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Monologue about Emotion and Logic
"Being nice... Drinking coffee... Reading a book... A contempt life... It just does not suit me..."

"Doesn't suit me either."

"Really? So we actually agree on something?"

"I suppose we do for a change."

"Heh, so much for being so calculating, Logic."

"Well, I rarely condone the thought of murder because of the consequences. However, if the consequences did not exist, then perhaps we could rationalize it." Logic stated.

"Heh, how forthright. And here I thought we were becoming something of akin, you and I."

"Please don't compare myself to you, Emotion. You know as well as I that we are nothing alike." Logic surmised.

"I guess your right. I would never condone life to be surmised to a cold hard calculation of satisfactory of 'settling down'. Life would be too boring if I lived like that." Emotion stated.

"Life would be so much easier to handle if we just became two separate humans instead. Every problem I could ever face would completely vanish if you and I were never together." Logic said.

"Yeah, well don't worry. The feeling is mutual, asshole." Emotion replied.

"Well. sadly, we're roommates for life so we just need to learn to get along."

"How about you let us drink a bit and have a little fun?!"

"If I did that, our liver would be in trouble. You already know how much trouble our liver is in."

"We rarely ever drink! How could our liver possibly be in any type of horrible shape? We never do anything!"

"Not true. I have made a valiant effort to take us out on walks, hikes, and even stunts that everyone would consider 'dangerous', all to satisfy us."

"That's true! I would rather dive down into a canyon with my bare hands than gracefully sit at a bar and drink some overpriced shit beer anyway."

"And with that, I think I'll head to sleep for tonight."

"Wait! What about the body?!" Emotion stated with worry.

"What about the body? She's already dead." Logic replied with a cold, stern feel.

"Well... She was with us for so long..." Emotion said.

"She wasn't really there for that long. Eight years doesn't constitute for a very long time. Plus, she was only there to confuse you, Emotion. She would have killed us both in the end." Logic said without once glancing at the body.

"I still feel bad... " Emotion stated with disdain.

"I would expect you too. Only psychopaths murder and don't bat an eye. You're not like that, Emotion. You do not need guidelines to tell you that what we did was wrong. You already know." Logic said.

Emotion stared quietly at the corpse.

"Spirit had her own belief and she believed life will continue on after death. Who are we to deny her of that privilege of what she lived her life to believe in?"

"We could have fed her..."

"She chose not to eat."

"But she didn't eat because we would not believe what she believed in!"

"That was her choice. We still offered her food but she would not eat unless we would follow her and her beliefs. I'm sorry, but I believe that both you and I would be better off without her."

"Then why not murder me?"

"If I could, I would. That would make my life a lot simpler and easier. However, you still persist on living and I cannot kill you if you wish to live so badly. Regardless of how sporadic you are."

Emotion laid silently, next to Spirit's body.

"You may follow her, you may follow me or follow your own path, but we're stuck here together. So we have to learn to be with each other for the time being."

"Logic... What do you believe happens... after death?" Emotion said.

"Statistically speaking, nothing happens. Nothing happens now and nothing will happen after death. Yet, we do not know is the simple answer. I don't dwell on questions that I know I will not be able to rationalize and answer." Logic replied.

Emotion said nothing.

Logic looked at the face of Emotion and could read the feeling on Emotion's face.

" Just because she is dead does not mean she can not exist. If you wish for her to continue to exist, always remember her. I cannot rationalize life after death... But I can rationalize that we can still exist after death, just as long as people will have memories of our place in time. If we wish for Spirit to still exist, we must make sure to always remember her and not just hope for something to occur after life."

"... I don't like that idea... but if nothing else does happen after life, then perhaps that would be the best." Emotion replied.

Logic glanced at Spirit's body for a moment... Then he walked back into the corner to rest.
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