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by Tee
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2115399
A man is given a gift that can fulfill his fantasy, but at what cost?
My name is Jake. I'm 16 and have a beautiful girlfriend, who is also 16. Her name is Natalie. She has light brown hair, and has the most perfect body you could ever imagine. We met back in 7th grade and became great friends, and eventually became more throughout our school years. I am of average height, standing at 5'8, while Natalie is quite tall for her age, standing at 5'10. People have made fun of me in the past for dating a girl who was taller than me, but it honestly has never bothered me. Natalie knew she was already tall for her age, but she still wanted to be taller. She loved having a height advantage over others. She comes from a rather tall family, her father being 6'0 and her mother, Emma, standing 5'11. Her 17 year old sister, Lexa, stands at 6'3, and her 11 year old sister, Kate, is 5'2. Although I have never admitted it, I have always fantasized about Natalie becoming taller, I just have a thing for tall girls.
On the Friday right before spring break, I decided to go to Natalie's house. My parents were out of town so I figured it would be better to hang with my girlfriend. As I drove us to her house, she said
"I have a surprise for you once we get to my place, I hope you like it."
"Curious", I thought. We arrived at her house, and no one else was home yet. She took me downstairs, to her bedroom, and asked, "Are you ready for the surprise?"
"Sure, what is it?", I responded. She held out her hand, and sitting in it was a small orange pill.
"You know how I've always wanted to be taller, right?", Natalie started, "I have an important question.. Taking this pill will give you an amazing gift. It will allow you to transfer height from one person to another just by touch. I would like you to take it and I was wondering if you'd be willing to give a little of yourself in order to make me happy.. You want me to be happy, don't you?"
"Well, of course.. I just don't think any of that's possible. But if it'd make you happy, then I'll take it I guess." I grabbed the pill, and tossed it back swallowing it. It tasted awful and made me gag a little.
"Thank you so much!", she exclaimed. "I can't wait.. listen, just grab my hand and imagine. Imagine me getting taller, as you get smaller. However much is for you to decide."
Skeptically, I did as she requested. I held Natalie's hand and closed my eyes, imagining her getting slightly taller as I was getting slightly smaller. It couldn't possibly work, we'd forget about all of this in no time and laugh it off. I opened my eyes and said, "Oh well, it was worth a shot I gue-" I stopped as I could see Natalie visibly rising. There was no price for the look on her face, it was pure happiness. I could feel my size flowing through me and transferring into Natalie. Slowly, her head crept up and up. My eyes were level with her shoulders. I looked up in shock.
"I..I....I didn't think it would actually work....", I stuttered in awe.
"Well, do you believe me now Jake?", she asked with a wide grin on her face. "Let's check out our new heights!"
We walked to the wall by the door and she grabbed a measuring tape.
"Up against the wall, honey." She commanded, still appearing as happy as could be.
I obeyed and put my back up to the wall and she stretched the tape, having to bend over just a little to make the measurement. She marked the wall with a pencil and stifled a giggle.
"5'4," she told me, "Looks like you gave me 4 inches, Jake!"
"Wow.. I'm still in disbelief... I really gave you some of my height.." I said, still processing everything. I had a whole new perspective on the world, everything just seemed larger. It didn't feel like I shrunk, it seemed like everything else grew. It was an odd feeling, one that is impossible to fully comprehend unless one was to be in this kind of situation.
"My turn!", she said happily, putting her back against the wall. I grabbed the measuring tape and stretched it, reaching above my head to find her new height. I marked it with the pencil, following her lead by writing "Natalie - 1" like she had written "Jake - 1" I wasn't quite sure why she wrote the 1, but that wasn't the biggest wonder of my thoughts.
"Well?", she asked, anxious to hear her new height.
"6.... 6 foot 2." I stated, as the actual height difference was beginning to dawn on me.
"Are you serious?? I'm almost as tall as Lexa now!", she said, as she jumped with joy.
"Wow, this is actually kind of cool.. it feels so weird, but I have to admit I kinda like it.", I admitted.
"Really? Me too! I must say that I love it!", Natalie exclaimed, "listen, Jake... I have a HUGE favor to ask of you.... Would you be willing to give me more?"
