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After wishing she could stop worrying about her weight, Kagami Hiiragi gets so much more.

This story contains female weight gain. I understand and respect that many people find this sort of thing to be disgusting, but please act mature and simply leave if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


Just like any other Sunday night, Kagami Hiiragi was ending off her week by checking the progress of her ever on-going diet. Of course it was going to end in her being frustrated like always. Her lack of willpower around sweets leads her to gain back any weight she lost. This time was slightly different, however, "Wha...?!" Kagami was utterly speechless when she saw the numbers on the scale, "90 kilos?! How did I get this out of control?!"

This week in particular, Kagami had eaten a ton of highly fattening foods without even realizing it. Each day was mostly spent hanging out with her one of her friends, all of which happened to be in the mood for sweets, and of course, Kagami couldn't help herself. All of that though would still only have amounted to five, maybe seven kilos. No, what really made her weight skyrocket was the fact that Kagami thought it was a good idea to spend time with Konata Izumi last.

Because Konata was the one Kagami waited the latest to spend time with during their week off from high school, she was the one who would see the most of her recent gain. Anyone who knew Konata even briefly would tell you that's a bad idea. Considering Kagami herself didn't even seem to notice her recent gain, it was like the stars themselves aligned purely so Konata could mess with her. Taking advantage of this opportunity given to her, Konata decided she wanted to spend her time with Kagami at the local buffet.

Regardless of how it happened, over of the course of this week, Kagami had ballooned significantly. Gripping her newly formed chub, Kagami stared down at it full of frustration, "No matter how much progress I make in my diet, I always somehow manage undo all of it in a quarter of the time!" Letting out a sigh, as if all her anger just instantly vanished into thin air, Kagami seemed to put all of it aside for just a moment, "Yelling isn't going to shed any excess fat... I wish I could make myself stop worrying about my weight for once..." Deciding she would just have to do better, Kagami laid down in bed for the night, eventually falling asleep...


Kagami awoke the next morning, happy as can be. Stretching her limbs in order to get in gear, turns out Kagami was oddly having a bit of trouble doing something so simple. Despite her fatigue though, Kagami couldn't just laze around in bed all day, as lovely as that sounded. She lifted herself out of bed and made her way over to the bathroom to get ready for the day that awaited her.

Immediately turning towards the bathroom mirror with a smile, Kagami looked herself over thoroughly, "As beautiful and big as ever!"

Raising her flabby arm upwards, Kagami smacked down on her massive belly, smiling as she watched it jiggle in her reflection. It took awhile for Kagami's body to finally stop jiggling, but it would immediately start again once Kagami waddled over to the scale, "Time to check my progress!" Stepping onto an incredibly large, custom made scale, Kagami watched excitedly as the numbers rose at a fast rate, it eventually stopped at a number Kagami was clearly pleased with, "250 kilos! Yes! Gained another 10 kilos last week!" Kagami jumped for joy, causing her whole house to shake, "O-Oops, hope I didn't wake anybody..."

Since it was Monday morning, that meant school was finally back in session after the entire week off the students were given. For Kagami though, all she cared about was stuffing her face with the food during lunch break! Of course that didn't mean she doesn't bother paying attention to her classes. Despite thinking with her stomach, Kagami still has an impressive grade point average, always passing every course with ease. After all, she can't spend all day eating if she has to make up failed tests.

Already anticipating all the food she was gonna eat for lunch, Kagami waited for her younger twin sister Tsukasa to get ready so that they could head to school together like usual. While Tsukasa walked along at a brisk pace, Kagami huffed as she waddled behind as fast as she could, which was admittedly faster than you would expect from someone of her size. Despite tiring out so easily due to her many layers of blubber, Kagami was determined to arrive on-time. They might not let her attend lunch period as punishment if she's late!

Kagami spotted Konata and her friend Miyuki Takara both waiting for her and Tsukasa in-front of the school. Waving to them, Kagami pushed herself even harder to hurry up so that she could talk with them before classes begin. Waddling up to her friends, Kagami needed a minute to catch her breath, making for quite the awkward moment. Because of this, Miyuki decided to break the ice herself, "U-Um... Good morning, Kagami! Tsukasa!"

