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Gen had a bad life. Carlos is the mafia boss and has always had an interest in Genvieve.
Chapter 1
Genvieve POV
Would you believe me if I said I was getting married? Neither would, I two years ago, but now it’s actually happening. I also thought that the Mafia was made up like fairy tales. Well if I want to tell you my story then I should go back to the back to when I met my soon-to-be husband.
“Genvieve did you hear a word I just said?” my older brother, Erik, asked annoyed.
“Um no.” I replied sheepishly.
“I said I’m going to be out late tonight so just put my dinner in the fridge.”
“Okay. Do you know when you’ll be back exactly?”
“Around midnight I guess. So don’t wait up I know you Genvieve.”
I nodded and focused on putting on my make-up again.
“Also Genvieve stay away from Lorenzo and Carlos at school.”
I live alone with my brother because our parents died last year. I never really minded Erik taking care of me because he used to even when my parents were alive. My mom was a druggie and my dad was an abusive alcoholic, so my brother practically raised me. Did I forget to mention I’m sixteen and my happy brother is 19 but still hanging around the high school to pay attention to me. That’s what he says at least but I think its cause he sort of missed out on his whole high school experience.
“Genvieve do you think you can go any slower we’re going to be late.”
“I’m done geez don’t get your panties in a twist.”
I jumped into his Mustang GT 94’ and laughed at his angry expression.
“I’m going to be late for work because of you.”
“Well if you would buy me a car like a normal brother then I wouldn’t make you late.”
“Give you that much freedom? You’re kidding right?”
“Yeah totally kidding.”
I rolled my eyes and looked out my window. When we got to school, Erik went to the office to, most likely, check my grades. I went straight to my class and sat in my desk, waiting for class to start.
“Hey nerd.” the lead cheerleader, Vanessa, said mockingly.
I ignored her and pulled out my notebook. Vanessa has made it her goal to make my life a living hell. She will push me down when she sees me coming, constantly calling me a s!ut, nerd, and a druggie. It probably has to do with the fact my brother refuses to go out with her and that he still won’t even after she threatened to hurt me.
“Did you hear my druggie?”
When I looked up I saw my brother at the door and waved at him. She turned around and started to bat her eyelashes in a ‘cute’ way.
“Hi Erik.”
“I’m here to see my sister.”
“I’m okay.”
He nodded but still stood in the door way. I smiled knowing he wasn’t going to pay any attention to Vanessa and that he wouldn’t let her hurt me.
“What did you call my sister Vanessa?”
“Oh nothing we joke like that all the time.”
“Really because my sister hates to be called names especially by girls like you.”
Vanessa was about to say something when Carlos, the school bad boy, walked into the classroom. He pushed pass my brother and sat next to me. I looked at my brother to see if he was going to do anything but he just stood in the door way.
“Don’t you have class right now?”
“Yeah I just came to see if my sister made it to class safely without Vanessa’s harassment.”
“I’ll take care of her so don’t worry about Vanessa’s bs.”
“What do I owe you then?”
“Just want to see her walking down the aisle in two years, I mean I want her to be my bride after all she is pretty sexy.”
“What?!” I shouted surprised.
“What’s wrong, Gen?” Erik asked concerned.
“I already told you I’m never getting married or having kids.”
“Well we’ll just have to change that won’t we?” Carlos said smirking.
I looked at him like he was crazy and he is if he thinks that well I’m going to prove him wrong.
“Come on, baby girl nothing bad could possible happen.”
“Nothing bad?! How about hours of labor and having to go shopping for a dress that fits just right?”
“I don’t see anything wrong with it.”
“Well I do so no way am I getting married to you when I have my whole life to be single, free, and careless?”
“I heard I do in there.”
“No you didn’t you meathead.”
“Did you just call me meathead?”
“Yes I did have a problem?”
“I’m going to have to work on that mouth of yours sweetheart.”
“No you’re not because there is never going to be us.”
“Want to bet?”
“You’re on.”
“Like Donkey Kong.”
He smiled and scooted my chair closer to him. I just glared at him like seriously who does he think he is? I looked over to find out that my traitorous brother had left from the doorway.
“Why do you seem so tense sweetness?”
“Don’t call me sweetness.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s stupid.”
I tried to ignore him all through the day but I couldn’t escape him at lunch. Oh I wish I could’ve escaped him at lunch.
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