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A dark, disturbing and satanic ritual

Note: This was taken from an article (Review) that appeared on the Internet. One can see the actual performance by posting Opening Gottard tunnel Switzerland.

These are not my words but a copy of the article.

In addition i have posted some of the comments that were not too over the top in religious interpretation.

The Opening Ceremony of the World’s Largest Tunnel Was a Bizarre Occult Ritual
June 3, 2016543

Attended by Europe’s most powerful people, the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland was a dark, disturbing, weirdly satanic ritual. Here’s a look at another celebration of the occult elite.

Measuring over 57 km and costing over 11 billion Euros, the Gotthard Base Tunnel is world’s longest and most expensive tunneling project in History. Going through the Swiss Alps, the tunnel took 17 years to complete and is said to be a symbol of European unification in a context of rising nationalism and closing borders.

To celebrate the inauguration of this tunnel, an elaborate ceremony was presented in front of European dignitaries such as Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Francois Hollande of France and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. While most would expect an up-beat, celebratory ceremony, guests were rather treated to a disturbing show orchestrated by German director Volker Hesse, where a man dressed as a goat presided a strange ritual.

As I discussed in my article on the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, the occult elite enjoys putting on full display its agenda and philosophy symbolic, dramatic displays which are reminiscent of dramas re-enacted in secret society rituals. Furthermore, there is no better way to showcase sheer power than putting the “Illuminati stamp of approval” on massive mega-projects such as the Olympics or major constructions.

Here’s part of the show.

The ceremony begins with workers dressed in orange walking slowly to the beat of a rhythmic military drum.

This scene represents the workers being sent to the tunnel.

This scene represents the workers being sent to work on the tunnel.
There is something very “New World Order” to this militaristic portrayal of the working force. As the drums get more rhythmic, the workers get more excited, dancing around and jumping through loops.

Then, things get stranger. A train brings a group of young people dressed in white underwear.

Dressed in white, these kids appear to represent the masses, the rest of the population... who will travel through the tunnel.For some reason, the ceremony becomes strangely sexual as the white-clad people start groping each other.

After portraying the workers as zombie soldiers, the ceremony portrays the general population as a bunch of lascivious people who appear to be extremely suggestible.

Then, emerging from that train is a demonic fallen angel, a baby-faced Lucifer.

This scene is meant to "honor" the 5 workers who died during the construction of the tunnel. Why is baby Lucifer creepily flying above them?

From this point on, the event turns into an all-out satanic ceremony.

A man dressed as a goat becomes the master of ceremony as the everybody else pays homage to him.

What does this have to do with the building of a tunnel? Mass media, in its vein attempts at explaining this ceremony, state that there are mountain goats in the Alps … which explains the goat-man. But why is this goat-man in such a position of power? Why are people bowing down to him?

The ceremony appears to draw inspiration from local folk tales, specifically the legend about The Devil’s bridge, which goes through Gotthard Pass.

The legend of this particular bridge states that the Reuss was so difficult to ford that a Swissherdsmanwished the devil would make a bridge. The Devil appeared, but required that the soul of the first to cross would be given to him. The mountaineer agreed, but drove a goat across ahead of him, fooling his adversary. Angered by this sham, the devil fetched a rock with the intention of smashing the bridge, but an old woman drew a cross on the rock so the devil could not lift it anymore. The rock is still there and, in 1977, 300,000 Swiss francs were spent to move the 220 ton rock by 127 m in order to make room for the new Gotthard road tunnel.

While the devil lost in the legend, he appears to have won in the tunnel’s opening ceremony.

Men walk in a strange procession while holding horned skulls as if they are priceless religious artifacts.
Women dressed in white hold small horns on their heads as if saying "We accept the goat man as our god".

All the while, the goat-man runs around, getting increasingly energized.
The second part of the ceremony takes place outside and follows the same basic narrative. Zombie workers go first, followed by people in underwear, to the welcome Satan himself.

For some reason, workers take off their shirt and get in military formation.
A bunch of very confused looking people stumble around. This is how the elite perceives the masses.
Young people in underwear, looking very confused stumble around.
Once again, the ceremony portrays the death of workers in a rather disturbing matter.

Three workers hang in the air, apparently dead.
They are replaced by three creepy ghosts.
The ghosts float in front of a giant All-Seeing eye. Is the elite celebrating human sacrifice?
We then see them floating in front of a giant All-Seeing eye. Is the elite celebrating human sacrifice?
The goatman makes his entrance, preceded by people wearing white veils ... like brides before a wedding.
While the goat man runs around on stage, screaming like a possesed demon, the giant screen displays images of the goat man looking extremely evil. Also, we see three scarabes floating. Does Satan see the three dead workers as mere insects?

