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How U.S. Intelligence Agencies keep us in the dark
Bunking the Truth

What is the opposite of "Debunking a Fraud?"

The answer is "Bunking the Truth"

Who in the world, you might be wondering, would want to do that?

The answer is an Intelligence agency of the U.S. Government.

Why would the CIA or the DIA want to do that?

The answer is to "Damage Control" a leak.

What Kind of Leak?

To explain why, I 'll use an example for illustrative purposes. Suppose an astronaut hanging on a tether, took a picture, with an unauthorized camera of three other astronauts, suited up and working in the Space Shuttle's cargo bay. Say two of these astronauts were normal sized and one was nine feet tall. Further suppose that the someone snapping the photo leaked it and somehow the offending image got out onto the internet.

Now nobody is supposed to know that there are Aliens flying around out there, much less aliens working hand and hand with our astronauts. So it's not too great of a stretch to grasp that a coverup is in order. Since "Gatekeepers" they can't undo the image what is the next best thing? The next best thing is bunking the truth. So the disinformation machine is cranked to preserve the myth that the only intelligent life form operating in our solar system is of the Human variety.

This is an example of of a "Truth" that now has to be "Bunked."

If you go on line you will see a U-tube video entitled "Nine foot alien photographed in the cargo bay of the space shuttle. (Search UFO, space shuttle, nine foot alien.)

Sure enough, there you see the image. There are two little astronauts floating around and one extremely tall one. Note the title. Sound like something you'd see on the front page of the National Inquirer. Then there is another image shown hovering overhead. It looks like something out of Buck Rogers.

Now what is the cumulative effect on the viewer? First her or she sees something intriguing, that might support other claims that the United States is actually working with Aliens to back engineer off world technology. And then you note the title and see this image of something out of the comics... that upon closer examination appears to be the result of a photo shop software.

What you conclude is what you're being led to believe... that the picture is a hoax, perpertrated by some UFO loony who is messing with your mind... DARN!...And the photograph looked so real to begin with. I guess it must be just another internet figment from the imagination of an asylum escapee.

This sort of bunking has been going on forever, in an endless variety of forms. Those who practice it firmly believe that what they are doing serves the"Greater Good. For over seventy-five years those who presume to be stronger and wiser than the "Abominables" have been protecting us from the truth of extraterresterials... for our own good. Don't you find that reassuring?
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