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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2115503
Lincoln and Clyde are accidentally shrunken and have to survive Lori and Leni's big party.
It was a nice sunny afternoon in Royal Woods, Michigan and the entire neighborhood was enjoying the piece and serenity. Well, that would be if not for the well-known chaos of one house in particular. The one house on Franklin Avenue that was more commonly nicknamed, "The Loud House." Living in this house was normally considered survival of the fittest. Especially for Lincoln Loud, the only brother and son of the family who has to put up with the stress of his 10 crazy sisters and their annoying habits.

For now, Lincoln was sitting peacefully on the living room couch reading his 'Ace Savvy' comic book while his sisters were out doing their own things. However, today might be a better opportunity to get a rare moment of quiet time in loud house, if that could ever really happen in this mad house. Today, a few of Lincoln's sisters were going to be out of the house at some of their usual events. Lola was going to compete in one of her pageants, Lana went to the lake to visit her sturgeon friends, Lynn was playing with her friends at the roller derby stadium, Luan was at a comedy club with Luna reluctantly watching in the audience, and Lucy was holding a seance with the young morticians club.

The only sisters at home with Lincoln were Lori, Leni, Lisa, and Lily. During this time, Lisa was in her and Lily's bedroom working on another one of her science experiments. "This should work," she said with a hint of uncertainty. Lisa was testing her newest creation. It was a small dome-shaped machine on her desk that opened like an eyelid to reveal a small ray gun with a round ball on the time of its nozzle. Lisa entered the commands into her computer as the ray gun turned around and aimed itself at an empty juice box perched on top of a stool in the corner of her room. "Alright, Reduction Ray test number one, ready," she said with a confident smirk and half-lidded eyes. Lisa had a look of excitement on her face as she put on her goggles and prepared to activate the machine. "Oh boy, here we go!" She exclaimed in joy as the ray powered up and fired. Suddenly, a string on blue electricity shot from the mouth of the ray gun and engulfed the juice box in a blue aura. Lisa was smiling with anticipation until... "Danger! Danger! Danger!" Lisa's computer said as she was alerted to a caution icon on her screen. The machine sparked a little bit and the electric beam coming from it dissipated as the juice was blown apart. "Dang it! So much for that test," Lisa said as she turned the ray off. "Oh well, I guess my new experiment still needs a few tweaks here and there." Lisa was about to turn the machine off and close it back up in the dome, but before she could her parents called her from downstairs. "Lisa, come on sweetie, we're going to be late for the opera." Her mother said waiting at the front door. "Coming mother." Lisa said getting dressed into her formal attire. She came down the stairs in a hurry as she left the house to attend an opera with her parents. However, because Lisa forgot to lock the ray gun back in its dome with her encrypted password, the machine was still on and bound to go haywire sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Lori and Leni were setting up the living room with snacks and drinks, preparing for a social party that their parents decided to let them have while everyone was gone for the day. "This party is literally going to so much fun," Lori said putting sodas and snack bowls on the living room table. "You, like, said it Lori. I can't wait till all of our friends get here," Leni replied. They both squealed with joy as Lincoln entered the living room. "Hey girls, what's going on?" he asked "Well Lincoln, Leni and I are setting up for a party with all of our girl friends from high school." Lori answered with a hint of annoyance in her tone. "And, might I ask what are you still doing in the house? Shouldn't you be at Clyde's house reading your dorky comics or something?" she said with a stern look on her face. "Actually Lori, Clyde and I were planning on hanging out here tonight," Lincoln said. "What?! Why tonight? Mom said we could have a party here tonight. And by the way, it's girls only!" She shouted. "Now Lori, there's no need to make a fuss here," Leni tried to calm Lori down. "Well I didn't have any plans tonight and so mom told me you could have your party down here while I agree to watch Lily upstairs. Clyde coming tonight was just a coincidence." He explained with his arms folded. "Fine but you guys had better stay upstairs and not bother us when our friends get here, alright?" Lori replied with an irritated look on her face. "Fine, we'll leave you guys alone." Lincoln agreed as he heard the doorbell ring. "I'll get it." Lincoln went to open the door and saw Clyde on his porch. "Hey Clyde, ready to hang out tonight?" He asked his best friend. "You know it Lincoln, I brought all our favorite snacks and even some of our favorite movies on DVD." Clyde answered as he pulled snack bars and a few DVD boxes. "Sorry Clyde, my sisters are having a party tonight so we have to stay upstairs." He said. "Oh, that's fine. We can still watch it on your computer." "Yeah, okay pal. Let's go." Lincoln and Clyde walked up the stairs with Lincoln covering Clyde's eyes so that he doesn't flip out from looking at Lori. "Don't worry girls, we'll stay upstairs and you won't even know we're here." Lincoln said to them as the two ascended upstairs. "Better be that way Lincoln." Lori replied. "Have fun you guys." Leni said waving to the boys.

