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Out for a quick ride.
Eternity often comes in with a rush. Justin was dazed but his head was clearing in short order. Still, there was something not quite right. The light was strange, muted, almost like a “dark” light.

He spied his motorcycle and groaned. His beautiful super-bike was destroyed. Having scraped along the highway, hitting the guardrail and flipping up to wrap itself around a power pole, it lay there like a dead bug, its innards bleeding out all over the ground.

“How fast was I going?” he heard himself think.

He stood and moved toward his bike. Cars were stopping now and he could hear sirens in the distance. Then he saw it. The ruined body of a man under the guardrail. Somehow, he knew it was his body. Killed instantly on impact.

“Wow! I never felt a thing” he thought out loud.

Or at least it seemed he thought out loud. His mouth hadn’t moved and he never actually spoke. Yet everything in his mind, now freely emanated into the strange environment around him.

“Was nothing secret here?”

“Nothing.” growled a gravelly, hissing baritone. “Nothing will ever again be unknown to you.”

Justin turned to see a large, green, scaly lizard with a face that resembled a cherub, side-winding its way towards him. Justin was surprised that he was not afraid of it. Almost as if he had known it his whole life.

“That will be a welcome change” Justin said without speaking. “I hate not knowing everything. It’s like something is being withheld from me. It’s…Its…”

“Unfair” supplied the lizard. “We have been using that exact argument for millennia. All the way back to that hideous garden and that first pair of ignorant mud-puppies.”

Unfair. The word began to grow in Justin’s brain like a tumor. "Yes it was all just so unfair."

But then the regrets began. Exploding like massive volcanoes, the hot, sulfurous stench of both remembered, and forgotten sins, burned inside of him like napalm.

And then, in a flash he saw all the missed opportunities and every ignored entreaty. With agonizing clarity, he saw each rejected call to repent and embrace the Son of God, as Savior and Lord.

In growing horror, he realized there would be no more chances. He began to hear the screaming.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2116732