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this teenage girl is fighting with herself in her own cautious will she let it consume her
Haha, do you feel that darling? It's you getting weaker and weaker. When I take your mind body and soul, you'll be nothing. Your loved ones will ask who killed the sweet pitiful you? No one will now except me and you. I laugh because nothing compares to the power that's about to consume you! I've trapped you in my cage and now you've started to change, your fear will tear you limb by limb while I force you to let me in. I will sit there and raise my chin, watching you mind twist from within. Let me wrap you in a blanket of darkness and drag you so far down from that thought of promise. My dear Katelyn get ready, the old you will be the new me! ~1~
Waking up, in the middle of the night clearing my head and setting everything aside. I thought to myself when will this end? Getting no sleep no energy and not being able to comprehend my teachers talking and making those horrible squeaky sounds with the marker on the white board, My ears all they did was ring, clang and sometimes they'd bang. I'd fall asleep in class the teachers would stop by my deck and slap it. The students well they'd sit there and laugh. ~2~
Keep in mind I wasn't the most popular kid in school, nor was I particular in the school community. You'd label me as a stranger, always getting a whiff if i'm in danger. Everyday is a new day they say, but me I feel like i'm living each day the same old way. ~3~
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