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by Utsu
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Chapter 7 of my project

Utsu was hearing a distant voice , he opened his eyes slowly , he was lying down on the floor no light present around him . he was in the same dark place again.Looking down he saw a young lady astride his crotch. She had long white hair and red eyes looking at him with a mischievous face.Her skin was strangely grayish and a small black and red aura was shining around her.

-"Hey Utsu, do you want to see what hell look like?"

-"No...Should i?"

-"Maybe you should , could be fun." She said winking at him.

-"Ok, more importantly, how the hell am i seeing you? There is no light here."

-"Well it's just the rules of this place, do i ask you why the sky is blue or the grass green or why you cant see shit in darkness in your world? No , i don't think so.Let's get to work anyway."

-"Maybe you wanna get up first?"

-"No, not really. She said lying down on his chest placing her face right in front of his.You're a lot cuter that i was thinking when looking closely"

-"Can you stop flirting with me and just start doing what we are here to do already?" Said Utsu turning his face away from hers.

She sat back.

-"Ok but first let's talk a little, you got your ass whooped by your friend the sword wielder there. That cant do, with powers like mine you could have destroyed her."

-"You know i never fought before today and also i didn't wanted to hurt a girl, i'm not an asshole."

Indis crossed her arms.

-"Ok so we need to teach you how to fight too, hum so much to do. I wonder if you were really that good of a gift from destiny."

-"Ok stop dodging the question how do i get my old personality back, i don't want to be a psychopath for the rest of my life."

-"Wait a minute, let me explain some things first. Basically you're not yourself right now."

-"Yes i know that's what i just said, i need to stop being a complete psychopath."

-"Not your personality , you're literally not yourself right now, you're embodying your soul in this world, you know the thing that is my property now."

-"Yeah, so?"

-"If you want more freedom of expression you need to stand the further away possible from me".She said smiling.

-"But why don't you just fuck right off then!" Said Utsu angry.

-"Yeah i could do that but i kinda started to like you, a lot."

Utsu pushed her away and got up, Indis landed on her butt.

-"Okay just give me some space you cant ruin my personality just because you just feel like it."

She got up and threw herself on him taking him by the arm. Utsu started to get really angry.

-"You said there was a way to stop this effects on me , don't tell me your solution depend only on your willingness to stop snuggling my soul 24/7."

-"You got it right."

-"Yeah but you don't want to fuck off so what do we do, smartass?"

-"Well.... maybe you could give me something to satisfy my lust for you , at least for a while..." she said ,embarrassed.

-"What do you mean?"

-"You know something i can look back to when you're not here with me."

Utsu tried to guess what she meant for a then starting to blush he talked:

-"Ok if i do that it you'll stop clinging to me like that?"

-"Yes....for now" .she said softly.

-"Ok then"

Utsu grabbed her by the shoulders and placed her in front of him, he placed his hand on her cheeks and got closer and closer to her face. Indis closed her eyes waiting for her gift when suddenly Utsu broke into a sprint in the opposite direction.

-"Utsu.......i'm going to kill you for what you did there." She said looking a the ground.

Utsu ran away as far as he could when Indis appeared in front of him looking at the ground her face hidden behind her hair. He took some steps back trying to calm her.

-"Ok ok ok ok, wait i don't have that kind of feelings for you...i mean...for now! I cant do it that fast without even knowing you, you understand, right?! Asked Utsu, scared.

Indis didn't move a bit her head still down. Utsu didn't dare say anything more or even move until he saw some drops raining down Indis face and falling to the ground.getting close slowly and reaching his hands to grab her by the shoulders, he took her in his arms.

-"Utsu i was so alone. I didn't lie when i said your soul was a gift, i'm not bad Utsu, i was just made that way, i cant change what i am but if you find me that repulsive".... She sobbed a little. "I guess we cant change that anyway."She said putting her head in Utsu's chest.

-"No it's not that at all, i don't really know what to say, do you realize the situation we're in? You got my soul prisoner of this dimension and i wear an artifact that means life and death for both of us around my neck, I just don't know how to take your feelings towards me , i just need to think."

-"I love you very much Utsu, you didn't hesitate to accept my condition to help me, at least you're not like Ototsu."

-"Wow there. Said Utsu pushing her back a little. How do you know my father's name?"

-"He's kinda the one that trapped me here forever you know."

-"Oh and you're ok with the fact that i'm gonna use your strength to help him?"

-"It's worth it , if that's what it takes for you to help me afterward i'm ok with whatever you want."

-"I still need to think for myself and not trying to kill or destroy or mutilate or break everything that gets in my path. Is there any way i can come here more often to see you without you putting me in a fucking coma?"

-"I suppose i could intercept your consciousness when you go to sleep."

-"Well that's perfect, we'll setup some kind of rendez-vous then!" Said Utsu smiling.

-"Are you sure you want to do that? She said wiping off her tears. If you come here during night, your mind can't rest as much as when you're in deep sleep."

-"I don't care, i want to learn about you , so ... Deal? You leave my soul alone during day time and i'll pass by during night."

-"Ok i hope i'll see you soon then. She said getting a little further away from him."

Utsu smiled back at her, she put her hand on his forehead and closed her eyes, Utsu felled on the ground and the choc from his body hitting it woke him up with a start in Shiina's room.

-"Oh you're awake? She said stopping her training to look at him."

-"You could have move me somewhere else."


Utsu got up and got close to Shiina.

-"What's up, want a rematch?"

-"Maybe later, but thanks for making me think straight again, you cant imagine how much it helped me, and Indis too i think."

-"I'm glad i was of help, but still, even if i have to rip you apart to go search for that "Indis" i'll do it if she uses her powers to control you again."

-"It didn't really happend like that... I'll explain later."

Suddenly a big explosion made itself heard not far away and the wall giving on the front of the house burst out open. In the middle of the wreckage was Fenibax who was trying to get up slowly.

-"I think you got some visitors. Said Fenibax."

A huge golem got inside the dojo looking a the three of them.
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