Lincoln and Clyde were now in Lincoln's room ready for their night of fun. "So Clyde, I hope you're all ready for a fun evening." Lincoln said. "You know it, buddy." Clyde said back. They were about to play a movie on Lincoln's computer when Lincoln realized that he still has to watch Lily while his parents are gone. "Wait a minute, Clyde. I need to go check on Lily. Be right back." Lincoln left his room to go to Lisa and Lily's bedroom and noticed his baby sister playing with her toys on the floor. Seeing Lincoln made Lily happy as he walked up to her and patted her head. "Hey Lily. Looks like you're okay." He said to the infant as he was about to pick her up and put her in her crib. But before he could do it, Lincoln heard a sparking noise at the end of the room. Lincoln looked and saw Lisa's machine on her desk. His curiosity peaked, Lincoln walked up to it and called Clyde to come and see it. "Hey Clyde, come in here." Clyde came into the room and Lincoln directed him to the machine. "What is it Lincoln?" he asked. "Probably one of Lisa's experiments and if I know Lisa, it's best if we leave it alone." Lincoln answered but then he noticed the computer making a weird noise which caught Lincoln's attention. "She must have forgotten to turn this thing off before she left Clyde." Clyde nodded in agreement and took a look at the computer. "Well we can't just leave it on." Clyde said as he started touching Lisa's keyboard. Clyde just pushed a few buttons on the computer and Lincoln worried as he grabbed his hands and stopped him. "Clyde stop! We don't know how this thing works. Why are you even messing with it?" Lincoln exclaimed in worry.

His fears were confirmed as the machine started buzzing. They looked at the ray gun as its head was turning and pointed directly at them. "Uh Clyde, what did you do?" Lincoln asked "I don't know. I just figured something would turn if off." He answered as the machine began charging. The two boys looked at it with fear in their eyes and huddled together. Lincoln thought about Lily right behind and didn't want her to be caught in it too. "Oh no. Lily, look out!" he shouted as he was about to run and move the baby out the way. But before Lincoln could even turn around, the ray gun fired and enveloped the two of them in a blue electric aura like before. They were hit with it and knocked to the floor. Lincoln and Clyde felt the beam hit them and passed out from the impact. In a few seconds, Lincoln and Clyde suddenly disappeared Lily was shocked at the sight and looked around the room to find them.

In the living room, Lori and Leni were almost finished setting up for their party when they heard a noise coming from upstairs. It was when Lincoln and Clyde hit the floor that they felt the sudden banging and screaming from Lincoln and Clyde. "What was that Lori?" Leni asked with a shocked expression. "I think it came from Lisa and Lily's room." Lori answered. "Those two had better not be causing a racket up there when our guests get here." Lori thought it was better to ignore the noise. She just got the sandwiches ready for everyone too.

Meanwhile, Lincoln and Clyde were lying on flat on the floor in some unknown area and then finally came to. Lincoln groaned as he woke along with Clyde and tried to regain his senses. *groan* "What happened Clyde? It felt like we just got zapped by lightning." Lincoln said as he was trying to shake the dizziness out of his head. "I don't know Lincoln, but I think that ray gun did something weird to us." He answered as they looked around and noticed they were in an unfamiliar area. "What the? Where are we Clyde?" Lincoln asked as he saw that they were in a new placed that seemed to stretch on for miles. The boys saw that they were on a large green landscape with a ceiling that looked like it could be the version of outer space of wherever they are since it was hundreds of feet above them. They also looked around them and were shocked when they noticed the humongous furniture that towered over them in the distance. "Um, Lincoln. Is that Lisa's desk over there?" Clyde asked pointing to the tall wooden desk where the machine they just saw earlier was standing and smoking at the tip from the beam it just fired. They were confused as they noticed the ray that hit them a few seconds ago standing about a hundred feet above them on that desk. They were also shocked by the gargantuan size of the other furniture in the room such as Lisa's bed, and Lily's crib.

