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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Animal · #2116256
Alex needs to use the bathroom after crash-landing with his pals in Africa.
After attempting to fly back to New York on their makeshift plane, the animals who were accidentally shipped to Madagascar (Alex, Melman, Gloria, and Marty) found themselves in quite the predicament. They had just crash landed in continental Africa, and they had gotten off of their now broken plane in the hopes of finding civilization. Alex, however, was having a bit of an issue in his lower region.

"Hey, guys," said the desperate lion, "where do you think the bathroom is around here?"

"I think you're gonna have to just pick a spot out here, buddy," said Melman.

"But what if someone sees me?!" asked Alex with a concerned look on his face.

"Don't worry, pal," said Marty enthusiastically, "I'll keep watch for ya!"

"Thanks, buddy," said a relieved Alex.

The zebra and the lion made their way over to a tree in the distance. When they arrived, Alex was ready to drop a huge load onto the ground. He quickly made his way over to the tree and found a nice spot in the shade about five feet away from the trunk. He put his front paws down and got back into a squatting position. He was about to let go when he noticed his pal Marty was peeking in on him.

"Hey, Marty," said the embarrassed lion, "can you turn around please?"

"Yeah sure, buddy. I'm just makin' sure no one's lookin' is all," said Marty.

The zebra turned away to give Alex his privacy. The lion, content with the environment he was in, let a fart loose. this was followed by a loud sigh of relief as Alex's body prepared to do its duty. Just before he was about to go, however, Marty heard giggling noises from up in the tree above Alex. It turns out that their were three lady birds perched in a branch behind Alex with a clear view of the lion's bare rear end. They were pointing underneath Alex's tail and laughing.

"AY! SHOO!" yelled Marty to scare the birds off. The three avians flew away quickly while bursting out in laughter.

"Thanks Marty, I didn't even see them," said Alex. "I wonder what they were laughing about."

"Yeah," said Marty.

The lion brushed off the incident and squatted lower, trying to do his business once again. Marty was very curious about what the girls could've been laughing at. Not wanting to alarm Alex, who was closing his eyes and concentrating, Marty tip-toed behind Alex to see what all the commotion was about. As it turns out, there was something to laugh at. Alex's "chocolate factory" was covered in remains from what was presumably his last visit to the little cub's room. Marty also saw something else that the ladies may have been laughing at. Alex had his "yarn balls" exposed in his current position with his tail raised, and the ladies were likely giggling at the fact that Alex had especially large and dangly ones. Marty did have to admit that they were particularly funny to look at. Out of nowhere, Alex began to drop his logs. Marty wasn't really sure what to do, as he was just watching his friend do his business. He had never seen Alex go to the bathroom before, so he just casually watched as his lion pal continued to evacuate his bowels. After Alex was done with that portion, he spread his legs a little wider and began to piddle on the ground. Marty needed to move back to where he originally was anyway, so he tip-toed back over to see what his pal looked like while he took a leak. he knew it was rude to do so, but Marty took a peek at his friend's lower half and saw Alex's lion-hood dangling between his legs as he urinated. As Alex was finishing up, he opened his eyes to see Marty staring between his legs.

"Woah, Marty!" yelled Alex, "I thought I said no peeking!"

"Oh, sorry," said Marty. The embarrassed lion covered up his nethers with his paws and started to make his way back to the site of the plane crash, telling Marty to come along with him. As Marty was walking behind Alex, he noticed that his lion friend's situation "downstairs" was worse after his little potty break.

"Hey, Alex." said Marty.

"What is it?" asked Alex.

"You really should clean up a little under your tail," said Marty, "it's kinda dirty back there, heh heh."

"What are ya looking under my tail for?" asked Alex.

"I just kinda wanted to see what those birds were laughing about, and I think it might've been that," said Marty. "Your nards are also kinda big and dangly, dude."

Alex blushed deeply as he shoved his tail in between his hind legs to hide his privates from Marty's sight. "That explains that," he said. "Where am I supposed to wash up my tail hole, then?"

"I'm sure if you just went swimming in the watering hole, it would look clean as a whistle afterward," said Marty. "Speaking of which, I feel like mine could use a good cleaning too,"

The two pals made their way over to the watering hole, turned around, and lowered their posteriors into the water. After letting them soak for about ten seconds, Alex drew Marty's attention over to his posterior.

"Hey, Marty," said Alex, "watch this!" Alex grunted and pushed out six or so bubbles into the pond from his his rump.

"Awww, nasty dude," said Marty. "Betchya I can do better, though." Marty also grunted and farted for a full seven seconds into the pond.

"Whew! That smells, ha ha!" said Alex. The two pals removed their soaking rears from the pond.

"How am I looking back there?" said Alex, raising his butt to Marty's face and lifting his tail.

"Awww gross!" said Marty. "You look clean, just get it out of my face before you fart again!"

The two pals made their way back to the crashed plane.

"What took ya so long, Alex?" asked Gloria.

"Turns out my hind end needed a good washing, but everything's all clean now!" said Alex.

"Gross," said the group in unison.
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