As people dressed in white bow down to the goat man, a circle of eyes watches over them, confirming that this was one big, blatant Satanic ceremony brought to you by the occult elite.
A woman drapes the goat-man in white as is saying "You are now the king of the world".

In Conclusion

The occult elite is all about power and symbolism. The above ceremony showcased both. Through the opening ceremony of the world’s deepest and longest tunnel, the occult elite tells the world that they control the world’s resources and manpower. In other words, they are the only ones who can make such projects happen because they control politics, finance and business. Furthermore, by creating overtly occult ceremonies, the elite tells the world: “This is what we believe in, this is what we think of you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel turned a great feat of engineering into a religious ceremony dedicated to Baphomet while somewhat ridiculing the workers who sacrificed their lives and the masses who will travel through the tunnel. Then, Europe’s most powerful people stood up and gave a standing ovation to this ceremony dedicated to the true ruler of the occult elite.


Lying weakens the spirit, the really powerful tell the truth in your face,

A pathetic shame that Europe’s elite approve this crap with all the occult references written all over it as well as freemasonry.

But the elites of Europe don’t just approve this stuff, this is their religion. They are straight – up satanists,. They truly are the so-called illuminati. For them this is basically ‘ going to church’. And yeah, they loved the show! They don’t always participate in things like this out in the open – but time is short. The rituals have to be done, and it’s not always convenient to hide it. Plus, sometime they do it right in your face just to antagonize you, and dare you to say something!

Well it’s funny how the elite is feeding constant symbolism (about their nature) directly in the face of the people, and the people still don’t understand a cent about the reality. No wonder, the elites think they are superior to goyim when you (the people) show them constently how dumb you are. They could sell poo in pills as an anti-aging drug and the people would swallow it.

Even taking into account this legend as the basis for the imagery and supposing complete innocence on the part of the creator of this performance as to the charge of occult ritual, the still very undeniable fact remains that this is very crappy art. Just complete nonsense. Embarrassingly terrible. Terrible dancing, terrible effects, terrible choreography, terrible music, its like some wannabe junior college art student/wannabe surrealist was given a large budget and created a travesty of amateurish weirdness for the sake of weirdness. Whoever signed off on paying money for this total tripe should be fired. This is a level weird, pointless, bad art that no one should be subjected to unless they go out of their way to find it, and most of those people are usually on a lot of drugs and drunk. I now because I know some of those people.
i was born in switzerland and i remember die sage von der teufelsbrücke. we went to see the big stone “findling” with the class too

This is so over-the-top, positively rife with occult symbolism that you would have to be an absolute amoeba not to recognize it. If you had even cursory knowledge of the occult symbolism of the world power elite, you would instantly recognize this fact. Educate yourself and open your eyes to to the world around you. Unplug yourself from pop culture and mainstream media and stop allowing yourself to be programmed by it. Use some critical thinking and soul-searching, I truly encourage you to do so. I hope that you find your way to the truth and salvation.

What utter demented rubbish. Jesus died because men are cruel, vicious, stupid creatures. How can our sins be absolved when we kill him over and over again with our salacious mendacity and our craven cowardice? If you want to follow Jesus strive to expose evil, speak the truth and refuse to be governed by these goat-worshipping p********s. Do not offer succour to patriarchal misogynistic cults. Do the right thing.

People of Europe already demonstrated what morons they are. They don’t see the forest from the trees. Dismissing the article based on the local legend is sheer stupidity. The devil, Illuminati doesn’t exist. But why is everybody still talking about them? Because they are real.

Like Peter said, the ceremony was based on an old religious legend and has nothing to do with devil worship : According to legend, the first Devil’s Bridge was built by the devil. The locals failed repeatedly in the construction of a bridge to cross over the Gottard mountains in the Alps. Finally the chief magistrate called out in despair: “The devil should built a bridge” No sooner said, stood the devil before the Urner (local canton) population and proposed a pact. He would build the bridge and as a return he would claim the soul of the first one to cross over the first bridge. After the devil had built the bridge, the sly Urner sent a goat over the bridge. The devil was very angry about this trick and took a towering stone with which he wanted to destroy the bridge. However, he met a pious/religious woman

I agree that story is the basis—however, in the “new version” told at this event— doesn’t look like the devil was shunned, but just the opposite In fact, looks like he was served/elevated/worshiped by the people instead of being tricked. Did you notice—no cross either…just a sacrificial lamb being carried to this goat man devil. All in all, a pagan story = so still a religious event no matter how you look at it.