But what really took them by surprise was when they heard a loud giggling noise coming from behind them. Lincoln and Clyde turned around and practically had their jaws dropped as what they saw was enough to blow their minds. Lily was sitting on the floor a few feet away from them and they were absolutely shocked when they saw that she was towering over them as well. Lily looked like a giant monster to the boys as she was just scanning around the room looking for them. Lincoln's mind started racing as this reminded him of a time when he accidentally broke Lisa's chemicals with his yoyo and had a hallucination of this one mistake triggering a butterfly effect that lead to his family falling apart, which included Lily growing gigantic and trying to eat him. This little shock made Lincoln finally realize what happened to them. "Clyde I think I know what happened now. That thing Lisa made was some kind shrink ray and it just shrunk us down to the size of bugs!" Lincoln shouted as he grabbed Clyde by the arms and shook him. Clyde was shocked by this to as he realized it himself and estimated them to be at least about half an inch tall. "Oh man Lincoln, you're right. This is bad. What do we do?!" Clyde asked. "I don't know Clyde. We need to find a way to get back to normal." "But how?"

As the two minuscule boys were talking Lily was still looking around the room and started getting up on her bare feet. When Lily got up she saw something small a few feet away from her on the floor but couldn't make it out. She thought it was just a couple of bugs and decided to walk over to them. "Buggy!" Lily said in a high baby voice as she started walking over to the two teeny boys. They noticed Lily coming near them and panicked. "Ahhh!" they screamed. "She's coming toward us Lincoln." Clyde said in fright as the giant infant was coming closer. With Lily's bare feet she could easily step on them right there so Lincoln decided that they had to get her attention. "Come on Clyde. We have to get her to notice us. And quick." Lincoln said. They started waving their arms with a bit of jumping and yelling to make Lily see who they were. Unfortunately, it wasn't working as the baby was closing in on them. Her little footsteps started shaking the ground for them and the boys fell on their butts from it. Lincoln got worried that this would end up just like his fantasy where a gigantic Lily would eat him so he decided to call it quits. "Let's move Clyde before Lily crushes us." Lincoln said as they started running away from her. Lily was about to reach down to get them when they away from her pudgy hand in the nick of time. Lily saw them running and ran after them giggling. They weren't putting a lot of distance between them and ran in the other direction, going in between Lily's feet. Lily was still smiling as she turned around and was still coming for them. "Buggies fun!" Lily laughed in a baby voice. "Over there, Clyde." Lincoln pointed as they ran behind Lily's big teddy bear to hide from her view. Lily couldn't see them anymore and stood confused. "Buggy?" Lincoln looked from behind the bear lying on the floor and noticed Lily stopped moving. "I don't think she can see us anymore Clyde." Lincoln said. "Good now what do we do?" his friend asked. "Let me think." "We don't have time to think buddy! If we don't get back to normal soon, we're done for." Clyde started hyperventilating as Lincoln tried to calm him down. Lily was getting close to where they were so they tried to stay quiet. Clyde was still feeling scared when he felt the dust on the floor and tried to keep himself from sneezing. But it was no good. "A-a-achoo!" Lily heard his loud sneeze and started coming for them. She soon closed in and noticed them behind her bear. Lily picked her bear and found them on the floor. "Buggies!" Lincoln and Clyde looked up in fear as Lily towered over them. She smiled and was about to reach down to grab them. They tried to run again but this time Lily caught them in the palm of her left hand. Lincoln and Clyde were squeezed in her pudgy palm as she lifted them up to her face. She opened her hand and saw Lincoln and Clyde staring at her big baby face with her mouth wide open. "Buggies." Lily's babyish giggling was extra loud to them with how close they were to her open maw, which forced them to cover their ears. Lincoln felt like his hallucination was about to be a reality as Lily moved them closer to her face. "No Lily, stop!" he shouted. "Lily no! Don't eat us! It's me Lincoln!" Lincoln was yelling and jumping on her hand to get her attention but it almost felt fruitless as they were getting closer to her mouth. They feared the worst and hugged each other screaming as they saw Lily's mouth open wide in front of them.

