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Random Ramblings
- Setting: Forest; People: 5 Men -

"Man that drive was a pain in the butt"

"Yeah Seriously, I could not wait to get here"

- Cut Forward -

"Geez, I'm so glad to be back in this car"

"My legs were burning up, damn."

"Luckily, we got back before the rain came too."

- Cut Back -

"Hey, man, do you have a map? We need a way to get to the spot where the waterfall meets the ocean."

"Yeah, here I got a map here."

- Cut Forward -

"Hey, ----, Can you pull up your phone and direct me how to get back."

"Oh, yeah sure, hold on..."


"Okay Google."

- Cut Back -

"This hike is pretty nice."

"You're telling me. I didn't expect us to pass by a lake already."

"I'll pay you ten bucks to go swimming in it."

"Ewww, Hell no! I'm not swimming in that!"

"Yeah, cause you're a little bitch!"

"Screw off man."

"Hey man, can you give me some of that water?"

- Cut Forward -

"Hey, if you want, I can drive man."

"Nah, it's okay. I can handle it."

Yet... inside my head... A click of uneasiness settled inside of me.

- Cut Back -

"Okay fine you don't have to swim"


"Tell you what, climb up this tree and I'll buy you dinner."

- 10 Minutes -

"Yeah! Yo take a picture of this!"

"Guess you have to buy him dinner."

"All good, a deal is a deal."

- Cut forward -

"Hey, I have a question."

"What's up?"

"Is it just me, or is this rice and beans under-cooked?"

- Cut Back -

"Man, how long have we been walking?"

"Too much since you're complaining like a little bitch~"


"Hey, -----"


"X Gonna Give It To Ya"


- Cut Forward -

"Hey man, if you need help with the laundry, I don't mind chipping in a little bit."

"Nah, it's okay, you can go to sleep."

"Alright man."

"... X Gonna Give It To Ya"

"Dude... Dammit..."

- Cut Back -

"Hey, how do we get to the Waterfall?"

"Oh, if you keep following this trail, there's a cove that you cannot miss."

"Okay, thanks!"

- Cut Forward a bit -

"Well, that wasn't it."

"Let's just follow the trail some more and see where it leads us."

"Yeah, we might have missed it."

- Cut Forward -

'Ugh... My head hurts just lying down...'

- Cut Back -

"Yo, we found it! It's right here!"

"How did those other guys miss it?"

"I have no clue"

- Cut Forward a bit -

"Look at that boys! We made it"

"Damn, it's beautiful."

"Hey, I'm going to take a video of this."

"Well, let's head down the cliff so we can get up close!"

- Cut Forward -

'Oh no... I feel sick... But how? Why? I don't get it...'

- Cut Back -

"Alright, just jump over this river and you should make it."

"Yeah it's not too bad, plus, we got your back if anything happens."

'Well... Jumping this isn't hard'

- Cut Forward -

'WHY?! I'm vomiting into this toilet! Nothing is even digested and no liquid is coming out!'

- Cut Back -

"Wow... This is extremely beautiful."

"I know... I didn't expect anything like this too exist."

- Cut Forward -

'Dear Lord why is this happening?! Nothing is Digested and no liq-'

- Cut Back -

"Yo, take a video of me near the waterfall!"

- Cut Forward -

'Why... Why does it hurt so much?! I can't sleep!'

- Cut Back -

"Yo, I have to put my head under the waterfall."

"You don't even have a towel."

"How many opportunities will we have to do this?!"

- Cut Forward -


- Cut Back -

"Honestly, this is probably the best spot to watch the sun yet."

- Cut Forward -

'I can't even sleep...'

- Cut Back -

"Honestly, this a great find."

"Good Choice -----."

"Seriously, great job, -----"

- Cut Forward -

'I may die here. Does anyone even care?!'

- Cut Back -

"Man, this is beautiful..."

"Starting to get cold though."


"Let's start heading back."

"Okay. Let's go."

- Cut Forward -

'I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight...'

- Cut Back -

'That was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.'
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