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Hey guys, just want to get a little feedback on this, and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks!
They walked into the theater to get their tickets for a reshowing of World War Z. She asked if they could get popcorn, he shook his head no, but after a minute or two of begging he finally gave in. They walked over to the counter and she asked for a big bucket of buttery popcorn and a small and a medium Sierra Mist. Once they got their snacks they went to the showing room and she immediately dashed to the middle of the very top row and sat down with an adorable grin that almost took up half of her face. He got up there and looked at her with love evident in his eyes. He sat down and put the popcorn on his lap. They sat there for a few minutes talking about random things. Then she suddenly turned and gasped excitedly as the curtain rose. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, she turned slightly to look at him but then looked down at her hands and hid behind her hair blushing, even though they'd been together for 4 years, she still blushed whenever he kissed her.

They finished the movie and as the credits rolled he looked at her and asked if she wanted to go watch another movie. She excitedly said yes and he asked what kind, she got an evil grin and suggested a thriller/mystery. They walked, well, he walked and she skipped, back out to the ticket booth to see what to watch next and get the tickets. He asked the ticket man what they should watch as she spun around in circles. The ticket man, old and kind looking, looked at her and smiled, he asked what kind of movie they wanted and the boy told him mystery or thriller. The old man smiled once again and suggested Insidious. She stopped spinning when she heard Insidious and saw that they were whispering, she jumped up beside her boyfriend and said they'll take the Insidious tickets. As soon as the man handed her the ticket she dashed inside for more popcorn, not noticing the old man nod knowingly at the boy.
When she got the popcorn she went and sat cross-legged on a wooden bench to wait for the ticket-ripping person to call for Insidious. The boy came and sat by her and watched her. A few minutes later he asked what she was doing, she stayed staring straight ahead and replied with an odd noise coming from her throat and darted her tongue back into the popcorn like a lizard to get another piece of popcorn. He shook his head and smiled. He stood up and asked her if she wanted another Sierra Mist. She shook her head and signed Pepsi. He shook his head once more and went to get their drinks. She screeched and he whipped around to see what happened and he saw a piece of popcorn on the floor, right in front of her. He released the breathe he was holding and laughed a bit. The girl that gave him the drink winked and gave him a piece of paper that had her number on it. He looked her right in the eyes and said, "No, do you see that girl over there? The one that screeched? She has been my girlfriend since we were in 8th grade, and now we're in 12th. In the next hour or so, she'll be my fiancé so I won't be needing this." He handed the paper back to the stunned, embarrassed girl and walked back to his girl. She giggled and he looked at her. She said,"she tried to give you her number didn't she." He nodded and made a horrified face and they both laughed.
The ticket ripper called for Insidious. He stood up and helped her up, considering her legs were half asleep, and they walked hand in hand over to the same old man as before. He ripped the ticket and they walked through. She walked behind her boy and jumped on his back and said piggyback, he jogged to the same room as the other movie. She jumped off and ran through all the isles considering there wasn't anyone else there. He went up and sat where they were before and watched as she jumped from one chair to the next. She was in mid cartwheel when the curtain started going up. She hopped over chairs to get to the seat next to him. The previews started just as she got comfy. They were about half way through when she got up and shouted "to the pee room!", and ran off to pee. The movie paused because they were the only two there, and the old man who gave them the Insidious tickets was running the movie projector. Her boyfriend went down to the ramp she would come back up on and got down on one knee and waited for her return.
She walked back in and the first thing she saw was her amazing boyfriend on one knee with a small, black velvet box in his hand. Her eyes started to water and she brought her hands up to cover her mouth. She walked up to him and dropped to her knees and slowly put her arms around his neck and buried her head into his shoulder. He put his other knee on the floor and hugged back tightly, as if to let her know that he'd never let her go. She looked up at him and she said, "I was going to wait until later but now seems like a perfect time", he looked at her and waited. "I'm pregnant", she looked at his face, a surprised reaction, then he pulled her closer, "I love you so much", he whispered into her ear. They went back and finished their movie. Once it was over he looked over at her and smiled, she had fallen asleep and he thought she looked absolutely beautiful. He carefully slid his arms under her legs and behind her back and lifted he up and carried her down to the door. He walked out and she stirred and woke up. She poked his face and pretended to be asleep again, he laughed a bit but continued to walk. Once they got outside she rolled out of his arms and plopped onto her back one the ground. She looked up at him and he looked down at her, a smile trying to hide from each other on both of their faces. He looked back up, stepped over her and continued to the old ford pickup he had gotten her for her 16th birthday(but not just the truck *wink wink*). She squealed his name like a two year old, he faked a sigh, turned around, and went back to pick her up, but just as he was about to pick her up, she sprang up like a spring and made a mad dash to the truck. He shook his head.