Lincoln and Clyde felt it was going to be the end of them. However, Lily's mouth closed all of a sudden as they saw felt her hand stop. The shrunken boys opened their eyes as they saw Lily looking at them wide-eyed in confusion. Lincoln saw his chance and spoke again. "That's right Lily it's us Lincoln and Clyde, see?" Lincoln said as they were jumping and shouting on her hand. Lily looked at them closer and could finally make them out. Her eyes went wide and she smiled noticing them. "Incon!" Lily boomed in joy as the boys cheered. The baby brought them up to her cheek and nuzzled them close to her. They felt her soft baby skin and hugged her back. "Aww, that's right Lily. You wouldn't eat your big brother. Good girl." Lincoln said as he and Clyde were relaxed in his baby sister's embrace.

In the living room, Lori and Leni got a text saying their guests would be arriving soon and were ready for them. "Okay Leni that should do it." Lori said putting the finishing touches on their snack table. However, she noticed that it's been very quiet upstairs after that noise she heard from Lincoln earlier. With their guests on their way, Lori decided to go and give Lincoln some fair warning. "Come on Leni, we'd better go check on the boys." Lori commanded as the two teens went up the stairs. Lincoln and Clyde were soon released from Lily's big hug as she sat back on the floor with them in her hands. Lily was still happy looking at her 'big' brother and his friend tiny and in her little hands. Lori and Leni went to Lincoln's room and knocked on the door. "Hey Lincoln!" she shouted. Lily heard Lori calling Lincoln's name and was startled by the noise. Her sudden shock caused her to shift her hands and let Lincoln and Clyde fall onto the floor in between her split legs. Lori opened the door and said. "Alright Lincoln, our guests are so you'd be-" she stopped and noticed the room was empty. "Huh, where are they?" Leni asked Lori. "They must be taking care of Lily in her room Leni, let's check." Lori closed the door and went to Lisa and Lily's room. Lincoln and Clyde were on the floor and suddenly they felt the ground shaking again. When it was Lily walking her small body didn't make it so bad, but this was different. These tremors were more like earthquakes and made the shrunken duo uneasy. "Is that an earthquake?" Clyde asked in fear. "No Clyde, worse. The big girls are coming." Lincoln said as he heard the door creaking open to reveal the titanic forms of his two oldest sisters. Being a 15 month old baby, Lily wasn't only about as big as a three or four-story building compared to them. But these two were more like skyscrapers that towered over them like real monsters.

"Lily, what are you doing on the floor? And where are Lincoln and Clyde?" Lori asked noticing the boys weren't in this room either. "Where the heck did they go?" she asked again as she saw Lily looking around for them again. Lincoln and Clyde were on the floor yelling to Lily to notice them. "Oh well, we'd better get you into bed Lily." Lori said as shew started walking toward Lily. Lincoln and Clyde felt her coming as the shaking got worse. Lily finally noticed the boys on the floor in front of her diaper and smiled. "Incon!" she said to them but they couldn't understand her baby talk. Lily pointed to them on the floor and was about to pick them up again when Lori grabbed the baby and picked her up. Lily kept saying they were there but Lori didn't stop as she brought Lily up and stood tall with her baby sister in her arms. "Incon! INCON!" Lily kept pointing to make them notice but to no avail. As Lori was about to walk to Lily's crib, Lincoln and Clyde stood close to Lori's colossal feet and feared the worst. But Lincoln had another idea. "Come on Clyde we have to get their attention now." Lincoln said and Clyde nodded in agreement. The tiny boys ran for Lori's bright blue shoe before her foot was lifted off the floor. Lincoln and Clyde were quick and managed to jump onto the top of Lori's massive right foot as she was moving. They felt like they were on a roller coaster as Lori's foot lifted off of the floor and then went back down like a wrecking ball. This kept repeating until Lori made it to the crib and put Lily in it. She was still trying in vain to tell them the boys were on the floor. "Okay Lily, that's enough." Lori said. She then turned and walked out of the room with Leni. "Goodnight Lily." Leni said closing the door as they left.
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