After finally regaining a bit of her stamina, Kagami huffed out a response, "Good morning... *Huff*... Miyuki... *Huff*... Konata..." Her face was bright red from all of the exertion. As always, her friends were surprised that she was the same person who could scarf down an entire buffet worth of food in one sitting and not break a sweat. Clearly, they were underestimating the influence her appetite would have on someone of her size.

Despite how tired Kagami was, Konata figured it was perfect for her favorite pastime of messing with her, "Hey Kagamin, you seem to be having some trouble there. Don't you think you should try losing some weight?"

Upon hearing any mention of a diet, Kagami immediately got past her fatigue and shot a sharp glare at Konata, "As if! Maybe you should try gaining a couple hundred kilos like me and experiencing how great this feels! It'd certainly be fitting for such a hardcore otaku such as yourself." She began to imagine Konata sitting in her bedroom playing video games as usual, only as living blob of fat, on-par with herself. Konata would reach into one of of her many belly rolls and pull out some chips to snack on while she tore through waves of enemies.

While Tsukasa still had trouble getting used her sister's suggestions for their friends to gain weight, Konata wasn't even phased. Shrugging it off like usual, Konata instead took advantage of the direction their conversation was taking, and ran with it, "Heh, I bet you'd like to have more of me, wouldn't you, Kagamin~?"

Kagami scowled at Konata, "Haha, very funny. I'm just trying to let you know that you're missing out." She then turned to Miyuki instead, "At least you get where I'm coming from, right, Miyuki? I bet you'd look great at this size!" Like with Konata, Kagami began to imagine a much bigger, fatter Miyuki. She would still be the same adorably awkward cutey they all know and love, only there would be even more of her, and because of this, she would constantly bump into things with her prominent posterior and burgeoning bust. Given how huge her breasts were already, who knows just how big they would get with a couple hundred extra kilos.

Miyuki nodded, despite not actually agreeing with Kagami, just wanting to make her friend happy. She let out a nervous laugh before desperately trying to change the subject, "Y-Yes, well, anyways, we should probably be heading off to class now, yes...?"

Students in Ryōō High School had managed to get used to Kagami's sheer size by this point. Of course there were occasions when Kagami's fat got in the way, but for the most part, her classmates surprisingly kept their focus on learning most of the time. Because of this, class was typically pretty normal. When lunch period rolled around though, everyone instinctively cleared out of her path. The exact moment Kagami heard the bell ring, she started charging towards the stall that was set up by a local bakery to start gorging out on whatever she can get her pudgy hands on.

As usual, Konata, Miyuki, and Tsukasa arrived together, and saw that Kagami had gotten there long before them. Sitting down at the same table as her, they saw she was already half-way through her second lunch. Miyuki and Tsukasa got up after a minute of chatting to get some baked goods of their own, while Konata stayed behind to mess with Kagami some more. Snatching a piece of cake from Kagami's tray, catching her attention, Konata then gulped it down in only a couple bites, "Sorry about that, was so hungry that I couldn't bare to wait in line. Figured you wouldn't mind since you have plenty of food stockpiled as it is~" she said before giving Kagami's gut a good smack.

To Konata's disappointment, Kagami didn't react how she was hoping. Instead, she picked another piece of cake and suddenly shoved it into Konata's mouth, "I don't mind sharing if it means getting you some much needed calories!"

Konata groaned soon after swallowing the fatty treat, two of them being enough to make her feel ill due to the absurd amount of calories they had. After a few moments of her stomach gurgling, it having trouble processing the sudden sharp intake of calories, she let out a belch, prompting Kagami to laugh. Konata turned to Kagami, taking a moment to breath before speaking up, "W-What's so funny? *Urp*..." Kagami simply snickered in response, satisfied to turn the tables for once.

