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Stella and her friendly dragon, Sora.
"ROAR!" The beast roared, the sound so loud it must have woke up everyone in the city!

Stella woke up with, startled, scared by the sound. She remembered what the sound was, it was Sora. Stella jumped out of bed and went to the window, angry. "Stop it, I was sleeping!" She shouted at the dragon in her backyard.

The dragon whimpered, looking up at Stella.

"I will play with you when I wake up in the morning. Before school maybe."

The dragon spun around in a circle and roared as if it were happy.

Stella went back to bed and slept the night.

She woke up, feeling happy, she had a dream about flying. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining bright yellow, and the trees were dropping its orange leaves, preparing for autumn. She went downstairs to eat breakfast, her parents already prepared a bowl of cereal and some orange juice. "I was just about to go wake you up," her mother said, smiling.

Stella ate her breakfast and went outside to play with Sora the dragon. Her parents played along, pretending with her and her imaginary friend. But Sora was real, at least for her.

"Sora!" Stella ran through the yard and hugged the dragon, Sora. Sora was red, with dull spikes on its back and two sharp horns on its head. The dragon was the size of a school bus. Sora was with Stella for as long as she can remember, they were best friends of sorts. But no one was able to see the dragon, and the dragon never let Stella ride it, she always wanted to fly.

"Roar!" The dragon roared, spinning around Stella.

"I can only play with you for ten minutes, I have school soon," she said, stroking the dragon's head.

"ROAR!" Sora roared even louder, Stella understood he was sad, somehow she can understand his feelings.

"It's ok, when I come back we can play all day!" She says, smiling at Sora. "You know, I had a dream yesterday. I was flying!"

The dragon laid on the ground, his head beside Stella. "I want to fly, Sora. I want to fly with you, I want to touch the stars, fly with the birds," she started to pet the dragon's head.

Sora stood up and roared, his head pointing to the sky.

"Are you... really?"

"Roar!" The dragon bellowed again.

Stella nodded and started climbing Sora. For the first time, Sora didn't push her off. Stella climbed on top of the dragon, her hands around his neck. "Go, Sora, go!"

The dragon roared one final roar, before flying off the ground, and into the sky.

A gust of wind blew through the city, the crackling sound of autumn leaves could be heard throughout the street. The dragon was high in the sky, flying through the buildings. People looked in shock, a girl flying? How could it be?

For hours and hours the dragon was flying, until he finally landed back at the house, Stella jumped off the dragon and hugged him as hard as she can. Sora started flying again, Stella waved goodbye and went inside the house, she went straight to bed, and slept, trying not to cry. Sora was happy, the dragon heard a call from his brothers the night he woke Stella up, now he's probably with his brothers, in a land far away. She heard a roar in the distance. She smiled and drifted off to sleep.
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