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Aliens did not plant the Garden of Eden. They're poachers.
Non Declaration 13: Aliens are not Gods... They did not plant the Garden of Eden and represent instead, a long line of trespassers who have visited Earth throughout history.

Just because the Alien Race has an advanced technology, does not mean they developed it, can explain it or make it from scratch.

In reading Krasten's book, Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, part 2 Project Crystal Knight, the following events are related.

1. 308, Team pilot (2,) died in route of a pulmonary embolism. (Page 127)

2. The Ebans experimented with 308's body and developed it into a cloned being. (149)

3. Upon seeing 308's clone, 899 became extremely angry and cursed the Ebans. (150)

4. Team members were taken to a building used to create cloned beings. In tubs they saw creatures they described as "hideous.' When questioned about these "creatures" their guide said they wrere "animals, brought alive from other planets... Their Doctor guide made a specific distinction between "Animals" and "Intelligent Beings. He went on to explain that the Intelligent Beings were dead upon arrival.(154)

5. The team commander asked if 308's body was being used to create a "Being." He was answered in the affirmative and showed the group the "Being." It was explained that the Being was in the process of being "Lived." The Commander, 700 and 754 were "Shocked!" The lived version of 308 had human blood and cells, and looked like a large Eban, with hands and legs similar to humans. The Commander was amazed at the speed with which the process had occurred. (page 157)

I've provided the above references to make the point I've called Declaration 13.

The point is this. The body we inhabit is a relic from our distant past. The DNA replicates itself every generation and a new life form emerges. We operate this relic for what is called a "life span," die and return to the elements from whence we came. However, before we die and decompose, a new life form replaces the earlier version before it reaches the end of its service life.

Why am I boring you with the obvious? The reason is that we operate this artifact without really understanding how it was created and the mechanisms by which it works. All we really know is that it for a brief period, it functions. It would appear that the Ebans are not a whole lot more advanced in this understanding than we are.

What they "Life" is not much more than what Mary Shelly wrote about in her Book, Frankenstine. There would appear to be huge problems in mixing bio-components of different races in the cosmos. Just as there are in organ transplants among humans given the variations in blood type and rejection mechanisms. What is significant to note is that the importance to humans in this exchange is the transfer of physical or hardware technologies, the Ebans, conversely, are interested in a transfer of bio-technology presumably necessary to reverse the effects of "Deevolution" or some other form of degenerative disease.

As advanced as they are they do not appear to have succeeded in solving their dilemma. This raises an interesting question.

Do they really understand any more about the physical technologies they are promising than they do about the bio-technological techniques they are trying to develop?

"Of Course they do," one might counter, "they come from a solar system many light years away." Consider this... Reference is made to "A Great War." Many Ebans died. The Eban home world was destroyed. They warn us that several other Alien races in the galaxy are hostile and to be avoided." (Page 182)

My impression is that Serpo was not the home planet being claimed. If I had to bet I'de say its much closer to home. I believe there was an exchange but where the astronauts were taken is open to debate. It would appear to be a cover story of some sort. Why do I believe this.... ?

Consider this. On the net is a debriefing by an Air Force general of the team when they returned. This tells me some of our people went somewhere and came back. Otherwise why the welcome home? It either happened or its a cover story.... Why a cover story if it never happened?

Most of the members were being sent to Walter Reed, with the team leader going somewhere out West. If there was no exchange then why go to such lengths? That such a debriefing happened and the team was thanked for their brave service indicates that something actually took place. If the event never happened then why the debriefing? The cover story is full of holes but it appears the aliens took the astronauts somewhere.

It would make more sense that in exchange for basing facilities out West, we got bases on the moon and/or Mars. The exchange probably involved more than an exchange of personnel and diplomats but rather an exchange of bases and support agreements in our solar system. All this nonsense about Zeta Reticuli appears to be so much more disinformation. Ask yourself, if our people went off with the aliens and came back then what was the real deal? If they didn't go to to Serpo then where did they go? A good cover story usually contains some germs of fact that are likely to be disclosed anyway. It is designed to lead others off into never never land and conceal the full extent of what really happened.

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