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by JA
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I wrote this last year when I had enough of everyone making excuses for bad behavior.
Dear Human Beings,

Today is the day that I choose live life on my terms
I will no longer sit and watch on the sidelines and do nothing
I stand, ready and willing to go the distance, to say "Enough".

We have become a society that expresses outrage that someone
walks into our schools and kills our children. And we do no more
We are shocked when a compound is set on fire and everyone dies. And we do no more
We mourn when a gunman hides and kills those meant to protect. And we do no more
We blame mental illness as our loved ones die enjoying a movie. And we do no more
The list can go on and on.

Today is the day that I SAY something when I see injustice.
Today is the day that I DO something when I see someone in need.
Today is the day that I REMEMBER I was raised without blinders.
There is no color in my family, there is no judgment on who chooses who to love.

Worship however brings you closer to your God.
We are Family. Family isn't just those we share blood with.
Family is those we love, blindly.

Today is the Day that I claim to my friends and those I see on the street,
You are my family and I will be there to cover your back whenever there is need.

I Pledge to become part of my society and not sit on the sideline.
I Pledge to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Thank you,
JA Sibley

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