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It's my first story...wish me luck.
At fifteen, Justin has built his dreams up. He wants to graduate high school, go to college, then medical school to become a doctor. Then, he would think about living in a nice house with a pool in the backyard, being married with children. For now, he lived with his grandparents in a small town in Vermont. He had the normal hobbies: skateboarding, skiing...normal teenage stuff. He was only missing one thing: his parents.

Justin's Mom and Dad had passed away in a car accident when Justin was just five years old. They slid on ice. When they went off road, they hit a tree head on. He tries not to remember the horrific day. Justin was in the backseat, sitting in his booster, playing with his favorite stuffed animal. It would only be a matter of minutes before he was out of the car, standing over his parents asking the emergency team to save them. There was nothing they could do.

He went to live with his grandparents after that. He had a good childhood with lots of friends. His grandparents made sure of that. They lived in an old house that was built in the 1800s, had a home cooked meal for him every night, and made sure that he stayed in school and kept his grades up.

"Tomorrow will be a good day," he said as he drifted off to sleep.

As Justin woke up the next morning, he did his usual routine. He got out of bed, took a shower, got ready for school, and ate breakfast. Grandma and Grandpa took him to school normally, since their house was in the middle of the woods, right near an old set of train tracks.

"Justin, are you ready for school?" asked Grandpa. "Yes," replied Justin.

They got in the car to leave. It was Grandpa's turn to take him to school. That was the highlight of his morning. As Justin got out of the car, he turned and waved to his grandpa, who smiled and waved back.

He strode up the steps to the building of the high school he attended. It was a small school, estimate of 900 kids. His best friend, Joseph, was waiting for him by the front door to the school. They always walked in together. Once Justin met up with him, they gave each other a high five.

The school wasn't old, just ugly. The lockers were the color of a puke green, and the walls were brown. Justin's first class was on the other side of the school. History. He always walked faster then normal to get to his favorite class. A girl he liked was in the class. Mr. Blake was pairing up the students today to do a project. Justin was hoping to be paired with Georgia. She was a beautiful girl with light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Today, starts the history project of WWII. Any of you who want to request a partner, speak up now, before I begin pairing," Mr. Blake had told the students. Georgia raised her hand. "I'd like to be paired up with Justin," she smiled. Justin couldn't believe it. His wish had come true. She laughed when she saw his jaw drop open.

After class that day, she walked up to him and smiled. "Why did your jaw drop when I picked you?" she had asked. Justin started stuttering, and couldn't come up with anything other then the truth. So, he told her. "I've had the biggest crush on you since the seventh grade, and you just made my day because you wanted to be my partner." Georgia smiled.

She then walked up to him in the lunchroom. "Can I sit with you today?" As he smiled, he replied, "Sure."

Justin went home with a smile on his face that day! "Sweetie, I haven't seen you smile like this in a couple years," Grandma told him. He went on to tell her about his day. She was so happy for him, she made him his favorite dinner that night. After dinner, they played Backgammon. They played on a weekly basis. Once the game was over, Grandma and Grandpa went off to bed. Justin went to his room, turned on the television, and started studying for his test.

He always studied with noise in the background. He studied for 2 hours that night. When he was getting ready for bed, he heard a rock hit the window. No one else knew where his grandparents lived, except Joseph. He went over to the window and looked down. It was Georgia. He quickly got dressed and went down to meet her.

"I hope you don't mind, but I asked Joseph where you lived," she said shyly. "What are you doing here?" he asked. She just hugged him, tightly. Justin asked her what was wrong, and she started sobbing. "Hey, it's okay. Whatever it is, you can tell me," he whispered. "I just don't like being at home anymore. My parents are never there, so I'm taking care of my little sister, and I don't want to lead her down the wrong path."

All Justin could do was comfort her in her time of need.

She went on, "My parents actually came home early tonight, and I told them I was going to bed, but I went upstairs to call Joseph, and asked him if he could tell me where you lived because I feel I can trust you with anything. He met me at the gas station on the corner by my house and drove me to the end of the driveway. I had to escape, Justin. I just had to." The tears kept flowing from her eyes, and she had no control of herself. He held onto her as tight as he could, telling her that she doesn't need to worry; that he will be here for her no matter what. And that's exactly how it was, for the remainder of high school.

They've been dating for a year and a half now. Justin changed his dream around, just a little bit. He now wanted Georgia by his side through his journey after high school.

Georgia's friend Kelly had a massive crush on Joseph. Kelly was a year younger than all of them, but age was just a number to them both. They went on a double date every other weekend. Movies, usually.

"The junior formal is coming up. Are you guys excited?," asked Kelly. Joseph smirked as he replied, "You should be to, my sweetheart. Will you go with me?" "Oh my gosh, yes, I'd love to!"

Kelly and Georgia went dress shopping a week later. They each had three dresses to choose from. Of course, they chose the dresses for each other. Georgia picked out a red dress with black designs on it, a strapless black dress with a green bow, and a white dress with silver sparkles embedded into it. Kelly had picked out a purple dress with baby blue designs on the sides, a black dress with yellow flames coming from the bottom, and a pink dress under black lace.

Georgia tried on hers first. She liked them all, but the purple dress with baby blue designs on the side had stood out and looked absolutely stunning on her. Kelly went next. This was a big time for her. She wanted to find the perfect dress. The white dress was too wedding like. She liked it, it was just a design she wanted to use when she got married. It was between the red dress with black designs, and the black strapless dress. She had trouble deciding on which looked better. She fell in love with them both.

Kelly went on a spree and bought them both. She told Georgia she was going to decide the night of the formal. She wanted to surprise everyone. *Even the author. Heh.*
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