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The days of my life are good. I love my parents. I miss them very much. What memories!
To live the days of yore again,
to live the days of yore,
To see my parents young back when
and happy days explore.

I'd know the snows of Okkie hills
in Oklahoma youth,
When bundled up to catch some thrills,
I learned a valued truth.

The sledding disk will go as far
as ice will pave the way,
But sliding near a park-ed car
will cause their hairs to gray.

The snows would drift up prairie house
to make a beauteous show
For white is Nature's long-lost spouse,
so sinless in the snow.

That Christmas with my "Candy" dog,
the fluffy Peek-a-Poo.
I held her for that picture tog,
a young one's love so true.

My Mother with her laughing face
and quick wit quips in tow,
She'd bend me double, fun in place,
What loving life to know!

My Daddy had a laugh so loud,
it made his body shake.
What depth of Hope! I'm truly proud
me God his son did make.

I marched the tuba Friday nights.
My parents watched to see
The notes that played their son so bright,
so full of joyous glee.

When graduation day had come
to leave for working world,
They cheered me on with loving sum
of proudest hearts unfurled.

The day I wed my bonnie lass
my parents were there, too.
My Dad spoke words of torch to pass
and worthy life to do.

But now to Life they've gone before
I watch as living heir
To see them cross to Day of Yore
without a knowing care.

To live the days of yore again,
to live the days of yore,
I see my parents young as then
in Joy Forevermore.

Line Count: 48

by Jay O'Toole
on March 17th, 2017

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