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This is my story about my painful day! Must read it!
November 19, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

On this day, I was about to be taken as a bridesmaid at the wedding of our friends brother since I did not join because it was my schedule of my Dental surgery. I was sad at that day.

At exactly 6:00 AM we are now at the dental clinic. I did not take my breakfast and I did not drink water. My surgeon advise me to have a fasting and I don't know why? I need to be strong because I want to be beautiful. We have waited for the other doctors to be arrived. They are preparing the things to be used during my surgery. And when the doctors soon arrived they call me. I go inside the dental area where they also performed other dental stuffs. .

My heart was beating so fast and my hands are shaking, Before I entered in the operating room where they performed the surgery, I also asked my surgeon that how long it will take and they replied that it will take 2-3 hours. And then they let me change from my clothes to their surgery dress. Color dark green with shower cap. and green sleepers. And I go inside the operating room.

As I enter the operating room I was shocked because there are many machines there are many doctors who assist me. My anesthesiologist asked me that what was my nickname then I replied "LG". Yes my ugly nickname! I don't want to be called LG I want my real name to be called. The settings is just like in the hospital many machines are connected to me. They are busy, Putting a dextrose on my right hand, They put masking tape on my hair net then they pull my dress off and they attached something on my chest. I even saw large injection maybe they injected me in my spinal cord but I did not feel it. They even have a machine that can control my breathing and even they connect the heart monitor and also I see it in my own eyes that how it worked.

My life was 50 50 and they take my life away. Later I feel sleepy, While I am sleeping I had a dream, My dream was like I was in the white place, feathers are falling, there are many flowers and I even saw a people who I have not yet meet before. I don't know what place was that and I never been there before. The people are very happy and I even played with them too! I even don't know what's going on! I don't know what happened to me. I don't know that they revived me or maybe I died on that day.

When the operation is done my doctors are waking me up using my nickname. They moved me to another room which is the recovery room. and still my life was 50 50. They connect again the heart monitor. I did not feel the pain during the surgery but after the surgery I feel the pain. They get the hairnet and later my doctors are not yet in my room so... I look at the heart monitor and the number was 175 I don't know what is the meaninig of this one. The sounds of the heart monitor was soo annoying! Later I want to go home. So my surgeon said that I will go home. I feel dizzy at that time.
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