"As much as I know that you'd love that, I'm already pretty short for my age! I can't just give you all of my height, I still have to go to school and carry about my life", I said, wanting her to grow taller, but not wanting to be a midget myself.
"Oh.." she said, the light disappearing from her beautiful face. "Well, how about we leave it up to chance?"
"What do you mean?", I asked quizzically.
"Well, what if we were to compete in various activities? If I win, you give me 4 inches of your height. If you win... well, I guess nothing happens then. Does that sound fair?"
"You know what? Yeah, that sounds like it could be fun," I said, wondering what games she had in mind.
"Let's start with... volleyball," she said with a grin on her face. I knew why she was grinning. She has played volleyball since she was just a young child, and if that wasn't enough, I was terrible at the sport. Even though I knew I would lose, I couldn't say no to her. I don't know if it was her beauty, her charm, or her new dominating height, but I just couldn't deny it. I had been to a few of her high school volleyball games, and I have to admit she looks incredibly sexy doing what she loves.
"Last one outside has to give up 2 inches!", I yelled as I took off sprinting towards the stairs. I got a head start, so there was no way I could possibly lose, and it might make the various games that Natalie had planned just a little bit easier for me. As I was sprinting up the stairs, I felt a big hand land on my shoulder, as Natalie pushed me back and propelled herself forward, sprinting past me. My legs were no match for her long, strong legs. She was just about a foot taller than me, and that was enough to make her much faster than me. I kept running, but I had already accepted my defeat, as I watched her huge feet, which happened to be the grand size 11 before the size transference, flicking up and down as her luscious legs sprinted towards the back door.
As I went through the back door, Natalie was standing there with her hands on her hips, looking down at me with a grin on her face.
"Pay up, Jake," she commanded, holding out her hand. I groaned and slipped my hand into her larger one. I closed my eyes and decided I'd mess with her a little bit. I imagined myself growing, and Natalie shrinking, not by much, but just a couple inches. I opened my eyes and awaited the transference. Nothing was happening, she was just staring at me, awaiting her growth.
"Wait, did you just try to take height from me?", she asked, "That won't work sweetie, you can only transfer height if the other person agrees, so if you want me to shrink and I do not, nothing will happen, but if you wanted me to grow, and if I wanted to grow, then such would be done. Nice try, though, Jake."
"Well, it was worth a try," I said, laughing it off. I closed my eyes once again and imagined her growing 2 inches, and me shrinking 2 inches. I opened my eyes and saw our heights slowly changing, as her head rose further away from me. I was now below her shoulders, and it was very apparent that she loved it very much.
"Thank you so much for being willing to give some of yourself to make me happier, Jake. I love you!", she exclaimed as she bent down and kissed me. Her lips felt so soft, the kiss felt amazing. As soon as it began, she pulled away and jogged over to the volleyball net and picked up the ball. I stood, watching her perfect body bounce up and down over to the net, then decided that I should catch up. I made it over to the net, and waited for the game to start.
"First to 9 wins!", she shouted, as she served the ball. I won't bore you with the details of the game, but needless to say, I lost. I was able to get a volley going a few times, and even scored 2 whole points, but she was victorious.
"4 inches, ma'lady?", I asked jokingly, holding out my hand ready to grant her some more of my height. Natalie was the most gorgeous person on earth, and I wasn't worried about losing too much of my height anymore. I wanted to make her happy, and if I had to give her my height to do that, I was more than willing.
"Yes please," she said happily, putting her large hand around mine. I closed my eyes, imagining Natalie growing taller and taller, and me getting even shorter. Before I even opened my eyes I could feel my height being transferred. When I opened them, she was enlarging, as everything around me seemed to be enlarging as well. A few moments later, she stood a staggering 6'8! It was a dream come true for both of us. Unfortunately, it came with a cost of my height, making me 4'10, but it was a price I was willing to pay.
"Oh my gosh... I'm an amazon!", she exclaimed with extreme delight. "I'm much taller than everyone I know! Thank you so much Jake! I'm like, 2 feet taller than you now, that must be difficult for you, but nonetheless, I'm very thankful."
"If it makes you happy, I'd be more than willing to make you my amazon, I love you!" I said, looking up at her, as I stood below even her breasts, which were a great size before, and even greater after.
