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Regardless of how smart our "Self Appointed Guardens" are the scope is too big to handle

All wisdom is not reposed in a single mind. Mankind is a distributed rather than a centralized data base. We are not insects that evolved from some kind of a hive. Any small number of people trying to hide a big secret eventually have more and more difficulties dealing with it. Eventually the pressure gets so great in the cooker that the lid blows off.

Have you ever noticed in a bureaucratic organization that nobody ever raises the Red Flag until its too late? Managers in a hierarchy have responsibilities for certain aspects of a corporate mission and consider this their "turf" and exclusive domain. When things start going to hell they fear for their promotions and fear passing up the chain how bad things are starting to get. A situation hat might have been fixed if disclosed earlier goes viral exploding in everybody's face?

Sound like a common theme working here?

It is, so common in fact that anyone working in government has witnessed it over again. Often you will hear your boss say, "I hate surprises!" and all managers fear them like the plague.

This is what is happening in the Secret Space Program. By compartmentalizing a secret activity, only a small number of minds get to actually work the problem. Suddenly things start to happen that haven't been foreseen, or some part of what is being covered up takes on a mind of its own.

For example there was a situation that was reported by Lear where a group of Alien scientists and a group of Human scientists were working together when the interests of one group, horrified the sensibilities of the other and all hell broke loose. Before it could be stopped sixty-six Delta Force soldiers were killed trying to restore order.

This type of thing happening should have come as no surprise and could have been prevented if more minds had been working the problem. In my earlier blog I describe one of the cosmonauts in Operation Crystal Knight cursing one of the Ebans when he discovered what had been done to the body of a dead team member. The potential for a violent response when confronted with dead humans floating around in vats and being used for biological experimentation can be expected to grate on a human scientist and it should be no surprise if the venting of surpassed rage is a natural consequence. It doesn't take much for a spark to ignite the whole volatile mixture. When this happens between two different cosmic races of intelligent beings it is more portentous and the consequences more difficult to anticipate.

If this can happen in a Laboratory think of what can happen out there in a freewheeling universe. We are dealing with forces that can kill everybody on the planet. Moving a big chunk of rock out of the Asteroid Belt and chunking it at the earth is so easy a task for these Aliens would consider it child's play.

This is why allowing a small number of compartmentalized individuals operating alone in the sand box of solar system politics is FUBAR squared. These self-appointed guardians might be smart but they aren't that smart and are going to get us all killed if a greater diversity of intelligent minds are not brought into the picture.
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