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Pink unicorns are whimsical, and carefree as you'll see in this poem

My love of pink, fluffy unicorns dates way back,
When I followed them around in their tracks,
They’d dance on clouds, or hide behind rainbows,
One, two, three little pink unicorns in a row.

Here one minute, gone the next, where will they be?
Oh, yes, to bring pink, fluffy dreams to each baby.
I love watching them run around and prance with glee,
Which sometimes made me whoop out loud, “Yippee!”

Now, just let me reflect on this one issue tonight,
Please don’t startle the shy unicorns outright,
Or their pink, fluffy fur will puff out with flare,
To make their mane stand on ends, so beware!

It’s a sight to behold, so a warning to all, sit tight,
They’re a whimsical breed, but are known to fight,
To calm them down, tumble with them by the sea,
And you’ll be their friend forever, their inductee.

12 lines

Written for
The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest  (E)
The greatest writing challenge on WDC! PINK FLUFFY RESULTS NOW OUT!!! :)
#2113126 by Robert Edward Baker

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