around his position. He wasn’t sure if the other one was aware of being observed, and still the target didn’t seem to be moving casually, it was more like there was some kind of patterned chaos, some kind of chaotic plan to confuse him.

He knew that he had to score the kill, and soon, or it would have been his neck on the chopping table. Still he couldn’t move too early, his adversary didn’t have to have the chance to strike back.

Slowly he moved toward the would be victim, studying any reactions from his advance, observing and seeking the weakness in those, way too randomic, movements. It wasn’t an easy task, even though the commissioner had even laughed about that job, and he knew that he had to have patience and observation spirit if he wanted to succeed.

Suddenly, as he was moving closer, the target stopped, its back to him, as if staring in the middle of nowhere.

Now! This was his chance! With a sprint he moved forward readying his armed hand, preparing to strike with an horizontal slash of his knife, ferocious joy erupting in his heart to finally be able to terminate that difficult job.

But just when the blade was almost in contact with the neck of the victim, this last one moved away, lowering its posture and moving a few steps away, seemingly blissful of the swishing blade that had passed over its head an instant too late.

The killer was speechless, as he tripped on himself, finding himself unable to stop immediately. For an instant he remained motionless, observing the would be victim moving away, not too far from him, always seemingly unaware of the situation. He was unable to understand how it managed to avoid his attack. An evil light appeared in his eyes as he realized that the easy target promoted by his commissioner had to be a demonic being with a cunning and deceptive mind.

The situation couldn’t be worse for him, though this didn’t meant he would have renounced. No, now he was more than ever determined to finish that assignment. Concentrating and calming himself he began anew to follow the victim, he didn’t even try to hide at this time, it was evident to him that that demon knew wherever he was at his every moment, ready to avoiding him and mocking him at his every attempt.

A cold rage pervaded the assassin as he moved closer, the blade held strictly in his right hand, and then, with a feral grin on his face, as he reached the back of the victim he decided to not take any more chances.

With a quick sprint he grabbed the prey at its neck and made to move his armed hand to finish it off when something unexpected happened.

The head of the prey revolved slowly on its long neck, ignoring the fact that it was caught in the hand of the killer, and stopped only when its eyes were looking right back at those of the assassin. In that moment the role inverted between the two of them, in a moment the predator became prey, paralyzed from the harsh stare full of furious animal rage.

The would be assassin couldn’t do nothing as he found himself, forced to see his horizon filling up with the harsh stare of an enraged duck.

With a screech of indignant fury, the animal, began to hit the man with its wings and its beak, hitting any soft spot of tender flesh it managed to find, as this one began to retreat trying to protect himself from the winged beast.

The enraged bird didn’t stop, continuing to follow that foolish creature that had dared to to grab it at its neck.

Ms. Palm was preparing the cooking wares in the kitchen when she began hearing cries of pain and pleads of mercy. Curious by nature she went to investigate and exhaled in despair as she saw how her daughter’s fianceé was managing what should have been their dinner for the following day.

She remained immobile for a time as she watched him running in a circle, continuously chased by the duck, until finally she hung her head down while taking a mental note to warn her husband about the changes for their engagement celebration dinner, that was supposed to be on the next day.
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