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What does your family do on the Fourth of July?
For quite a few years my husband and I would host a family get-together every Fourth of July. We would gather together during the late afternoon and eat and visit. It was such a good time to be together with our kids and our dogs. We have a big backyard so they were all able to run around and play.

At dusk, my husband would break out the fireworks. Now my husband didn't wimp around with his fireworks. He put on a great show with the bigger, illegal fireworks. The neighbors would come out and sit in their backyards with their friends and family and watch. Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you want to think about it, my husband doesn't shoot off many fireworks anymore. The kids don't care much for them. But we do drive out to one of the towns around us and watch their fireworks.

Afterwards, we would walk around the corner from our house and watch the fireworks going off on the St. Louis Riverfront. It was so cool to feel the reverberation and booms, it would go right through your body. Eventually, the neighborhood changed and no one stood out on the hill to watch St. Louis's fireworks anymore.

When my sister-in-law bought her new-to-her house, it came with an in-ground pool, so the Fourth of July celebration was moved to her house.

I do catch myself wondering about all the lives lost fighting for our freedom. It's amazing how all of these people who arrived in The Americas way back when for their and their family's safety, came together to fight off England and become independent. What life must have been like then. Of course, I've seen movies and read books, mostly fiction, of possibilities, but wouldn't it be so awesome to go back in time and see what these men and families went through. Just for a little bit, not to get stuck there or anything.

Anyway, now we hang out at my sister-in-law's house enjoying snacks, swimming, and visiting, not necessarily in that order. It's always a great time to get together for any reason, but spending it with a veteran is major league. (My brother-in-law is a vet.)
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