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Two Beacon Scout accidentally get locked in a church and try to escape.
         It was late in the afternoon when the Beacon Scout's meeting ended. They were in the basement of the All Saints Episcopal Church. The church was where they held their regular meetings that didn't take place outdoors. The space was provided for free and was quite nice,so the Beacon Scouts gladly accepted its use (and glossed over the fact that the church was one of the few places in town that would even consider housing them).
         "And that concludes what to do when your bear trap fails because you forgot to oil it," Scout Leader Steward Explained. He checked his well-worn watch and said, "And that wraps up our meeting. Good job everyone." The Beacon Scouts stood up from their sitting positions and stretched as Steward disassembled the bear trap he had brought in for the demonstration.
         Theo picked up his jacket from where he had left it on a table. It was a slightly oversized bomber jacket he had gotten from his grandfather. He pulled it on and put on his backpack. Theo exited to the outside through the door and walked up some stairs into the cool autumn air. The rest of the Beacon Scouts were outside as well. Some got picked up by their parents after meetings, while others lived close enough to walk home. Theo feel into the second category.
         Around the outside, Beacon Scouts went about their business. Ruth was walking home with Felix and Addie. Scout Leader Steward was talking to a young woman who appeared to be with Zuri. Strangely she and Zuri looked nothing alike. Theo didn't have long to ponder this thought, as he realized he had left his Beacon Scout handbook in the church. He headed back down the stairs and into the church.
         The church basement was lighted primarily by the windows at the very tops of the walls. The lights had been turned out when most of the Beacon Scouts left. It was relatively spacious and had been made to look less basement like with yellow painted walls and a green carpeted floor.
         Theo began his search over by where he had left his coat. As he was searching he heard the sound of a toilet flushing. He ignored it and continued searching. Finally he found it under the table. As he picked it up a door opened behind him.
         A nine year old boy with long black hair and wearing a Beacon Scouts Uniform stepped out of the bathroom. He was in the process of putting on blue and black striped fingerless gloves when he saw Theo. "Oh hey Theo, what are you still doing here?"
         Theo stood up and replied, "Hey Jorge. I forgot my handbook? And you?"
         "I forgot mine too! Then I had to use the bathroom."
         "Alright, I'll see you later then," said Theo heading over to the door. He pushed on it to open it, but it didn't budge. He frowned and tried again.
         "Everything okay?" asked Jorge, walking over to Theo.
         "I think the door's locked," replied Theo, still pushing, putting his whole body into it just in case he was wrong.
         "Let me try," Jorge said as Theo gave up. The smaller nine year old threw himself at the door, pushing with all his might.
         Theo rolled his eyes and said, "It's locked. Scout Leader Steward must've not realized we went back in. We'll go out the main entrance."
         Jorge continued to push for a moment before finally giving up. "Yep, it's locked alright," he observed, as if Theo had not made the same conclusion ten seconds ago. "Let's go to the main entrance!" he dashed up the stairs to the first floor as Theo followed behind at a quick walk.
         Jorge was already pulling on the door handles of the large double doors by the time Theo ambled up to him. "It's locked..."
         "Are you serious?!" asked Theo, even though he obviously was. Much like earlier, Theo tried the door even though he had just been told it was locked. He tried the other handle just in case only one of the double doors was locked."There must be a side entrance...or something," said Theo, sounding slightly nervous despite doing his best to hide his apprehension.
"Where?" asked Jorge. Unlike Theo he was not trying to hide how nervous he was.
         "Probably the kitchen," said Theo, "Come on." He lead Jorge to the back of the church and through an old wooden door into the large kitchen. Their footsteps were particularly loud on the tile floor. Theo made his way over to a door that appeared to lead outside. "See it's-" He pulled on the door, but it didn't budge. He tried again, this time with Jorge joining in the pulling. For all their pulling the door did not budge and inch. It was locked. "...Do you have a phone?"
         "N-no," replied Jorge. He was fidgeting and shaking. "My older sister does, but I don't."
         "Yeah, same here," said Theo, "Don't panic, there has to be a way out."
         "But we tried all the doors, we'll be trapped in here!" Jorge threw his arms around Theo in a panicked hug.
         Theo shifted uncomfortably in the hug and said, "There has to be at least a couple of more doors and they're bound to be unlocked."
         "You think so?" asked Jorge, giving Theo a taste of his large, brown, puppy dog eyes.
         "Yes...you're still hugging me."
         "You're actually pretty huggable," explained Jorge, sounding less panicky now. He did let go of Theo though.
         Theo lead Jorge out of the kitchen and back into the main area. The pews seemed to stretch on endlessly towards the locked doors. "Let's try the basement again," suggested Theo. "There are some classrooms for Sunday school or something down there. Maybe one has another door." He lead the fidgeting Jorge down into the basement. "Spread out and look around."
         The two began to wander around the basement and peer into the dark classrooms. Theo could just make out through the windows on the door that there were only walls on the other side. He went to the next door and saw more of the same. He was beginning to get worried when he heard Jorge shout, "I found it!"
         Theo hurried over to the opposite side of the basement where Jorge had his face pressed up against the glass of a door. Theo pushed him to the side and peered in. Sure enough, past the tables and chairs was a door!
         "Only problem, the door won't budge!" lamented Jorge.
         Theo let out a frustrated sigh. "Let me try!" He pushed with all his might against the door, but it didn't move. "Oh come on!"
         "Hang on, I have an idea," announced Jorge, "Stand back." Theo did so as Jorge walked back across the basement and to the opposite wall. Then he ran forward at speed and jumped with one of his legs outstretched. He thudded against the door and bounced off harmlessly. "Nope, that didn't work..." he moaned from his now prone position.
         Theo facepalmed, and leaned his elbow on the door handle. To his surprise it moved. Theo tried the handle and the door opened. Jorge gave a sheepish look from his position on the ground while Theo dramatically held up his arms and shook his head in disbelief. "All the other doors were locked so I thought..." explained Jorge.
         "Yeah, yeah," said Theo, reaching down and picking Jorge up off the ground. "Are you okay?"
         "I will be once we get out of here. Come on!" The two Beacon Scouts made their way through the dark classroom, bumping into a few chairs before making it to the door. Theo pushed it a little to test it and it moved. "Finally."
                   He and Jorge began to push it open together when Jorge said, "Hey, are those words-" He was interrupted by a loud siren in the building along with bright, flashing lights. They had opened the fire exit.
         Theo and Jorge exchanged glances, and then Theo uttered one word, "RUN!"
         And so the two Beacon Scouts dashed up the stairs and ran away at full speed, Theo in a straight line, and Jorge in a zigzag pattern. In the distance they heard fire sirens.
         A short while later a fire truck pulled up to the church. The firefighters gingerly got out, as it did not appear there was a fire. As two firefighters made their way up to the front doors one remarked to the other, "I used to go here when I was a kid."
"          Really?"
"          Yeah." He went to test the front doors and found them open. "Huh. these doors were always weird," he remarked to his comrade as they entered the building to shut off the alarm, "They always felt locked when you were inside, trying to get out. It had a tendency to confuse people. When I went here as a kid, I was nearly stupid enough to get trapped in here, but I figured it out."
         His friend chuckled and remarked, "You'd have to pretty dumb to not figure out they were unlocked."

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