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The beauty of flowers and red birds of often tempered by the yellowish blast of pollen.
Time has come to tell a truth with liberating bliss.
Here is bird of reddish hues so wondrous! Let's not miss.
Everlasting beauty in the spring, throughout the year.

Cardinal lifts chirps of joy from tree quite loud and clear.
Awesome beauty fills the air as colors fill the Earth.
Rapid-moving pollen helps the flowers give new birth.
Dynamite in miniature attaches stamen found
Into nasal cavity, place humans on the ground.
Need relief? Then focus on the flowers that emerge.
Attitude begins the yellow pollen now to purge.
Lavender, the woody bush, has blooms that bring us peace.

Thermal is the method for aroma's full release.
Roses are the red ones we all love to take to verse.
Underlying message is the love that's not averse.
Theme includes the daffodils, its saucer and its cup,
Hoping as the yellow, orange colors make it up.

Orange is the color seen, the oriole in flight.
Feathered friend of glowing coat, more beautiful and bright!

Surfing pollen's yellow waves, "Hang Ten" on nasal board,
Plowing face in sandy beach of vermin, most untoward.
Righting self to ask for help on knees from just my Lord.
Initiating colors in the air and on the ground.
New life made of reds and greens and blues now full abound.
Growing Heavenward the agents of their growth afflict.

I can see the need of healing and that rather quick.
Spring, the mixing joys and difficulties that I face,

Always draws my heart to bliss it never can erase.

Beauty is the lasting pleasure coming ev'ry year,
Lately lavish growing keeps my breathing far from clear.
April blast of colors as the flurried feathers fly
Saves my aching head through peaceful joys it does apply.
Trembling lowly caterpillar quavers on the road

Exclamation point, the butterfly no more feels load.

Line Count: 32

by Jay O'Toole
on March 27th, 2017

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