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by Igor
Rated: E · Short Story · Emotional · #2115122
I want love with endless, unrestrained sex with three beautiful long legged women.
I'm so unhappy, I'm so lonely!

I want love with endless, unrestrained sex with three beautiful long legged women. One of them should be a brunette and the other two should be blondes. I would fuck them all night. No, I would do it the whole week, without leaving home, from morning till night; I would fuck them like a rabbit. And I want to be a singer, I always dreamed about it. I want to be popular, so that the whole world recognizes me. I remember the feeling of standing next to a famous person, while hundreds of cameras were aimed at him, at that moment shivers passed through my body.

The doorbell rings. I open the door and see three gorgeous girls, each one more beautiful than the next, two blondes and a brunette. They enter and immediately completely undress, lie down on the sofa and look at me lustfully. I try to unbutton and take off my pants in a hurry. However, I find out that I am not wearing any pants, or a shirt for that matter. I'm wearing some stupid woman’s dress. I look at myself in the mirror and almost faint. I'm Conchita Wurst - a bearded female singer.

Why do I need these three sluts? What can I do with them? I pick up a mop and drive the girls out of the apartment. Naked and screeching they run down the stairs, scaring the neighbors. I fall to the couch in tears. The beard hurts my breast, the dress bothers me, it uncomfortably rides up. The panties ridiculously stick out from the bottom. My wishes have come true, and what do I get?

I'm so unhappy, I'm so lonely!
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