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by DylanB
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A poem I wrote after going to group last night. How I feel when I am there.
Bullying won't get you very far
Every name you call me leaves a scar
Calling me a psychopath online
Making me reach for my carbine
I may be psychopath, but it will be your bloodbath
You avoid me just like the flu
You make me want to kill you
When my life starts to decline
There's no wonder I am obsessed with Columbine
You will start to feel my WRATH
I will be a sociopath
Laughing at your pain
You're blood will leave a massive stain
The last thing you will see is me
I will make you beg and plead
My mind is broken
It can not be repaired
All I can think of is killing and dying
I was trying my best to be friends with you
But you rejected my offer
So why should I bother?
You've hated me from the start
My anger was off the chart
I will grab my sawed-off shotgun
No! This is not an airgun
I feel bad I won't see my loved ones
You should of said sorry, you should of stopped
But now its too late
You're all dead now
I don't feel sorry, I don't feel angry
I am smiling
As I put this gun to my head
waiting to be brain dead

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