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by Aden
Rated: E · Short Story · Dark · #2115687
Incoherency lingered in the congealed, chilled oxygen she breathed. What became of her?
Incoherency lingered in the congealed, chilled oxygen she breathed. Damaged lungs and an injured artery apparent in her forearm were - without exception - in her undivided thoughts. Her heartbeat battered the insides of her cranium, engendering the opaque perception she foresaw. The apparitions followed through the darkened night in their unstoppable rampage through the leafy foliage; it was vital she escaped the clutches of the shadowy, daunting fingertips that pursued her. Rummaging in and out of the various openings that were blockaded by the shrubbery, the noises echoed and reverberated louder.

Snickers from myriad young children ensued as they resumed their wicked approach. Her chest heaved, her breath visible in the dusky, moonlit field she entered. Although there wasn’t any time allotted in her engrossed, engaged schedule, she relied on the darkened projection of the timber to ensure her covering, at least for now. However, the kids noticed the mirage and defense the girl raised, and they snatched her without a second thought. The moment her guard was lowered was when they withdrew a pair of shears. They were caked in what seemed to be pints upon pints of blood, making the scissors rustic and hard to move.

Opening and closing them methodically and meticulously, a sole child gouged out one of her glassy hazel orbs. He laughed in sheer amusement as the girl shrilled out loud, crimson blood streaming down her cheek. The blood became transparent and polished, soft sighs from the children became audible as they watched it exude onto the meadow beneath her feet.

He then proceeded to rip the eye straight from its socket comforted by several blood vessels, muscles, and tissue that made the organ work like it did. Yet another loud scream emerged from her chest and her throat. Ringing formed in the young girl’s eyes, and her vision grew blurry. Attempting to fall to the extremities below her, the other children heaved her back to a standing position. The girl could hear the soft ‘pat,’ pat’ sound of the blood beneath her, as a mixture of heavy tears and constant streams of blood exited her fragile, petite body.

“Now for the next one…” a small child mumbled with a corrupt, wayward smile plastered onto his young features. The same methodical process was given to the other eye, jabbing it straight through the middle of her oculus. The boy wiggled the scissors around like it was a play toy. Another horrid scream burst its way into the lathered, polluted air, blanketed by the forest of bare, charred trees. Now her vision seized and unattainable, her voice was the only item available to her. But even that was ineffectual, as her vocal chords were forcibly removed from her throat. Blood gushed out from the agape hole present until her body began to metamorphose into a gelid state, her visage becoming distant and nondescript. Her eyelids flashed in a gradual manner until they ceased to blink anymore.
© Copyright 2017 Aden (adenmasu at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2115687