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Spring & I have a Love-Hate Relationship. Flowers = Love & Suffering of my nose = Hate
The green of spring 'mid colors bright
enjoying living signs
waft clouds of yellow, noses bite,
relief in tissued kinds.

How pretty are the daffodils!
Their cup and saucer rare!
I watch them as I take my pills
'hind faucet I do stare.

As wondrous pansy faces smile
I get a little thrill
Return I must when rest awhile
to free my nose from ill.

The cardinals with red aglow
do dance and chirp anon.
They skill is great and cheap the show
and watching is such fun!

The bluebirds thrill their joyous tune,
How azur is their flight!
The mockingbirds will show quite soon
their territorial fight.

The bumblebees in oldish pants,
They look like Santa Claus,
As fat and buttered "kernels" plant
on legs, my nose's cause.

But sun as old and jovial friend
exults with ribboned beams,
Exhorting me to heal and mend,
"The days last not as seems."

The days of spring may cause me pain,
but bring me pleasure, too,
For some days there will be the rain,
when pollen is quite through.

Now spring to dance in brightish hues,
your green and blue and red.
The flora, fauna skillful use
their gifts as has been said.

My head as bumble's yellowed legs,
the yellow dandruff shakes,
I joy...as heart, it sings and begs
that Spring more lovely makes.

Line Count: 40

by Jay O'Toole
on March 27th, 2017

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