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Lies, Half Truths and Obscuration.
The Lying Intelligence Agency's Regard for Secrecy (LIARS).

The mission of an intelligence agency which includes the CIA/DIA/FBI and a host of lesser ones is to collect, analyze, distribute and safeguard information vital to National Security.

The expectation is that the gathering, processing and dissemination of Intelligence will be lawful, factual, necessary, and contribute to National Security.

The safeguarding function is designed to protect sensitive information from compromise. The means for accomplishing this includes physical security, background checks, classification protocols, compartmentalization, intimidation, criminal prosecution, fear, leak mitigation, and countermeasurers.

The regard they have for secrecy boils down to this. Once a "Truth" is leaked that threatens their safeguarding mission every effort is made to, discredit, obscure, intimidate or ridicule the exposed material in order to confuse, blur, and cover up the full scope of the disclosure.

In this effort Intelligence agencies will take whatever mean are necessary to protect the information they are mandated to safeguard. To protect their assets and the products that derive, there is no means known to man that is too onerous or immoral to practice. In every sense of the word their unwritten credo is.... The ends justify the means.

This responsibility "To Safeguard" gives the agency carte' blanch to do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission, and in carrying out this charge they are truly a Brotherhood of Liars.. They are above the law because they realize that any action to prosecute them for wrongdoing must come from the Department of Justice and if they stay on the right side of the President of the United States that is never going to happen.

Their Modus Operandi is not The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth, but rather Outright Lies (With no element of truth whatsoever) Lies of Omission (Lies containing a partial truth but omit the parts necessary for a complete understanding) and Lies of Deception (Lies that shape a false narrative.)

Anybody who believes anything these LIARS have to say is DUMBAR (Dumb beyond all reason.)

Congressman Shiffe calls them men of Integrity, but what he doesn't realize is that if they have any integrity to begin with they put it in the bottom desk drawer when they get to work. After years of doing this the distinction between fact and falsehood becomes one big blur. What starts out as a rationalization of Serving the Greater Good deteriorates into The Ends Justify the means. I say this not as a criticism but to point out that by definition this is what they do. Whatever comes out of their mouths is simply not to be believed.

A great example is the Cover-up for the past seventy-five years of the presence of Extraterrestrials in our Solar system. If you have any doubt regarding how the LIARS operate, read Col Corso's book, the Day after Roswell.
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