When he reached the pick up he found her eagerly bouncing in the driver's seat, he simply put his right hand on her side and scooted her over. "You know what the doc said, you ain't supposed to be driving for another two weeks, you twisted your ankle pretty bad", he scolded as she glared daggers at him. "You can glare all you want sweetheart, but it ain't gonna get you anywhere but in the back", he laughed at her excited look,"oh, pleeeeease, I'll be good." "NO", he shouted firmly, not noticing her flinch, "you know what the doctor said, not too much physical excitement, remember?" "Yeeeeees", she sighed, exasperated. "Good, now, let's get you home to that best friend of yours", he laughed once more. She nodded silently, letting tears ever so slowly brim her eyes, she hated when he yelled, it reminded her of her sorry excuse for a father. She zoned out of the real world into a flashback of her only real memory of her mom, her parents were arguing over how much he drank. *in flashback* "You stupid whore, you can't do a damn thing right, and I bet you done slept with every man in town!!!(mumble)whore", her father yelled at her mother. "At least I'm not a drunkard who can't tell the difference between a wall and our daughter", her mother retorted. He whirled around and stood up so fast it made him dizzy, but that barely lasted a second because as soon as he regained his balance he pulled his gun out of his belt and directed it at her then moved it to the small figure hunched down in fear of being beaten. Her mother screamed and covered the little quivering figure just before the bullet hit it. The man looked from his gun to his wife, then back to his gun and tears started filling his eyes. He fell onto his hands and knees and crawled over to his wife. He pulled her off the little girl and to his lap and cradled her head. She looked up at him and he pulled her up to his shoulder and hugged her close whispering 'I love you, I love you so much, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I am so sorry baby.' She pushed away weakly and he pulled away, just far enough away so he could see her face, she spoke,"take care of her, make sure she grows up good and strong, and finds a good boy to love her." Then her head fell back. She was dead. He pulled her back up to him and rocked back and forth, tears not ceasing until he realized that the girl crawled into the corner and was now looking at him, tears pouring out of her big, dark brown eyes, down her cheeks and onto her little lavender purple dress. Anger started to rise and build up inside of him. He sent a harsh, hate filled glare at his daughter, "you little bitch, it's all your fault, if you wasn't born this would never have happened", he roared. He stood up and took a step toward her,"I'll give you 5 seconds to get your little ass outta this house o-or I'll kill ya", he screamed. She shot up like a rocket and raced out of the living room to the kitchen and out the back door, she could hear his loud footsteps behind her, he stopped at the door and yelled, " don't you dare come back here, ever!" She ran as fast as her little 4 year old legs would go, not looking back, tears streaming down her face. She followed the old, half covered path to anywhere but there. She found and little old shed by a talk oak tree with lots of leafy branches and climbed as high as she could.
*back in reality* "Hey, hello, is anyone in there?", he asked with a light chuckle, but concern lining his voice as he helped her into the truck, got in himself, and started driving. She replied, "yeah, I'm fine. Could you do me one thing forever though?" "Anything darling, anything at all", he said, sincerely. "Don't yell, please, it reminds me of my parents when I was four years old.", she asked. He sounded sorry, "I promise I'll never yell at you again." "Thank you, babe" she replied. He said, "anything I could ever do for you I would, I promise." She blushed and smiled, while he turned his head to look through the rear view mirror at her, and he smiled at her. He turned left and she threw threw hands in the air, and shouted, "WHEEEEE!" He started laughing uncontrollably and said,"one of the many, many reasons I love you, right there. They talked about random things for the rest of the trip back to her best friend's house. When they got there, he shut the car off, got out, and helped her out of the car. She jumped out and he caught her before she hit the ground. He put her down gently, and said,"you know, if you hurt your ankle again, it will be longer before you can drive again." She frowned and he said,"I just don't want you getting hurt anymore than you are already." He held her hand and she smiled at him, and he smiled back. They walked inside and were met by her best friend, and her dog. The dog ran back up the stairs and jumped onto him. "Hello there, Molly.", he said speaking the dog's name as it greeted him by licking his face. She, meanwhile, walked over to Jesi, and told her (best friend) that there was so much to tell her that happened today. Her best friend asked him to watch Molly, and he agreed while her best friend dragged his fiancaway to her best friend's room. Her best friend asked what happened that she was going to tell her about, and his fiancsaid that he proposed today at the movies, and while they were hugging, she told him that she was pregnant. Her best friend jumped up and down excitedly, and squealed, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! I'm so happy for you!" Her best friend ran up and hugged her, and she hugged her back. When her best friend let go, she asked his fianc both of them still excited, "How did he ask you? Tell me, tell me!"

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