I dont need to listening to those cries and screams, I can hear daily the sufferings of millions and millions of people here on Earth on a daily basis and that's why I tend to think that this planet is actuall Hell

So when did they have a huge all seeing eye in the Gothard story again? I missed that part.

Hey David , remind me , because I forgot that part: is there in the original legend a train full of filthy gays and lesbians banging each-other, or is just me… ?

The likes of you are not supposed to understand it.

Please do not get me confused – Judaism was the first faith to come from the Middle Eastern region and is very much a real religion with real followers – its distinguishing the difference between those who truly follow the book of Torah and early teachings of religion, and those who pose as Jews for Power and Land

Why would you say this has anything to do with Jews? Not all Jews subscribe to this abominable opening ceremony. Shame on you.

This is disgusting. And nobody even seems to be phased about it. Probably a bunch of liberal “artists” will dub it “a symbolic performance of yada yada”, and the masses will accept it, as a sophisticated form of art. It’s sickening. The world is coming to the end.

There is a lot more to the video that was not shown. Especially when the they carry around a dead, slain lamb. Yeah, let me guess, that was part of the legend too…

Good point, Brad—especially when a slain lamb was not a part of the original story. Also, a cross was that deterred the devil and made him miss the target. So why was the story altered to exalt the goat man devil this time around?

It is a return to European paganism, not Satanism. The old, European gods were “demonized” and associated with Satan, but the original practitioners of these religions certainly did not think of their GODS as “evil”. That’s YOUR point of view. But really, this all comes down to GOATS vs. SHEEP. You see, this isn’t even really about religion, though religion is an invented reason to keep the fight going…it was all ORIGINALLY about “goat herders” vs. “sheep herders”. Goat-herders saw sheep-herders as “followers” and people who “can’t think for themselves”, while sheep-herders saw goat-herders as “overly sexual” and “gluttonous”. If you have ever spent any time around these two animals (the REAL, actual animals), it is not hard to see why these ideas became associated with these animals, and likewise, the people who grew to depend on each type of animal, saw THEIR animals and their ways as superior. In

I can believe we have come to this madness. Even if i was not getting to the point of spiritualism. Any atheist or non believer in anything would relate it to what am thinking some how . Even the music and the screams. its beyond…….. speechless

Obfuscation is the calling card of the occult elite. They love to enshroud their messages in this manner so that people will rationalize it all away.

I’m sick of being accused of paranoia when I talk about Occult rituals in Media; when you watch a video like this one, you can’t deny there’s something really wrong happening right now. The goat symbolism is too obvious in this one, as well as the” Cern screen”. It is not just modern art. There are supposed to celebrate a big achievement after years of hard work but there’s no joy or proudness in the celebration: it’s dark and the workers look like robotics slaves and sacrificed lambs.
Those trains full of desperate people under the unemotional gaze of the elite: I hope it’s not a glimpse of our future.

yep, its looking more and more like our ‘leaders’ really are some kind of satanic fuckups. its like something from a crappy b-movie. if it wasn’t so f****d up it would be hilarious.

LOL, David…yeah, just keep posting it over and over again. This garbage was not even subtle.
This is NOT simply some enactment of some heathen legend…because as it has been pointed out repeatedly, there are twists to this that are NOT part of that so called legend. This is blatantly demonic…blatantly. This is so bizarre, so freakish and dark and such over the top satanic pageantry for the construction of a tunnel???!! Who does that??!! It’s absurd!!!! It’s. A. Tunnel! For crying out loud.
Switzerland is reportedly an atheistic nation. They took God out of their national anthem. But it seems there are some folks there that do have a god…satan, and they just paid homage to him in that
freak show ceremony.

The legend itself is creepy and vile; just to be 100% clear on that. And no matter how you look at it, this ritual / “performance art” was offensive to the senses and plainly, unambiguously, occultic. Masking it behind a tribute to a repulsive legend does not alter that fact.

It’s no worse than some of the Grimm’s fairy tales. Worry about the real evil and dangers in this world. Don’t obsess about an old legend.

So then, why were they exalting and bowing to the goat-man devil? Why were the people carrying a sacrificial lamb to him? Why didn’t they show the cross on the stone in this version? Why didn’t they just have a ribbon cutting? That’s a lot of money to spend on a tunnel opening with only the elite in attendance. Why?
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