"I love you too, Jake. What do you say we go inside?", Natalie asked, and we both walked back inside. We went into the living room, and plopped down on the couch. "Jake, why don't you get me some water, that was quite the game out there." I obeyed and got up to go to the kitchen. She stretched out her long leg and held me back with her huge foot. Her foot had to be at least a foot in length (ironic, right?). I could feel the strength behind this foot as she held me back. "Actually, could you make that a lemonade?", she asked with an innocent smile on her face.
"Of course," I responded as she pulled her long leg back. I walked into the kitchen, poured a lemonade, and returned to Natalie. I set the drink down, and went to sit next to her, but she stopped me, asking, "Would you mind giving me a foot rub, Jake?"
"Yeah, I suppose," I answered, knowing she could've easily forced me to if she wanted to. I knelt on the floor as she rested her feet in front of me. They looked so big, and so beautiful, she had the most gorgeous feet you could ever imagine. I put my small hands on her large feet and started rubbing. She seemed to enjoy it, as much enjoyment as my little hands could offer to such large feet. This went on for about half an hour, and I was incapable of thinking about anything but her. I could just imagine her feet getting larger in my hands as she got taller and I shrunk. Next thing I knew, I could feel my height being transferred. I hadn't even meant to, but it was still happening. She didn't seem to notice, but she was definitely growing. I could feel her feet slowly enlarging between my hands, and I wondered how much I decided to give her unknowingly. I felt myself stop around the same time as the usual 4 inches, so I guessed I shrunk down to 4'6, while she grew to a staggering 7 feet tall! Her clothes were barely clinging to her, and were about to fall off at any moment.
She must have noticed that I slowed my rubbing, as she opened her eyes and noticed what had just occurred. "Did you just give me height through my feet?", she giggled. "How tall did you make me?"
"You've gotta be like 7 feet tall now!", I exclaimed.
She stood, stretching, getting used to her new extravagant size. I was amazed. I was barely taller than her legs now. Moments later, we heard the back door open.
"Kate's going to love this!!", she burst out in excitement and broke out in a sprint towards the back door. Then reality dawned on me. Other people existed, not just my beautiful amazon, whom I had just given a decent amount of my height to. I would be shorter than Natalie's 11 year old sister. Doubt started to creep into my mind as I wondered if what I had done was worth the cost, but I still felt that what I had done was worth it. I heard the girls talking in the kitchen, then they came into the living room.
Kate was nowhere near as tall as Natalie, the newly made amazon, but I still had to look up to her. She had 8 inches over me, and considering I was 16 and she was only 11, that is quite the difference. I saw Kate's eyes light up when she saw me, and she ran over to me and lifted me up in a big hug. I wasn't prepared for this and had the air knocked out of me.
"Jaaaake?", Natalie started, "I have a favor to ask you. I know Kate is already pretty tall for her age, but would you be willing to make her even taller? She would really appreciate it and it would make me very happy."
"Natalie, I'm already so short.. she's very tall for her age, and quite a bit taller than me! I can't go giving my height away whenever someone wants it....", I said, as I saw their smiles disappear from their faces.
"Jake, I didn't want to do this, but I am much taller than you, and you have to do what I say. I'm in charge, and I'd appreciate if you made things easier on yourself", Natalie proclaimed.
"Wait, what?", I asked, very confused. "I gave you all of that height and power, you can't just take over and say that you're in charge!" As soon as I finished speaking, Natalie made her move, faster than I could comprehend. She pushed me on the floor and pinned me, using her huge strength advantage, which had been transferred along with my height proportionately, and her weight to pin me down. It was incredibly hot, but I was still worried about all of the height I was going to lose and of what I had created. She was still my wonderful girlfriend, but she had gained a lot of confidence and was not afraid to show her dominating side.
After getting a good hold on me, she said, "Now listen, you're going to take Kate's hand, and you're going to donate 10 inches to her. Once you are done, I will let you up. Okay?"
"But that's another 10 inches!", I exclaimed, but when I saw the look on Natalie's face, I knew I better do what she said. "Okay, give me your hand Kate."