Miyuki and Tsukasa soon returned with their own lunches, and upon asking Konata if she was going to get her own soon, she simply covered her mouth before she planted her face onto the table. Not wanting to pry, they simply moved on and talked to Kagami instead while they let her rest through lunch period. During this time, Kagami responded to her friends in-between bites, but she was mostly focused on eating. She continued to stuff her face with all sorts delicious food that was available to her, slowly but surely adding even more fat onto her already far-past-obese body.

Lunch period soon ended, so everyone returned to class, patiently anticipating dismissal. Nothing particularly interesting was going on throughout the rest of Kagami's classes, leading her to think about which restaurants to hit up afterwards. She was a regular customer at every place in town, and even some places outside of town. Nowhere was too far for Kagami if she believed the food to be worth her time. At every place she ate, despite how huge she is, the staff always treated her respectfully, likely due to how much money she pays them for the mountain of food she orders.

Kagami put off her daydreaming until the school day was over, since she would then be able to experience them in real life. Once it was time to head out, Kagami met up with her friends yet again, hoping to convince them to come with her. However, Konata gagged at the idea, unclear whether she actually still felt ill from earlier, or if it was simply to annoy her. Miyuki and Tsukasa were much more cordial with their rejections, with a simple 'no thank-you' from both of them, but that still meant Kagami would be eating alone. Oh well, more for her!

Over the next few hours, Kagami spent her time gorging herself even more than thought possible. She went from one restaurant to the next, and devoured all sorts of meat, grains, and of course, desserts. Her body seemed to expand by the moment, inflating with fat of the softest caliber. She was like a solid cloud, with fat so incredibly soft, that anyone who happened to touch it would be stunned, amazed at such a plush human being. It was as is if Kagami was pure fat, and her belly was so deep and squishy, it would be hard to believe there were bones in there after an attempt to reach in.

Because Kagami was so huge, she had trouble squeezing her wide rear-end in and out of her favorite eateries. It became more and more prevalent with each passing week, as her bottom only grew wider and wider due to her endless appetite. Kagami didn't mind this though, instead she saw each new kilogram of fat as a trophy, as expressed that morning, so this was a minor cost. Using this mindset, then there doesn't exist a bigger trophy than Kagami's rear, being as wide as a bed, each cheek like a large pillow in that sense.

Waddling home after her massive meal, Kagami patted her taut belly, and admired just how much she had eaten in just two hours. If this wasn't a new record for her... she actually wouldn't be that surprised, as she's eaten tons of food in one sitting before, but this was at least up there. Even with the incredibly heavy amount of food in her gut though, it still swayed back and forth as she walked, almost hypnotic in its movements. Her belly alone had to make up at least half of her weight, now being the size of an over-inflated yoga ball.

Upon reaching home, Kagami quickly said hello to her family before she rushed upstairs to her bedroom, and flopped down onto her bed, the motion sending many ripples across her expansive belly. She panted, exhausted from having exerted so much energy for anything other than food, and lazily reached over to her side, and grabbed a box of chocolate coated pocky and her favorite light novel. Kagami spent the rest of the evening doing nothing but snacking and reading, enjoying the big life. It wasn't until 9 PM that Kagami finally got up, but it was only to use the bathroom before she turned in for the night.

Looking at her reflection like she did in the morning, Kagami once again smiled, heading back to her bedroom. She laid down and bed and yawned, "Great day as usual... Can only imagine tomorrow will be the same way..." As her belly rose and fell in succession, Kagami began to drift off to sleep, hoping to dream of some sort of world entirely made out of cake.


Kagami woke up on the real Monday morning with a yawn, finally back to reality. Upon opening her eyes, and looking down at her body, Kagami realized she had just been dreaming. Before getting up, Kagami let out a contented sigh, "Man, what a great dream..." It felt great to not have to worry about her weight, and just pig out whenever she wanted to.

Heaving herself out of bed, Kagami went to the bathroom as usual to start her day, the floorboards groaning under her immense girth, "I can't believe I used to be so skinny! I wonder if I've finally reached 1,000 kilos?"
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