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by Jonn
Rated: 13+ · Draft · Gothic · #2116526
The Admiral and Mayor meet to move the plot along.
For your consideration, a random fragment from a crusty, rambling project. I've got lots and lots of words; a merry circus of unlikable, unruly characters vying for the lead, and a temperamental plot. The last I peeked, Grammar and Punctuation were giggling in the kitchen. Posted here for your amusement and thoughts.
Writing a draft, I throw everything into the beef bourguignon and let it stew for a while. I'm pretty good at picking out the bony bits but always appreciate some help. Please let me know if you find something promising or worth keeping. And thanks for slogging thru the swamp with me


The Admiral and the Mayor hurried their mounts towards the Drummond followed by a full squadron of mounted soldiers. "Peter are you sure this show of force is necessary, Father Jonn urged caution."

"Thunder and lightening all round the Old Tower. Seems like a wizard war to me," said Peter.

"And what wizards do you think would be fighting in my city."

Peter halted his horse and turned to Ian. "I have a secret to reveal. The House of Ferdinan is gathered here-- all of them... in the city. They plan to assemble this evening and so may be their enemies."

Ian replied, consternation on his face and in his voice. "That House is divided and at war with itself. The ugly business with the dragons has divided them. Do you think they are still to be trusted"

"Aye, I do.

"Peter, our future is filling with wicked looking clouds. What does it all mean?" Ian moved his horse next to the Admiral's and clasped Peter's shoulder. "These events are very alarming. Who sails the ships that are being spotted all along the coast. Cairntarry attacked. Kidnappings. What next?

"Ian, I believe these people are from across the sea." replied Peter.

"What! I do not believe those old tales of the Vendell. It is impossible, our fleets have sailed into the East as far as their provisions would allow and found no sign of land."

"Listen Ian, Captain Holbart got a good look at one of these foreign vessels. It came out of a fog not a mile from his position and using his spyglass Holbart was able to make out the details of this ship and he drew an accurate sketch, I have it here." Peter handed the parchment to Ian. " Just look at the thing. He told me that it was like no boat he had ever seen, larger, sleeker, and faster. That's how they crossed the sea; they have better ships than we."

The Mayor frowned and handed back the sketch barely looking at it. "Yes, that may be the truth of the matter and they may also have better Sea Wizards than we. If the Vendel have indeed arrived again... out of legend, then what are they doing here?"

"Gold, silver, and land. That is the stuff of most wars. It is only a guess. Unfortunately, whatever may be their intentions, with the attack on Cairntarry they seem to be decided on war and we cannot stop them at sea as things seem now."

Ian. Listen, the bells are ringing.".

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