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Tears and dreams of love.

Beautiful are those dreams that
make me cry in solitude.
They show me your face, although,
in a hazy interlude.

In day, your thoughts and letters,
are enough to soothe my heart.
In night, for your company,
dreams play such a lovely part.

Is it just your influence?
Or, is it but fancy mine?
However, I know but this:
my heart sings but songs of thine.

Should I dwell on dreams of love,
or on that my friends do tell?
All day long I think of this,
till sleep casts a lovely spell.

As my tears flow down my cheeks,
do they, somehow, love enhance?
Or, is it that pearls of love
I keep on losing perchance?

--Written 7 syllables to a line. Rhyme: abcb

M C Gupta
27 March 2017
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