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Angelique deceives Barnabas again.
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Angelique was happy with her life with Barnabas even though she had to pose as Victoria Winters everyday and look like her. She had Barnabas now and was his wife. She accepted her fate. She laughed every time she walked past the portrait. "Poor, poor, Miss Winters. Trapped in her portrait of her beautiful self forever. Angelique kissed Barnabas and he had no idea Angelique was his wife. Barnabas was happy with his beloved "Victoria."

The kiss was interrupted by a knock at the door. Angelique was not happy. Barnabas answered the door. Carolyn was at the door.

Carolyn was crying. "My Dear Cousin Carolyn. Why are you crying?"

"It's mother. She is in the hospital and keeps asking for Victoria. The Doctor said she had a stroke and she may die. Oh, Barnabas, I can't bear life without mother!" Carolyn was crying and Barnabas hugged her.

"Victoria and I will go to the hospital at once."


Angelique grabbed her coat and she and Barnabas went to the hospital. She hated wearing Victoria's clothes but she had to keep up the charade. She and Barnabas arrived at the hospital. They went to Elizabeth's room.

Show time again. "Mother. Elizabeth. It's me. Your sweet loving daughter Victoria." Angelique took Elizabeth's hand.

"No. You aren't Victoria. The portrait. Barnabas, help Victoria. Please. I beg you."

Barnabas patted Elizabeth's hand. It's Cousin Barnabas. Victoria and I are both here. We love you."

"She has been like this all day. It's so sad. Mother has lost her mind." Carolyn pushed her blonde hair away.

Barnabas put his arm around Carolyn and a Doctor walked past. Not a Doctor really. He was Angelique's worst nightmare. Nicholas Blair. Her "brother" and higher power and he had more powers then her. He had heard the conversation. He was on his way back to his hotel room laughing to himself.

Angelique stroked Elizabeth's cheek and kept calling her mother, playing the loving daughter. Elizabeth screamed: "Get out of my room. She is an imposter. I want my daughter Victoria. The portrait."

Angelique kissed Elizabeth's cheek and said she was just upsetting Elizabeth and she would leave. Barnabas told her that he would see her at home. Angelique went home and when she entered the old house, there stood Nicholas Blair!

OH NO! Angelique was scared. She faked a smile. "Mr. Blair. What are you doing in my house?"

Nicholas laughed. "My Dear Sister Angelique! I know you aren't Miss Winters. She is in the portrait."

"Portrait? Have you gone mad, Mr. Blair?"

Nicholas grabbed Angelique's arm and twisted it behind her. "Change back into your evil self. I demand it! Angelique, I will send you to Hell!"

Angelique screamed and changed back into Angelique.

"So beautiful. You are a lousy witch and you said you no longer loved Barnabas and here you are married to him posing as Victoria Winters. When Barnabas comes home, you will release Miss Winters out of the portrait and you will be banished to the Underworld. To Hell, my Dear!"

"Nicholas, no. Why are you doing this? What's in for you?"

"Oh, my Dear sweet sister. I have a better scheme and more deceptions then you do. You are the worst witch!" Nicholas laughed.

Just then Barnabas walked into the old house. "What are the Hell are you doing her, Angelique and Nicholas? Get out, you demons!"

"Mr. Collins. Angelique has a surprise for you. Go ahead my, Dear. Show Barnabas your surprise."

"No, Nicholas. Please just leave."

"Do it now, Angelique. Your charade is over."

Just then Angelique saw the devil's face and screamed. She looked at Victoria's portrait. "You are free, Miss Winters. Come out of the portrait. I will leave. You will be with Barnabas now. I won't pretend to be you anymore." Angelique shed tears and waved her hand at the portrait.

Victoria came out of the portrait and stood before Barnabas. Barnabas grasped.

"Oh, Barnabas. I have been trapped in the portrait for three years. Angelique did this to me. You married her. She took my place. I saw you every day and you couldn't help me." Victoria cried and Barnabas held her.

Nicholas turned to Angelique and told her it was over and she went away screaming in a circle of smoke.

"If you will excuse me, Mr. Collins and Miss Winters, I will be leaving as well." Nicholas disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Barnabas and Victoria had a lot to talk about. They did get married. Elizabeth recovered. Barnabas and Victoria were happy and one day, a red headed woman of eighteen came to the door.

"May I help you?" Barnabas asked.

"Yes. I am Nessie, Angelique's daughter and yours as well. Angelique gave birth to me in the Underworld." She smiled. Barnabas saw Angelique in her and his self as well. He was not happy.

"Father, I have come to live with you. She hugged Barnabas and bit his neck. She laughed. Barnabas would be a vampire again. Victoria screamed and cried. Nessie put Victoria back in her portrait. Life was going to be fun in Collinsport, Maine.

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