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man in addiction turns into a wolf. addiction of alcoholism. solution to stop drinking.
here is an extract from my novel which I am thinking of writing;

Mystery wolf


Gracious Surrounding

19th November 1984

The sky navy blue, stars shining like silver bells on a Christmas tree, the air warm like a tepid water bath.
In the forest land of lou mou with a vast array of emerald, green trees lived a black midnight coloured wolf he went by the name of malco forth.
his stature muscular.
his eyes deep purple like that of a proud plum, his teeth shining like pure chalk and his hind legs bare one standing firmly on the thick dark green of the grass and brown manmade path that leads to his cavern like home.

Malco forth entered the dim lit cavern where he sat down looking at the barely covered heaps of rocks on the floor, surely his family was still there around the blood-curdling screech of bats, the giant echoing squeals of black rats and the loud hooting of owls from the forest trees.
At that guessing moment a quiet-tempered growl calms his nerves, there in front of him stood his beautiful wolves wife with her furred and golden coat.

shush my darling you don't want to wake the little cubs now do we
she uttered with her tame voice.
She wondered where her main man had been all day.
my darling malco forth where has one been out so long until now
with the dark night something terrible could have happened to you.
yet, when I loudly called your name you was nowhere in my sight.

I was safely preparing to put the little cubs to bed for the evening when upon us came a big brown grizzly bear.

his black venomous claws shining as though they had been sharpened to the core.
his growls penetrating the ears of our gentile babies, his brown fur beginning to change from brown to a rust colour.

malco forth started to send an unbelievable glance towards the bear why he could not remember himself were he had been let alone his beautiful wolves wife, Katerina and keto the only two cubs now awoke from their succumb ance.
just at that fleeting moment of conversation between the two of them, came the ear tearing sound of the brown grizzly bear again.

oh no, you don't growl malco fourth with a death-threatening growl turning his huge plum like eyes to face forwards of the big brown grizzly bear.

he notices that the bear has bright red velvet blood dripping from his dew claws.
save us daddy came voices of Katerina and keto.

Katerina and keto ran as fast as their paws could carry them, back to the cavern to the waiting paws of their mother.

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