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by Suzi17
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2115982
A one-day old wife and her husband on their honeymoon.
"Ma'am, do you need somethin?" A voice called from the other side of the small shop. The man's shirt showed the name Bren.

"No, I've found what I need." Her bangs hung over her eyebrow as she stared at the map, pretending to be engrossed in what she read. It had been only a day since the wedding, and she wasn't used to her new ring yet. Rosan focused on the map and tried to find the road. She couldn't concentrate with this man Bren looking at her. "I'd like to get this map" She stated, walking over and handing it over the counter to him. She handed him a five and waited for the change, hands on the edge of the counter. When he finished the transaction he handed her the change and the map with a smile. She stepped out of the shop and stood out in front of the display where Bren couldn't see her. She opened up the map again and blew back her bangs. If only she could find that little street, she would be okay. Oren had said it went over a stream, and it was called...Ronnie Lake Road. That was it, right in the center of the paper. she folded the paper and put it under her arm. walked to her car and got in. Turning the key she pulled her sunglasses down shifted into reverse, and backed out of the parking spot.

Pulling into the gravel drive, she slowed and eased into the spot right beside the front walk. she opened the door and hopped out. She walked to the door and opened it. wiping her feet, she paused right inside the front door on the mat. She didn't see any sign of Oren.

"Oren, It's Rosan. I'm back." She called. No answer rewarded her call. She pulled her phone out of her pocket but as she was about to text him, it went black. It was out of battery! "Oren, I got a map." She called up the stairs. " Are you ready to go?" Still no response. Just 20 minutes ago the house had been buzzing with life. She ran up the stairs and to the room they had reserved for their first night. The suitcases stood in a row beside the door. Oren sat in the armchair opposite, arms folded over his chest. Something seemed wrong, why hadn't Oren responded when she called him. She ran over to him and immediately saw what was wrong. Oren had finished packing but after, he had sat in the arm chair, a black widow had crawled from the floor, up the chair, and up his arm. It had found his hand and sent it's deadly poison, not before Oren had seen it. He had squished it and sent it to it's grave. Oren sat still, fist clenched, teeth set staring at the bite.

“Oren,” She cried. “Oren, No!”

“Rosan, I’ll be alright, Just help me. I have to get this bite under cold soapy water. She helped him into the bathroom and to the sink, turned on the faucet and brought the soap over. Wetting the area, she soaped it up. She stood, looking at the angry red mark on Oren’s wrist.

“We are getting you out of here.”She stated firmly. “I won’t have my husband bitten by black widows, not while I’m watching over him.” She demanded. She wrapped the soap bar and put it back on the counter. Holding his arm under the running faucet she rubbed the bite softly until all the soap was gone. She grabbed a towel and turned off the faucet, dried off the offended arm and threw the towel back to the holder she had taken it from. Grabbing the soap bar, she helped Oren to the door of the room. Grabbing her suitcase she opened it and put the soap bar in, closed it back and picked it up. Grabbed Oren’s suitcase and led him out the door. She could tell he was not feeling well, but he could walk by himself. She closed the door and walked down the stairs, out the door, and to the car. She popped the trunk and put the suitcases in. slammed it closed and opened the passenger’s door. Running back up to the door, she went in to sign out. Standing at the sign-out counter Rosan rang the little bell beside the computer. A middle aged lady came out of the door behind the counter and stood behind the computer smiling. Rosan handed her a credit card and said.

“We are ready to head out. Thanks for the nice stay.” When the woman gave her back the credit card she smiled and put it back into her purse. Turning, she left the house, waving before she left the door. When she reached the car, Oren was waiting for her with his door closed. She walked down and opened her door, hopped in and started the car. They went to a grocery store and bought some ice, a cooler, and an ice-pack for Oren’s wrist. When they reached Ronnie Lake Road and the farm, they were ready to call it a day and unpacked for the night. Rosan to take care of Oren and Oren to love Rosan for it. Love, live, love, laugh. Repeat...
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