"Yay!", Kate yelled, grabbing my hand. I imagined her growing and growing, more than I've ever let anyone grow in one transference. I felt myself getting smaller and smaller underneath Natalie as she sat upon my chest, and Kate's hand getting ever so larger. When Kate hit 6 feet, I had shrunk down to 3'8. I was a dwarf. Natalie got up and apologized, and Kate examined her new body. I stood, staring right into Natalie's crotch. She was basically a giantess to me now. I wasn't even up to Kate's developing breasts either. It felt crazy, my girlfriend and her 11 year old sister towering over me. Although it was a little scary, I was incredibly turned on. I had wanted something like that forever, but I didn't believe it was possible, and then Natalie granted me that gift.
"Sorry I wasn't more complying, Natalie, you're right. I'm yours now, I'll do whatever you ask", I said, after realizing that it would be pointless to resist whatever she wanted.
"Thank you Jake, I appreciate it very much", Natalie responded, "Would you please grab some clothes from my mom's closet for Kate? Her clothes are kinda struggling here" as she pointed at Kate. I nodded and grabbed a tank top and some shorts, returning to find that Natalie had pulled off the remainders of her clothing, and was wrapping a large blanket around herself.
"Wow.." I said to myself, not realizing that Natalie heard me.
"You think I'm pretty?", she questioned, "Thanks sweetie." She let the blanket fall, and just had panties and a bra, which were struggling to stay on her goddess body. "Listen, I feel like you are still pretty tall, Jake. I think you should give me some more height. Make me the tallest girl in the world. Just imagine - 'tallest girl in the world, only 16!' - I would tower over everyone, everyone would have to do as I say, my parents would no longer control my life. I would be the happiest girl in the world. You'd want to make your girlfriend the happiest girl in the world, right? I think that 9 feet should be enough, maybe 10 depending on how I'm feeling. You'd do this for me, wouldn't you Jakey? Pleeeease?" she asked in a pleading, puppy dog, tone. I knew very well that she could force me to make her grow is she really wanted to, and this was just an act. No matter what, I had to do what she wanted. Unless I could find a valid excuse..
"Won't your parents be home soon? We wouldn't want to do anything TOO drastic when they find us, would we?" I stated, hoping this excuse would make her change her mind.
"Oh, did I not mention? My parents and older sister went out of town. They won't be back for at least a week, meaning we have the house to ourselves with Kate until spring break is over. And I know your parents are out of town as well, so you don't have anywhere you need to be going. Nice try though." she said, knowing she just cut off all possible excuses for me. She sat down on the floor, her head at the same level as mine, and held out both hands. Defeated, I slowly wandered up and put my tiny hands in her huge hands and she gripped them tight. There was no turning back now, her grip was way too strong for me.
"How are you feeling, what height are we striving for?" I asked, wondering what my perspective on the world would look like after I was done here.
"10 feet. 'Go big or go home' right?" she giggled. Despite her size and powerful strength, she still sounded as feminine as ever. It was incredibly sexy. I closed my eyes, and imagined 3 feet flowing through me and into Natalie, my beautiful goddess. This was it, I would have to depend on her forever, there was nothing else for me. I slowly felt the height transferring, and opened my eyes to see her head above mine, even though she was sitting down and I was standing. Slowly by slowly I dwindled down, and Natalie grew into a giantess. My baggy clothes no longer fit me, but I tried my best to cover myself as I dwindled past 3 feet, then 2 feet, then 1 foot. I stopped at 8 inches tall, and Natalie reached the incredible height of 10 feet tall. She was enormous! I was barely as tall as her shin was wide. She used her HUGE feet and picked me up in between her toes. Her feet were almost 2 feet long, so they were over 2 times the size of me. Her bra and panties were shredded beyond repair, and she truly was the happiest person in the world.
She leaned over and whispered, "You're mine now.. Now and forever. I love you Jake."
"I love you too Natalie," I responded, admiring my giantess goddess.
From then on, I worked as a slave and a toy for them, getting them whatever I was actually able to, rubbing her towering feet, pleasing her in ways that could not be possible if I were not so small and if she were not so big. I had truly created a goddess of my own, at the cost of my freedom. To this day I still work for Natalie, living in a doll house next to her bed. The tasks I'm assigned can be difficult at times, but it makes my goddess happy, so I'm happy.

This is my first story, I find these kinds of stories erotic. Let me know if you have any suggestions for another story or if I should make more stories like this one. Any tips or constructive criticism would be appreciated.
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